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Ways You May Be Using these 5 Products Incorrectly!

Categories : Skincare

We sometimes wonder if we have fully maximize the effects of certain products, especially if the benefits of the products seems to under perform its claims. This simple guide helps to maximize the effectiveness of your skincare routine!


Toners complements facial cleansers by removing dirt and makeup residue not cleared out by your facial cleanser. However, toners are usually formulated strong. Instead of rubbing or pulling the skin with the soaked cotton ball, apply your toner gently by dabbing, patting and sliding onto your skin slowly and lightly.

Anti-acne creams

Anti-acne creams and gels are created to work quickly. If it takes too long to work, chances are it is not working for you. Recognize it and stop using that particular anti-acne cream.

Cleansing oil

Cleansing oils are made to break down dirt and makeup easier. However, take note that oil and water do not mix well. Let the cleansing oil work its way in your skin and once it has, slightly wetting your fingers and dab onto the rest of your face. Let it stay for a few seconds, then rinse the dirt away.

Skin Serums

Serums are concentrated topical multivitamins for the skin. To get the most out of your serum, apply your serum first, before any moisturizer. Moisturizes may act as a barrier for the skin, preventing your skin to absorb anything else.


When exfoliating, move your fingers in small circular motions. Focus on the areas of the face that are barely cleansed by your cleansing wash. The whole process should take about 1-3 minutes unless you have an oily skin.

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