Over the previous year, almost everyone on the planet has grown even more obsessed with the late diva, Marilyn Monroe. From Kim Kardashian donning the starlett’s famous ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’ gown (on which or which not she accidentally damages them), to Ana de Armas’ almost-identical depiction of her in the forthcoming film Blonde

All of these event shows that the star can scarcely stay out of the limelight, even 6 decades after her passing.

Though recently, the world is adapting a new obsession over Marilyn’s Old Hollywood glitter—the makeup. And although the late-36-year-old became legendary in the beauty industry for her platinum blonde hair, beauty mark and characteristic scarlet red lip, the online world on the other hand, has shifted its focus to her sexy, sultry eyes.

Her sleepy eyes appeared to be the outcome of long, coiled lashes, but it turns out she utilised an intriguing cosmetic method to create the optical appearance of thicker lashes. And apparently it worked, because we’re still duped, even generations later. Unsurprisingly, TikTok fans were eager to learn how Monroe got the look and started copying it in their own beauty regimens, and it’s practically infallible.

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As per beauty expert Victoria Lyn, explain the whole process of the starlet’s identical items to get the same result (or the actual goods Marilyn and her makeup artist used at that era). Whether or not this is true, we’re not sure either. But posting on her TikTok, she revealed that when it comes to Marilyn’s eye makeup, she would apply a white or cream foundation product to prep her eyes before putting half sets of fake lashes for a flirty effect.

Technically, drawing in winged liner creates the appearance of a thicker lash line, so applying a shadow at the bottom seals the deal. The internet, of course, seized the idea and carried on with it.

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So, if you want to sample Marilyn’s lash shadow, choose a neutral colour and keep your face and visage as relaxed as necessary. While you may be compelled to expand your eye for a single-smooth application, we suggest you avoid it. Because changing the shape of your eye will simply make the appearance less credible.

In terms of products, use creamy texture pencils or soft shadows. You want something that will put on your skin lightly and readily dispersed. Browns and beiges are your best picks for colours. Anything too intense will make the “shadow” appear like you’ve had extremely messy drops. 

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