Pop culture trends come and go, but the Korean wave craze has to be one that has taken the world by storm! With young Malaysians returning to work and colleges to adjust to the endemic phase, NUTOX, Malaysia’s top anti-ageing skincare brand, has launched a K-pop-inspired thematic campaign to assist Malaysians to unleash hydrated, glowing skin with their NUTOX Renewing Treatment range.

K-pop Inspired Music Video

The NUTOX Get-Set, Glow campaign begins with a bespoke K-pop-inspired music video of the same name, which takes you on a journey to achieve that instant, long-lasting glow while highlighting the two stars of their Renewing Treatment range – the NUTOX Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence and Ampoule. On NUTOX’s social media platforms and campaign microsite, the music video is now available for anyone to enjoy.

Jasper Lim, Executive Director at Tohtonku, shared that the Korean wave has influenced millennials and Gen Z, bringing over a new emphasis on healthy, hydrated and glowing skin. “Over the course of the pandemic, we noticed a shift in consumers’ skincare priorities with new habits emerging where they’re focusing on fuss-free skincare at home – having minimalist routines but instant results. The Korean influence has also driven a consumer desire for ‘glass skin’ – hydrated, glowing skin – which the NUTOX Renewing Treatment range offers. By combining the trends and needs of our consumers, this range has been formulated for a fuss-free, minimalistic skincare routine, which we see is perfect for the modern girl bosses, hustlers, on-the-go millennials and Gen Z. ​​Used in tandem with each other, it’s the perfect recipe for instant, glowing skin.”

Achieve Instant Radiance, 72 Hours Hydration

The NUTOX Renewing Treatment has been carefully developed to increase moisture and luminosity, giving you an instant, long-lasting glow and confidence without the need for a lengthy skincare routine. Its Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence and Ampoule contain active ingredients such as Actistem Gold Nest (Bird’s Nest Collagen), Caviar Lime (AHA), Betaine, and Niacinamide, all of which have been shown to improve skin texture, boost hydration and stimulate skin renewal. The collection also includes technology designed to gently exfoliate, repair degraded skin, and brighten the face.

The Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence is made up of moisture-rich molecules that penetrate fast and deeply to deliver instant and long-lasting hydration for up to 72 hours, while the Renewing Treatment Ampoule boosts active ingredients absorption. It restores skin’s natural young glow with only one application, revealing instantly beautiful skin.

Get That Glow

NUTOX pop-ups will also be happening at the following locations Queens Bay Mall, Penang (2-6 June 2022) and IOI City Mall, Putrajaya (22-26 June 2022). Get the glowing skin of your dreams today with NUTOX’s must-have trial set promotion, exclusively on the NUTOX Official Store on Shopee! You can purchase the set with RM50 off for a limited time from May to June only. Meanwhile, the NUTOX Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence retails at RM79.90 and NUTOX Renewing Treatment Ampoule which retails at RM88.90, which is available alongside the full NUTOX Renewing Treatment range at Shopee, Lazada, and in-store at Watsons, Guardian, and AEON Wellness.

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