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What is the Insider Trial Team?

In partnership with many beauty brands and salons, Beauty Insider launched its “Tried, Tested, & Loved” (TTL) campaign where brands send us their products and invitations to treatments for you and the other members of the community to try and test out. For each campaign, we will pre-select reviewers who will receive free products or treatments. Those who will participate in reviewing products will help others in their beauty shopping decisions and also get a chance to win special prizes!

I want to start testing a product! How can I join the Beauty Insider Trial Team?

To be part of our Insider Trial team, you first need to register, create a Beauty Profile so we can understand you better, and become a member. Don’t worry, it’s free! Please note that we will require you to provide a profile picture in your Beauty Profile. Do let us know if you prefer written or video type (or both) for your reviews as well. Sign up now and become a member here!

How does it work?

Great, now that you’re part of the TTL Trial Team, you can now select a product from our ongoing campaigns that you want to try and review! Just click the “Get A Free Sample” button and you’re one step closer to getting your product or treatment. A member of the team will reach out to you once you’ve been selected to review in your email or WhatsApp.

Why should I join?

You can discover new beauty brands to love and share real experiences with other beauty enthusiasts in the community. You can help the members of the community find what can work for them through raw, real reviews. Plus, who doesn’t love free stuff, right?

How many times can I join?

You can only join and become a member of the trial team once. As for the campaigns and reviewing products, you can join and select products or treatments as many times as you want. However, we want to offer equal opportunities for everyone in the TTL Trial Team so we cannot guarantee how often you will be picked. Additionally, it also depends on the type of product or service being tested and the requirements by our beauty partners in terms of the type of reviewer they are looking for.

It's my first time reviewing a product. What should I include in the review?

We would like you to be detailed as much as possible in your reviews. Please add pictures and/or videos for your review and be as truthful as possible

When will my review/s be published?

All reviews submitted to the team are subject for evaluation and once we evaluate it, we will publish them on our website. You will be notified once your review goes up.

Where is Beauty Insider Trial Team based?

Beauty Insider Trial Team is based in Malaysia. Currently, the Trial Team is open for Malaysia residents only

Will the products I'll be testing authentic?

Of course! We only offer original and authentic products and services from our partner beauty brands.

Will the information I share prior to joining the Trial Team be safe?

Absolutely! Prior to signing up, you will be required to submit a photo, sign a consent form, and agree to our Terms of Use. You may also check out the Terms of Use for more information.

Product Testing

How do I sign up and who gets to try products or treatments for free?

Anyone can join as long as they’re a member of Beauty Insider. Sign up here if you haven’t yet. Make sure to accomplish the Beauty Profile, sign the consent form, and agree to our Terms of Use. This is open only for those based in Malaysia and are 18 years old and above. For those with written consent from their legal guardians, they may also apply.

What kind of products or treatments can I try?

We invite the members of the trial team to test out a huge range of products and treatments available. You can test out any type of skincare, makeup, hair and body products to treatments such as facials, massages and more. You can check our recent products or services for testing here.

Do I get paid for the products I review?

No, we do not pay our members to review or leave feedback. You also don’t have to worry about the delivery fee since it’s free of charge. All testimonials and opinions we publish on TTL from our product testers are real and authentic.

How do I get selected for the Tried, Tested and Loved campaigns?

Thank you for applying to our Tried, Tested, and Loved campaigns! The team will be picking the ladies for the campaigns based on the criteria advised by our partners. The criteria is based on Skin Type, Skin Concerns, Hair Type, Age, etc. If we see you fit and you tick all the boxes based on the criteria for a campaign, we will surely pick you!

How many products can I review?

It varies depending on the campaign and what our partner clients have provided. You can review a treatment, a single product, or even a range of products.

How will I know if I got selected for the TTL sampling campaign to review products?

We will be sending you a message on WhatsApp and through your email if you’ve been selected for the Tried, Tested, and Loved campaign.

I've been chosen to review a product! When will I receive the item?

We will notify you once the product/s have been sent out or when the treatment can be claimed. You will receive the products or redeem the treatment a week after the TTL campaign ends.

I haven't received my product to test yet. What should I do?

Do reach out to us and inform us if you haven’t received your product so we can assist you on this.

How long can I try testing the product/s or treatments I got?

It depends on the product or treatment you will receive but the testing period varies from a few days to a maximum of 4 weeks. We will indicate in the email you’ll receive how long you can test the product or treatment. We will also send check ins and remind you on the deadline for the submission of your review/s

Reviewing Products

I have started using the product and I'm ready to leave a TTL review! How do I do that?

  • Write a review that will help other beauty lovers like you. Make it detailed, objective and as useful as possible. Example: Elaborate why you like the product - talk about the ingredients, how it felt, smelt, provide clear before & after pictures, videos etc
  • We recommend a minimum of 120 characters count.
  • We will not publish fraudulent, fake reviews or reviews that are discriminatory, offensive etc.
  • Avoid spamming or using content that is duplicated, or copied and pasted from other sites.
  • Write original reviews and share your own photos and videos from the trial
  • Rate the product based on the number of stars (1-5), with 5 being the highest score

The product I tested didn't work for me and I didn't like it. What do I do?

We’re sorry it didn’t work for you. If you have had a reaction to the product, please stop using it immediately and inform us.

However, please take note that as a rule of thumb when it comes to testing new products, please read the ingredients and the disclaimer carefully that’s written on the product or on the packaging. You may also do a skin test prior to trying out the product.

How can I attach a video or a photo in my review?

For photos, kindly click the ‘Upload Photo’ button. As for the video, please provide a link (preferably uploaded in Google drive) into the ‘Video Link’ field.

What happens if I fail to submit my review on or before the deadline? Can I still submit a late review?

Contact us as soon as possible if your post-trial submission form will be late or if you have issues submitting your form. We will remind you a week before your post-trial submission form is due and on the day of submission.

If you have not submitted your post-trial submission form (via the link we have provided you once you’ve started the trial), within two days of the deadline, you will not be eligible for further trials.

I cannot see the review I submitted on the site. Why didn't my TTL review get published?

All reviews undergo an evaluation and if the content does not meet our standards, Beauty Insider has the right not to publish the review.


How do I participate to win prizes?

Winner/s will be chosen randomly. However, those that will provide high quality photos (such before and after results, makeup looks, etc) and write detailed reviews will have a higher chance of winning.

Don’t worry if you didn’t win, you can also leave reviews on our Beauty Insider site and you will receive points that you can use to redeem exclusive beauty perks from our beauty rewards loyalty program!

How will I know if I won the prize?

A representative of the team will reach out to the winner once they’ve been chosen.

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