Threading Vs Waxing – which to choose at your local Beauty Salon

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Threading and waxing are semi-permanent hair removal solutions. In that they both remove unwanted hairs by the roots. The choice between the two methods is mainly a personal choice, as both have their advantages over the other. What remains is which aspect is important to you.


Threading removes hair by getting hairs caught between threads and removing them by the roots. While tweezers pluck one hair at a time, threading removes several hairs at once. A skilled technician will move quickly and reduce discomfort.


Waxing on the other hand, removes hair by applying heated wax or similar substance to the skin. While it cools, it grips the hair and gets removed together with the wax. A skilled technician using the appropriate type of wax will reduce discomfort.


Both methods involve pulling hairs by the roots, and as such, expect a little discomfort. Waxing removes a patch of hairs at a time, covering a larger area at one go. Hence, less number of pulls are required as compared to threading. It removes a row of hairs trapped between the threats.

Duration of Treatment

Waxing covers a larger area at a go then threading, as such, it should have shorter treatment duration.

Sensitive Skin

Threading is more suitable for sensitive skin then waxing as it involves no chemicals.


Threading covers a smaller area and is more precise than waxing. It is more suitable for smaller areas such as eyebrows. 

Which part of your skin?

As threading is more gentle on the skin and more precise, it is suitable for the whole face. The method can grip shorter hairs then the waxing method. Waxing is used mainly on certain parts of the face, namely for eyebrow-shaping and the upper lip. It is particularly suited for the rest of the body as it covers a larger surface area at a time.


Both methods remove hair by the roots and as such the re-growth of hair takes about the same time. To follow-up on your treatment, hair can be shorter for threading to be effective as compared to waxing.

Cost and Availability

In general, the method with threads is more cost-effective than waxing. However, it is easier to find a salon that provides waxing services then threading.

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