Yap Yann Fang is the key person behind the revolutionary first beauty co-working space that brings togetherness for all the local beauticians under one roof: Beauty & Co.

Yap has identified an opportunity and proposed a solution. She observed that local beauticians intend to improve the customer experience, but in doing so demanded a large investment, which most of them did not have. As a solution, she founded Beauty & Co to assist all area beauticians in bridging the gap.

“Most local beauticians are unable to have access to world-class medical technology that is safe, effective, and clinically proven that can improve the customer experience through this kind of high investment.

“Creating a community that values passion, a service mindset, and providing exceptional services not motivated purely by profit. We offer a variety of training and development opportunities for beauty professionals, including soft skills, hands-on experience, cutting-edge technology, and access to industry experts,” Yap explained.

Through this interview with Beauty Insider, Yap provides an insightful glimpse into the concept of building a beauty community by leveraging the beauty industry to the next level.

Beauty Community

To warm up the chair, will you mind telling us why is it important for you to bring the concepts of beauticians together?

I always believe in alliance rather than competition and business partners rather than employee/employer relationships. I enjoy establishing a community that shares the same vision, values, and passion as mine.

To do that, build a space where customers feel safe to come and beauticians feel safe to serve. Being part of a community allows beauticians to have a support system of like-minded individuals who can offer advice, encouragement, and a listening ear when needed.

A community of beauticians can serve as a valuable resource for networking and finding new clients, as well as for learning about new products, techniques, and trends in the Industry.

What is the importance of building a community of beauticians that shares the same vision, values, and passion?

Being part of a community allows beauticians to have a support system of like-minded individuals who can offer advice, encouragement, and a listening ear when needed. A community of beauticians can serve as a valuable resource for networking and finding new clients, as well as for learning about new products, techniques, and trends in the industry.

We are all about educating the public on how to choose a trustable aesthetics clinic or beauty centre, and our vision in this case is to educate beauticians on ethics and integrity. Our main goal is to change the public perception of impractical beauty services and to make the industry a trustworthy place for our customers.

Opportunities, Freedom And Empowerment

What are the classes or workshops that Beauty & Co provides for beauticians that create opportunities for beauticians to work with freedom and empowerment?

Through our Beauty Masterclass, we teach beauticians about the new share resources business model without much cost, they can start their beauty business with the coworking model, emphasizing collaboration over competition in an abundant industry with rapid growth. 

We provide a series of training and workshops to prepare them to become Beautypreneurs. Hands-on skills, soft skills, and how to be resourceful as a Beautypreneur are all covered. It usually takes a year to two years for beauticians to become knowledgeable, skilled, and self-sufficient.

I strongly believe in education and empowering women by increasing their self- esteem and confidence, and self-care is very empowering in and of itself. The goal of a beauty coworking space is to enable women to work without sacrificing their life and family. They are free to work at their own pace and according to their schedules. 

We are creating a safe environment for women to be their authentic selves by instilling high integrity and great values in our community. We guide women through difficult paths, encourage their talent, and empower them by mentoring and coaching them.

What are some of the issues surrounding the beauty industry? Like as beauty care standards, and safety in the beauty industry.

Being in the beauty industry for over 20 years, I’ve seen how much it’s grown and ironically how much it has deteriorated due to unethical services, unlicensed practitioners, the use of unregulated machines, and other issues that have demotivated many young beauticians who are truly passionate about serving their customers. 

These unscrupulous players have harmed the industry’s image via pricing wars, aggressive selling, and unregulated machinery, making customers wary of visiting any beauty centres.

Beauty & Co’s New Facial Treatment

We heard about the new Beauty & Co’s Exilifit facial treatment, tell us more about it!

For me, the three crucial parts of an “amazing facial” are being able to enjoy the entire facial session, feeling calm, and the after-results.

These three important main elements are precisely what Beauty & Co concentrated on when developing this Exi-lift facial. How can I make my customers feel at ease and enjoy themselves during a facial? It’s indisputably the scent and touch. Among all of our senses, the smell is the most primal. Smelling lavender, for example, makes you sleepy, yet smelling citrus makes you feel active.

In this exi-lift facial, we are using made-in-Italy Tranquility essential oils for massage and relaxing customers. It not only soothes our emotions but also relieves tension. Hence, the feeling of warm gentle touch through massage thoroughly relieves tense muscles and makes us feel like a baby when we are in the arms of our mother. 

To obtain the best anti-aging impact in our Exi-lift facial, we used an FDA Approved Exilis machine for RM 200,000. Clinical studies show that with just four facials, your skin can achieve optimal collagen remodelling, which inhibits the creation of wrinkles. It is a one-of-a-kind treatment that stimulates fibroblasts in addition to injections and Thermage.

Skincare Routine

We admire the fascinating insight into your world. Please describe a skincare routine that should be performed after facial treatment to round up the interview.

The most important step in skin care is none other than sunblock, moisturising sunlight/ UV rays are the main cause of skin ageing. When our skin is irritated by ultraviolet rays, it will cause damage to human cells, weaken its life span and accelerate skin ageing. 

Dehydration is the second cause of skin ageing this is because thirsty skin can’t absorb any nutrients and ingredients you apply on. Supplementing highly nutritious skin care products on dehydrated skin might lead to irritation and inflammation. So no matter how good your skincare products are, sunblock and moisturizing must be at the top of your priority.

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