Stuck at home, don’t know what to do? This is the perfect time to step up your makeup game. Instead of randomly stalking your ex ( oppss, we said it), why not follow talented Malaysian beauty vloggers on Instagram and learn some new makeup skills that you can flaunt off to your friends and colleagues as soon as the MCO is over! We can all agree, makeup isn’t always easy! There is no textbook to help you achieve that perfect contour and a smoky eye. It all comes down to experience and countless trials and errors. 

However, thanks to the power of social media, you can now easily access thousands of makeup tutorial videos. Adding on to that, you can also instantly ask questions, tips and suggestions from the makeup pros with only a click of a button. In fact, you too can post your makeup videos!! Sounds fun, right? Now, with so many beauty vloggers all over Instagram, it is quite easy to be lost not know where to start, here are a few Malaysian makeup experts you might want to follow.

Well, we know most of you have heard or watched beauty vlogs from many famous makeup vloggers like James Charles, Michelle Phan, Deepika Mutyala and much more. But did you know that they are many Malaysians beauty vloggers on par to their standards? If you don’t believe us, follow these 10 Malaysian beauty vloggers on Instagram now. There are beauty experts who have personality and are passionate about all things beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. In no particular order, here are the top 10 Malaysian beauty vloggers on Instagram. 

Jenn Chia

How can you not know Jenn Chia?! The girl is Jenn a big-time game changer in Malaysia Instagram world. Not just is shea hilariously funny person, but the girl’s got a couple of talents, singing and hosting (just to name a few) under her belt! This petite lady fills up her Instagram account with her daily life updates, funny videos, boyfriend things and of course, a few makeup tutorials and tales of her beauty haul! 

Instagram: @soimjenn

Johanis Sani

The young beauty queen slays every time! From travel, makeup to fitness and food she vlogs about almost everything and it is super exciting to watch. A natural front of the camera, Johannis’s creativity just flows through all her videos. Take a glance at her Instagram channel and you’ll get so addicted to her contents that you wouldn’t want to leave her account! Did we mention she is a great dancer too? Impressive CV, ain’t it? Instagram: 


Joanna Joseph

Once a victim of a bully to now a high-in-demand model, this beauty queen inspires many! This Miss Selangor Earth is basically the chameleon of our dreams. If you’ve been following Joanna, you’d know she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, share her touching stories and give us insights into her cosplay themed makeup routines! A model, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, just to name a few, this girl means serious business. 

Instagram: @officialjoannaj

Titi Athirah

This hijabista and makeup artist’s makeup skills are bound to leave you speechless! Certainly, a beauty with brains, this oil & gas management student is also the founder of Boss Babe Makeup, a makeup studio that offers makeup services not only in Malaysia but also in Brunei and Singapore. Truly a candy to the eyes, Titi and not only shares her makeup looks, but also often share #OOTDs and talent for interior designing.

Instagram: @titiathirah

Emily Quak

One of the most popular Malaysian beauty vloggers, Emily Quak is a law graduate of Monash University who started her vlogging journey 10 years ago!  Also a skincare addict, she frequently posts makeup tutorials, beauty reviews, and makeup swatches! Honestly, we’re pretty obsessed with all the looks that she has created. Not only a passionate makeup enthusiast but also a diehard foodie and fitness freak, this girl is a major goal!

Instagram: @emilyquak


If you’re looking a kick-ass Instagram page that is purely only dedicated to makeup contents than this is the one for you! Expect to see nothing but insanely gorgeous makeup tutorials and reviews on Tashy’s IG. With a penchant for unique shades, this girl has the ability to pull off every kinda makeup up look at ease! The girl landed a partnership with Dior! Needless we say more about her talent and skills?! 

Instagram: @beautywithtashy

Mina Ros

Mina Rosli is basically the coolest beauty vlogger in Malaysia! Not only her hands are gifted with impeccable makeup skills, but she also blessed with hair that seems to look good in any and every colour!! Girl, how to be you, spill the secret, please?! Who wouldn’t envy her ability to pull off every hair colour and lip colour? Also, when sis isn’t busy, she usually hangs out with her furry friends, whom btw have their own IG page! 

Instagram: @minaros3


Are you wondering why Noriana looks so familiar?  It’s probably because her magic touches have helped to help doll up numerous Malaysian celebrities including Yuna. This self-taught makeup artist is also the advisor of Duck Cosmetics, ambassador of Nudestix and also an occasional host! If you’d like to take a peek at her work and some exclusive shots of your favourite celebrity, go follow her now!

Instagram: @norianathefacedesigner

Jasmine Tang

With more than 90k followers on Instagram, Jasmine Tam is extraordinaire with a beautiful eye for pretty aesthetics! Not only does the pretty girl share her own makeup tips., but she also shares her travel pictures, OOTD shots and more fun aspects of her life. Her high definition pictures and videos are made more appealing with dynamic tutorial styles as well as vibrant, thematic visuals and music.

Instagram: Jasmine_tang91


This fitness enthusiast has joined in the beauty vlogging community but is already making big waves! A pharmacist by profession, this girl is also passionate about films, makeup, beauty products, shopping, fashion, food, travel, and more. Though she is not a beauty expert she is a beauty junkie who loves to share how she gets dolled up and how she takes care of her health and skin. 

Instagram: pashini_