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No matter what TikTok side you’re on—beautyTok to spiritualTok—there’s no denying you’ve seen the #fourdots eyeliner craze, which amassed over 12.2 billion hits (and counting) since mid-October 2021. The “four dots eye trick” or “four dots eye thing” which includes placing four dots of white eyeliner on the inner and outer edges of your eyes, as well as higher and beneath the centre of your eye, is said to construct a mesmerising ”love hex”. Ooh? 

The four dots eyeliner is a method to “make someone fall in love,” according to the look’s inventor, Michelle Diaz, a beauty and relationship advice TikToker. Michelle altered the stylistic flair from “two [dots] in the inner corners to the four dots shown in the TikTok that she shared on September 19, which garnered over 2 million views. 

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It was then revealed that the look was actually influenced by her friend @allyiahsface, who sported one white dot beneath her eye back in 2017. “I get told it’s ‘distinct’ [by males], and I feel that the brilliance of the liner lends sparkle to the eyes in a very direct fashion,” Michelle remarked. “It gives them a glimmer.”

Beauty Meets Psychology 

Turns out, the white-dot eyeliner method has a half-baked hypothesis. By putting four dots in a geometric pattern around your eye—one on each corner, as well as both above and below your eyes—you may psychologically manipulate the person staring you in the eyes.

The notion is remarkable, according to Walaa, the writer and colour specialist of Walaa’s Colorways. “I’ve never manifested with white,” she explained. “It’s not typically a hue that would work dynamically.” White is generally considered as a colour of virginity or innocence in colour psychology, making it relatively non-threatening and providing the spectator a feeling of security and comfort. 

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However, Walaa believes that the success of this white-eyeliner technique is attributable to both the colour and positioning of the dots. “Because [they’re] near to the eye and white serves as a clarifier, it isolates your true feelings. It diverts attention and mirrors everything while also asserting.’’

A Modern Art Trick

Nevertheless, according to art therapist, Lindsey Weaver, MA, ATR, the concept is nothing more than just an art trick. The form of the dots is indeed significant, as dots assist individuals in focusing on the eye. “The four dots create a space, like a box, allowing a ‘container’ of where to gaze or focus attention,” notes Lindsey Weaver. “Because white is a shiny hue, too much of it can be distracting to the eye. As a result, painting dots allows our brain to project a box rather than sketching a real box with white lining.”

This notion actually takes the “window to the soul” theory to its logical conclusion – the person watching you will be focused on your eyes, forcing the centre attention to be the pupil alone.

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How To Apply The ‘’Trick”?

You can mimic the TikTok approach for wearing white-dot makeup, but that look is a little severe for day-to-day wear. Makeup artist Jillian Dempsey gave a less artistic, more recommended white-eyeliner feel for those who like to leave their freckles alone. “One of my methods is to use a cool, white liner to draw a fast line on the upper lash line […] However, you may apply white liner all over your lid, up to your crease, and then smear it out to act as an eye brightener. This is an excellent suggestion if your lids are a touch dark.” Overall, Jillian Dempsey‘s basic advice is to use white eyeliner.



♬ TWINNEM – Coi Leray

So, is this method really going to make people fall in love with you? Possibly. However, do ask yourself if that certain someone is really the person you wish to fall in love with? We at Beauty Insider advise that, while this ”trend” is indeed attractive, it may unintentionally lure a narcissist into your life. A person who ‘falls in love’ with the mirror image of themselves that they perceive in you. To be direct, you might attract the wrong person.  

“It’s fantastic to attract people who give you stuff and individuals who shower you with presents,” says Walaa. ”Yet, you should be aware of who you are attracting. When you surround yourself with mirrors, you must be mindful of how you repel energy. If you don’t, you might end up playing with white-hot fire.” That’s rather eye-opening, isn’t it?

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