We’re pretty sure that most of the beauty junkies (or should we say nail enthusiasts) can’t seem to get enough of nail art inspo. Honestly, our time is spent scrolling endlessly through the ‘gram, TikTok and even Pinterest, just to get the hottest tea on the latest trend. The current nail art design landscape has levelled up with more details which include complex drawings and ornaments, so you can certainly expect over the top style. Similar to makeup, nail art designs can determine the overall vibe you’re giving, so it is important to choose the right one that suits your overall aesthetic. Regardless of your preferred look, whether it’s just a coat of nude hue, cute Y2K motifs or Euphoria-inspired nails, this list of trendy nail art ideas is perfect for all occasions. So, scroll down and show them at your next nail appointment. 

Trendy Nail Art Ideas That Are Perfect For All Year Around in 2022

Luxury Branded Nail Art

If you have been searching high and low for the latest nail art designs gallery, you will certainly notice branded nail art listed among other trendy ideas. So pay tribute to your favourite brand with their iconic logo and initial painted on your nails. The key is to keep it minimalistic with simple background colours for an elegant look. But if you’re into quirky design, you can definitely opt for vibrant shades.

Checkerboard Nails 

Flaunt your nails with the trendiest design of all, yes we’re talking about checkerboard nails. In fact, it is safe to say that it is one of the trendy nail art ideas that are having a major moment. If you think that the full checkerboard design is a bit too much, make sure to request your manicurist to paint it on your nail tips only (read French nail). 

Flowers Bloom

Whether it’s summertime, spring or even winter, flowers make a good case for nail art ideas, especially if you’re doing it at home. However, for those who have grown tired of simple floral design, make sure to go for a bolder look with fancy hand-painted flowers, glittery adornments and even dry flowers for a realistic finish.

Mismatched Art 

For those who are true nail aficionados, mismatched nails have become the top choices when it comes to looking trendy. But why don’t you take it to the next level by going for mismatched art, instead? It is certainly an excuse to opt for multiple art designs inspired by Y2K, emojis and even abstract print. Aside from allowing you to play with various colours, it is also one of the designs for those with short nails.

Golden Chrome Swirls 

You can never go wrong with a swirl manicure regardless of the occasion, which makes it one of the trendy nail art ideas to date. Ditch the pastel colour and go for groovy golden chrome with clear coated negative space for a luxurious finish. Besides, you can recreate a similar look at home using a tiny brush, metallic gold and white nail polish. 

Moo Print

No, this is not a drill on Doja Cat’s meme worthy song, MOOO! Animal motifs, particularly cow print has been long hailed as the go-to look for nail art design. Although the classic take on a black and white background is cute, it can be quite overwhelming. So, it is certainly up to your creativity to mix any colours that complement each other. If you’re inspired by your favourite strawberry milkshake, make sure to select strawberry-peachy background over white. 

Pastel Tips 

If you ever decide to search for trendy nail art ideas, French manicure will always be on top of the spot. There’s a reason why people donned this timeless nail design all the time. Another variation that is worth mentioning is the pastel tips, which impart a modern yet retro feeling to your overall look. 

Eye of Horus

Aside from animal prints and never-ending floral motifs, distinctive eye-inspired nail art design has been all over the internet. It mainly features a minimalist style with a black and white design for a contrasting finish. However, if you decide to make the eye more pop, simply change the eye colours with realistic colour combinations like blue, brown or even green. 

Jewellery Adornments 

Whenever you’re in doubt, request your manicurist for an over the top look with extra jewellery embellishments. Touted as one of the trendy nail art ideas, it is not only super gorgeous, but it will capture everyone’s attention. If you’re confused between gems, studs, jewellery or rhinestones, why don’t you just stack them all together? 

Simple and Dainty

Even though colourful and glittery nails are always trendy, sometimes all you ever need is a delicate yet dainty design. The pro tip is to shape your nails into an almond or oval design with a white French manicure. It is not only perfect for an everyday look, but it gives off that modern elegance.

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