We know you have heard of so many vagina hacks online that might have just got you feeling a bit overwhelmed and shocked. Our vaginas are without a doubt the most delicate part of our body hence it needs more care and efforts compared to any other parts. Most of us tend to pay more attention to our skin and face but vaginal care is one of, if not the most important spot in a female body that needs meticulous care and attention. So,  what can you actually do to take better care of your vagina?

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There are so many vagina care products, treatments and vagina hacks out there that promise to “improve” the vagina. But the question is do they really work tho?! All those lasers, weed suppositories, crystal eggs, Bluetooth menstrual cups, and “jackals” (yes, that means a facial for your vagina), just to name a few many sounds cool but trust us on these fancy treatments ain’t gonna help you much. In fact, you don’t even need to fall prey into these vagina trends because keeping your vagina healthy really isn’t as complicated as these trends would make you think.

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Now, we know you are dreading on us to tell you what are the best things you can do to take care of your vagina and vulva. To help you out,  we reached out to the experts to share with us vagina hacks to ensure you are taking care of your vag the right way. These gynaecologists approved tips aren’t just helpful in keeping that ‘Vajayjay’ clean but can also prevent common vaginal issues like rashes, itchiness and dark spots. So skip on those vaginal creams and treatments and start incorporating these 13 proven vagina hacks to your self-care regime! 

1. Trust Your Vagina To Do Its Job


You’ve probably heard this from your mom, and experts too agree, the less you mess around in there, the better. Our vaginas are like an incredible, self-cleaning oven and it has its own ways of maintaining an acidic pH to keep things balanced and prevent infection. So, you don’t need feminine washes or creams to keep it clean! In fact, over-cleaning can actually disturb the vagina’s natural pH which can lead to bacterial build-ups. So, if you want a clean vagina then you gotta trust your vagina to do the cleaning on its own! 

2. Drink More Water To Stay Lubricated

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You know how your mouth feels dry when you don’t drink enough water, well that’s how your vagina feels when it lacks water too! A dehydrated vagina can lead to dryness and bad odour so make sure to drink lots of water to keep ‘bajingo’ hydrated. Especially if you naturally have very dry skin than you got to increase your daily water intakes! Not just can be staying hydrated prevents vaginal dryness but drinking plenty of water can also dilute vaginal odours. Try to drink at 8-10 glasses of water everyday!

3. Use Lots of Lube During Intercourse

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Lubes are so underrated and underused! Though the vagina does self-lubricate when you’re aroused, sometimes this isn’t enough and that’s when lube comes in handy! Plus, lube too can help to prevent microtears in and around the vagina, which can become infected. Sometimes, though you are aroused the vagina can get dry due to things like hormones or medication, and sex is more fun when you are well lubricated, isn’t it?! However, not all lubes are good and generally water-based lube is the safest bet! 

Try using the Isabel Fay Natural Water-Based Lubricant which is al natural and safe!

4. Clean Your ‘V’ Area Properly

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We know we said vaginas can clean themselves but those skin around genitals (vulva) needs to be washed. You need to wash it everyday to prevent oil and dead skin buildups as they can be hiding in the folds of your vulva. But that being said you must clean your vagina the right way. When washing, all you need to is basically just use your hands and some mild soap. Don’t ever vigorously scrub down there with a bar of harsh soap or body scrubs. And you don’t need any magical water to wash your down there, just plain old water will do!

5. Use Mild Fragrances Free Soaps

This is one of the most popular vagina hacks where you just quit on those harsh, scented soaps. This because overly fragranced soaps and shampoos can cause irritation or an allergic reaction on the vagina. The vaginal tissue is the most sensitive tissues in the body, so the fewer perfumes and chemicals, the better. We suggest you use a mild, fragrance-free soap that can do the job just right without causing any harm to that delicate area of yours. 

Here are the Top 12 Feminine Washes In Malaysia For A Clean And Odourless ‘V’ Area

6. Don’t Vigorously Rub Down There

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Again, the vagina is a super delicate area so you don’t you ever rub a towel back and forth down there vigorously. No matter how much rush you are in, just don’t harshly wipe down to get the job done quick cuz it is too much for the delicate vulvar tissue. Instead, gently pat the area dry with a clean towel. Optionally you can also use a blow dryer set to cool or the lowest heat setting and holding it about a foot away. “The air can feel soothing and it’ll dry the vulva without rubbing. 

7. Eat More ‘Vagina Friendly’ Foods 

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Heard of the statement of you are what you eat?! Yes, it is 100% true if you want a clean and healthy vagina then you got to eat clean and healthy, you get what we mean! Though in general, all sort of veggies and fruits are good for the vagina certain foods like yoghurts and kimchi in specific contain good bacteria in it that can keep your vagina healthy and ward off infections. In fact, any sort of fermented foods with high probiotic content can help prevent yeast infections and keep your vaginal biome balanced. Also, they taste so good, don’t they?!

Here are the foods that can make your vagina happy and healthy: 

  • Cranberry juice
  • Yoghurt
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Garlic
  • Soy
  • Avocados
  • Apples
  • Almonds and pumpkin seeds
  • Hot chillies
  • Guava
  • Kiwi
  • Dark chocolate

8. Wear Comfy Undies

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One of the simplest vagina hacks is skipping wearing those impossibly tight thongs to give your bum a boost! In fact, toss out all the pairs that don’t fit you properly because the type of underwear you use affects the health of your vagina big time! It is best to go with the good ole’ cotton underwears and the style be it thong or boxers — doesn’t matter, as long as they’re comfortable and breathable. Remember, your vagina needs air to stay moist so suffocating it with tight underwear isn’t a good idea.

9. The Less Hair Down, The Better!

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Ok, this is one of the most debatable vagina hacks but pubic hairs aren’t as helpful as most people think.  Yes, they do act as a shield to protect the vagina from dust particles but pubic hair follicles can become clogged and infected. You can tell if your pubic hair is infected if there are like a whitehead or a red bump on the skin underneath the hair. To prevent this from happening, it is best to keep your vagina hair-free! You can shave it with a fresh, clean razor or go for waxing. If you are going for waxing make sure to go to a reputable place to get it done.

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10. Stay away From Scented Pads and Tampons

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Let’s set things straight, menstrual blood DOES NOT need to smell a certain way so it is absolutely unnecessary to mask it with floral, fruity or other scents. These kinda menstruation products are filled with harsh perfumes that you definitely don’t want anywhere near your vagina. If you have sensitive skin the scented pads and tampons can make things worse by causing irritation or an allergic reaction. So, just stick with the fragrance-free tampons or pads.

11. Embrace Your Vagina’s Natural Smell

Every vagina is different and unique in its own so they have a different vaginal smell that varies with the menstrual cycle and diet. And it is totally normal for your vagina to smell odd on some days and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t try to cover it up with perfumes or powders because again they can be very irritating. So just live with the smell and honestly, your vagina’s natural smell isn’t anything to worry about. However, with that said if you have a foul vaginal odour that’s accompanied by symptoms like itching, then go to a gynaecologist immediately!

12. Stop Douching Your Vagina, Seriously!

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Seriously, stop douching aka spraying your V area with water, vinegar or any other fluids! As we mentioned, the vagina cleans itself so you don’t need to flush it out with water. We know those discharges in your underwear can be annoying and unpleasant, but it’s not a sign of uncleanliness or bad health! Discharges are NORMAL and healthy. Besides, douching often does more harm than good as it can kill off the good bacterias known as lactobacilli, which keep the pH balanced! Most of the douching kits sold at stores contain too many fragrances and antiseptics, which can lead to irritation. So just don’t douche, ever!!!!

13. Love Your Vagina For Just the Way It Is!

Last but certainly not the least in our gynae approved vagina hacks is to LOVE YOUR VAGINA! With so many procedures and surgeries out there to rejuvenate, tighten, or enhance the ‘thing’ down there but that does not mean your vagina needs them! The best thing you can do to your vagina is to appreciate and love it for the way it is and stop comparing yours to other people or images you see online. Vagina comes in all shapes and sizes and they’re all unique and beautiful in their own way. So show your labia some love!