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The lob hair cut and the Tousled Lob

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The lob haircut is a long bob haircut. The length of the lob is near shoulder level or below. For ladies who are a little anxious to cut their hair too short, the lob is a perfect haircut to try.

It is easy to wear and suite all face shapes. Slight variations in the cut, such as a lob with a fringe, blunt cut lob or thin-out at the ends give rise to different looks. It is highly versatile. Wear it sleek for every day or for evening occasions. 

straight bob

The Tousled lob is getting popular. It is spotted on celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Olivia Munn. The messy, tousled and textured look is fun and flattering.

wavy bob

To style the tousled lob, try using a saltwater spray. Although this hair product dehydrates hair a little, it gives the hair some texture and a matte look. It would be easier if the lob is slightly layered and thinned-out at the ends, which will give it more texture. For ladies with straight hair, a perm is an option and would hold the waves longer into the day.

Use some hair products to help create some waves and movements. Twirl sections of your wet hair with a finger then dry the sections. Then lightly scrunch the hair for a messy look. The curling iron could help add more movement to your tousled lob, use it for spiral curls.