Social media is such a wonderful places. They’re filled with everything from funny relatable videos to simple food recipe to follow to spilling some serious celebrity tea. But out of all of these platforms, TikTok really blew up though. Not only do they have all of the above, but they have the best secrets to the beauty community. So, how about the latest skincare hacks? Beauty Insider has the answer. 

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The Viral TikTok Video 

Everyone that I know—me especially—loves nothing more than a good skincare hack. Whether you’re someone dealing with dry, flaky skin or battling with an incurable oily face, skincare advice is something we’ll never tire of. Now, listen, if you’re one of those who are constantly facing acne problems, this one video in particular will be the answer you might be looking for. Yes, forget about all the holy grail products you’ve read online, the best way to achieve those glassy smooth skin is actually: salt water.

TikTok user @leacrylics shared a video documenting her new skincare routine. And in the video, she explained by tackling common issues like acne and redness, and sounds like an all-in-one miracle cure. The entire routine is as simple as mixing sea salt with water, before spraying it onto her face. 


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“I’ve been struggling [with acne] since I was eleven,” @leacrylics said in her first TikTok on the matter. “I noticed every single time I swim at the beach and go into the ocean, my skin clears completely, so I bought sea salt off Amazon. I mix a teaspoon of sea salt with half a cup of warm water, make the exact same ratio as the ocean, then I just spray it on my face every night… I’m about to start my period and you can see, no breakouts.”

And just when you may think that this is some wild TikTok trend that’s being flung around for clickbait, other TikTokers have tried the hacks and turns out, they’ve gotten similar results as well. I mean, look at this next TikTok. Her skin is SHI-NING. 


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It’s Actually Science-Proven

Before you asked 101 questions, let us tell you, this whole method is actually science proven. Yes, salt assist in removing bacteria and balancing oil production. It also naturally contains magnificent things like Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium which are all anti-inflammatory. Basically, it’s a miracle ingredient. If you have Eczema, you can really benefit by using salt water in your skincare routine since Magnesium is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial mineral that alleviates itching and reduces moisture from bacteria and fungi that causes Eczema. 

A study published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that salt water may help treat the deepest skin problems. Because salt water is generally low in temperature, high in purity, and rich with nutrients. Research has concluded it may help reduce skin symptoms such as swelling, redness, dryness, itchiness, as well. Salt water may also help reduce allergic skin responses in patients suffering from allergic rhinitis.

But that’s not all, those suffer from oily skin can also benefit from washing with a saltwater. Besides its “scrubby” element, sea salt acts as a great exfoliant that opens pores for a deeper clean, increases blood circulation, and allows your skin to better absorb moisturizers and other treatments.

However, if you have sensitive skin, salt water should be used for your body instead of the face, where your skin is thinner and more easily irritated. It’s no wonder some natural personal care companies are incorporating sea salt in oral care products, eh?

How To Make Your Own Saltwater Facial Spray?

The ingredients include:

  • 1 cup of boiled or distilled water
  • 1 tablespoon of sea salt
  • A pinch of magnesium flakes or Epsom salt
  • Your favourite essential oils (optional)

How to: 

  • Add sea salt and magnesium flakes or Epsom salt into the warm water and keep stirring till the salt gets dissolved completely
  • If you want, you can also include essential oil and store it in a spray bottle for easy application
  • You can either spray it directly on your face or use a cotton pad to apply on your skin

How To Make Your Own Saltwater Body Scrub?

  • Mix a quarter-cup salt and a half-cup olive oil or softened coconut oil into a thick paste 
  • Add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil 
  • Use it in the shower with a loofah, and gently scrubbing your skin in a circular motion

If you need more clarifications you can watch the video below: 

So, if you’ve been struggling with acne for quite some time and aren’t seeing any results, why not give this a try? Given how affordable it is, you’ve got nothing to lose, and you just might be amazed at what happens. 

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