The Hugo Boss brand has its impact on men’s luxury fashion—from contemporary fashion to suit and tie looks. However, according to their loyal consumers, their fragrance lines are the actual main show-stopper in comparison to their other clothing pieces. From the seductive notes of wood, fruits, floral and spice, Hugo Boss perfumes have proven at times to be the modern-day male scent. 

Below, Beauty Insider rounds up the best Hugo Boss fragrances for men that are worth splurging on. Best believe, they’ll leave a lasting impact on your image! 

1. Hugo Boss Men’s Boss No. 6

Hugo Boss No.6 is the most popular of the Hugo Boss fragrances, and for a good reason. This fragrance is simply lovely, reasonably priced, and gives a decent performance. From the first wear, the apple and cinnamon notes create a comforting sweetness and warmth. It has a really clean and gourmet vibe about it. The vanilla note then lends a layer of smoothness to the whole composition. The dry down includes wood notes like sandalwood and cedar, which keep it from becoming overly sweet and wandering into a women’s scent. 

Price: RM 241.00

Where To Buy: Fragrance X

2. Hugo Boss The Scent Absolute for Him

The perfumes released under the ‘Boss The Scent’ collection have all been amazing. Overall, the Absolute scent is our obvious pick for the series. It provides a close match to the original, but with a spicier profile and significantly superior performance. It’s more modern and straightforward than Private scent, but Absolute is a grade above. It begins with the fresh spiciness of ginger, followed by a generous application of the characteristic maninka fruit. It’s fruity and toasty, with a pleasant kick. Very masculine and distinct even when compared to the others in the series.

Price: RM 412.00

Where To Buy: Zalora

3. Hugo Boss Bottled Eau de Parfum

This one was released in 2020 and we believe it’s to be a fun-smell fragrance and worth a go. The top notes of this bottled EDP include apple, bergamot, and a blend of spices. The apple note will be the highlight of this one throughout the wear, providing sweet and fresh warmth. The spiciness will fade, and the finish will be drier and muskier. Masculine apple with a sweet/candy flavour. It leaves you with a confident scent while still being quite calming.

Price: RM 412.00

Where To Buy: Sephora

4. Hugo Boss RED Eau de Toilette Spray

Hugo Red appears to be an underappreciated perfume. It has notes of pineapple, cedar, grapefruit, amber, tonka bean, and other things. It also offers the distinct impression of being on the lower end of the pricing range while yet being a well-performing and pleasant-smelling fragrance. Hugo Red is crisp and fruity, but not overwhelming. It starts with that dazzling grapefruit note, followed by a luscious pineapple. Red is unique in that it contains a chilly metallic tone that, while subtle, serves to distinguish it from many other perfumes. It has a somewhat warm spicy flavour from the pink pepper note, yet this allows it to be used in a range of climates.

Price: RM 96.68

Where To Buy: Fragrance X

5. Hugo Boss Bottled Infinite Eau de Parfum 

Boss Bottled Infinite is a companion fragrance to the Boss Bottled line, although it takes a different approach. It begins with a delicious combination of apple and mandarin. It has a clear freshness that stems from the two spices, cinnamon and rosemary. The heat isn’t overpowering and is really well-balanced. Bottled Infinite grows woodier as it dries out, with a wonderful amount of lavender and the lingering mandarin orange. The predominant wood note is olive wood, with a touch of sandalwood. Overall, it has a modest sillage and lasted around 7 hours in my testing.

Price: RM 289.00

Where To Buy: Zalora

6. Hugo Boss MAN Eau de Toilette

This scent debuted in the mid-1990s and has been selling well ever since. It begins with a very ‘green’ freshness, with a crisp mint note complemented by a relaxing lavender undertone. The apple note is cool and juicy, and it pairs well with the crisp, citrus grapefruit. Hugo has a woody middle with pine and a spicy flavour that is balanced by the previously stated sweeter nuances. Hugo Boss has created a really lovely casual or everyday wear perfume. It provides a robust performance and is extremely adaptable, fitting in when wearing a suit on the correct day or simply wearing the scent about town casually.

Price: RM 356.00

Where To Buy: Sephora

7. Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss

A really lovely and sexy perfume that is probably best suited for males in their twenties to early thirties. Bottled Night has good sillage and attracts compliments, but it lasts only average to slightly above average. Boss Bottled Night isn’t a dark scent, as the name implies; instead, it’s a manly floral. The lavender and violet dominate the composition, which is held together by a woody base. It’s on the lighter side of the spectrum, yet it has a distinct warmth and scent for a men’s cologne.

Price: RM 110.00

Where To Buy: Shopee
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