Keeping up with the K-beauty trend is something we all love to indulge in. Before, we were obsessed with the 7-step, 10-step and 12-step skincare regimen to achieve Korean “glass skin”. Now, we’ve got a new obsession on our hands and it is the TikTok trending “jello skin”. Get ready to have your skin bounce back with a touch and shine like a diamond! The “jello skin” trend is precisely what it sounds like. Skin that has just the right amount of collagen, that it bounces right back after a touch. So, Beauty Insider is here to help you figure out how to achieve this TikTok trending jello skin at home! Because who doesn’t want healthy glowing skin that bounces right? We know we do!

What is Jello Skin?

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When we say jello skin, the first thing you think about might be actually jello. But don’t worry, this isn’t a skincare trend where we make you put jello on your skin. Jello skin refers to skin that is so elastic, hydrated and plump that if you touch it, it will bounce right back like a basketball. This skincare trend went viral on TikTok in a video by @glowwithava which has over 1.5 million views. The term “jello skin” was also coined by Korean beauty influencer Ava Lee. She was getting a facial by celebrity facialist Lord Gavin McLeod Valentine when he expressed his amazement over how much collagen she had in her skin. 

Ever since, #jelloskin has been trending on TikTok and has amassed over 14.5 million views. With that said, it means that many beauty brands, TikTokers and skincare experts are hopping on the jello skin bandwagon. Jello skin is also determined by 3 factors. The suppleness, hydration and elasticity of the skin. But how can we achieve jello skin? This time around, makeup won’t do you any good if you hope to achieve bouncy skin. While you can definitely achieve cloud skin and glass skin with makeup, jello skin is more about the internal structure of your skin. 

Who Can Achieve Jello Skin?

The million-dollar question is…who can achieve jello skin? The answer to that might either make or break your day. The truth is, for those below the age of 25, it is very much achievable without a ton of help. But for those past the age of 25, you might need to put in much more effort and hard work to achieve jello skin. Why? Because jello skin is all about healthy skin packed with collagen and hydration. The amount of collagen that is in our skins is actually based on genetics. Once we reach our mid-20s, our natural levels of collagen and elastin start to decrease. How quickly it depletes also depends on our genetics too. Although it is fairly difficult to increase our natural levels of elastin and collagen, there are methods you can use to slow down the rate of depletion. 

How To Get Jello Skin?

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So how exactly are we going to achieve this TikTok trending jello skin? There is no easy way to say this but you will have to start eating healthily. The best way to keep your skin plump and firm is by having a healthy diet. Superfoods like green tea, avocado, blueberries, mushrooms and dates are essential to achieving this TikTok trend. Here’s why.

Green Tea

As you all know, green tea is great for your health. So, it makes sense that it is included in your journey to achieving jello skin. Green tea contains polyphenols, which is an active ingredient containing anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant properties. A cup of green tea a day may just make your skin feel healthier! 


Avocado lovers are going to love hearing that it is rich in vitamins and fats that will make your skin look great! Eating avocados on a regular basis can be beneficial for your skin. Furthermore, you can also make use of the seeds by breaking them, drying them for a few days and blending them into a powder with coconut oil or yoghurt. You can then use this mixture as an exfoliation facial. 


Blueberries are a superfood that is rich in antioxidants, potassium and vitamin C. In hopes of achieving younger-looking skin, eating blueberries is the way to go. This is because antioxidants have the benefit to neutralise free radicals that tend to cause ageing effects on the skin. 


Mushrooms are great for reducing irritation and inflammation of the skin. This is because they contain powerful antioxidant properties. Aside from that, mushrooms are also known for containing phenolic veratric acid. This is a compound that helps with reducing wrinkles on the skin. So by eating more mushrooms, you’ll have plumper skin! 


No, we don’t mean you have to go on dates! Dates are commonly used in Chinese dishes and teas because they are a great source of vitamin C and D. These vitamins are great in helping to improve the elasticity of your skin. What’s more, is that it even keeps your skin looking nice and smooth. 

Don’t Skip Your Skincare

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Skincare is still the most important step when it comes to achieving glowing skin. If jello skin is your goal, you won’t want to miss a single step. In order to do so, ensure that your skin is constantly protected and hydrated. So, stock up on moisture-boosting skincare products and sunscreen too! 

Move Your Face

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Another tip to achieving plump skin is to move your facial muscles. Doing facial exercises can help fight gravity and firm up your skin. When you are building muscle in your face, it will also most likely store fats too. Thus, allowing you to achieve firmer and plumper skin that is like jello. Gua sha is another good way to get your facial muscles moving. Doing it every morning or night can help with blood flow and even relieve muscle tensions. Furthermore, it can even help depuff and brighten your skin. Thus, giving you radiant skin that looks healthy.