Look Dazzling With Y.O.U Beauty: Skincare and Makeup Collection

By: Farah Khan / December 27, 2021
Categories : Makeup, Skincare

The key to good makeup is good skincare, and the key to the perfect look is good makeup. We all want to look dazzling all day and everyday. Hence, Y.O.U Beauty is here to help you out. With deep research and attention to detail, the brand is bringing beauty enthusiasts their Dazzling Glow Up Skincare Series with makeup products to pair. 

You won’t be disappointed with the instant glow these products deliver. With that said, let’s get into the deets! 

Y.O.U Beauty Dazzling Glow Up Series 

Dazzling Glow Up Facial Foam

Packed with fermented rice extract, this facial foam moisturises and brightens your skin with every use, while preventing pigmentation from sun damage. Perfect for those who struggle with excess oil production, it promotes healthy skin by regulating the oil production. Experience your skin transforming into a more resilient, balanced and clear complexion. 

Don’t waste a second and purchase it at the dazzling discount of:

Then: RM17.90

Now: RM15.30

Dazzling Glow Up Clear Toner

The toner from this Dazzling Glow Up series is equipped with ingredients to brighten, hydrate, and clear up the skin. This toner allows your next skincare products to seep deeper into your skin so you can reap the full benefits they provide. 

Get them now for a special discounted price of:

Then: RM19.90

Now: RM17.01

Dazzling Glow Up Protection Day Cream

With an SPF20, this Protection Day Cream provides ample protection against harmful UV Rays. It is proven to lock in moisture in your skin to combat the dryness that may be caused by our hot weather. With daily application, your skin will glow up with its smoothing and glow effect. 

Get your hands on the Protection Day Cream:

Then: RM16.90 (20g) RM30.90 (40g)

Now: RM13.69 (20g) RM25.03 (40g)

Dazzling Glow Up Serum Night Cream 

Glow up in your sleep with this night cream. It is richly packed with vitamins A, D, E, and K that has the ability to provide nourishment to your skin while you get your beauty sleep. It contains antioxidants and fights free radicals in the in the air, while boosting your skin’s hydration level. 

Get the glow now!

Then: RM18.90 (20g) RM34.90 (40g)

Now: RM15.31 (20g) RM28.27 (40g)

Y.O.U Beauty Makeup Line

Dream Skin Perfect Cushion

Do you require the ideal foundation for your makeup? The lightweight and oil-controlling nature of the Dream Skin Perfect Cushion is suitable for all-day usage. It has a high coverage that effectively hides pores,  fine lines and dark spots. Dream Skin Perfect Cushion contains Iris Florentina root extract, which helps to improve the suppleness of your skin, keep it moisturised, and regulate excess sebum production so your makeup stays put all day. 

Don’t miss out on getting the Dream Skin Perfect Cushion for this special price:

Then: RM65.90

Now: RM47.45

Crystal Loose Setting Powder

To set your makeup, regulate excess sebum, and create a smooth and luminous appearance that lasts all day, pick up the Crystal Loose Setting Powder. It is formulated with licorice extract that is gentle on the skin and creates a soft and natural glow. 

Get the Crystal Loose Setting Powder for:

Then: RM27.90

Now: RM20.09

Teardrop Brow Definer

Get your eyebrows on fleek with the Teardrop Eyebrow Definer. It is a brow pencil with a retractable teardrop tip and a smooth-glide formula for creating natural-looking brows. It comes in four different shades, providing you options based on your hair colour and preference. 

Ready to hashtag Eyebrows On Fleek? Purchase the Teardrop Eyebrow Definer now! 

Then: RM20.90

Now: RM17.87

Rouge Velvet Matte Lip Cream

Y.O.U Beauty’s best-selling product is the Rouge Velvet Matte Lip Cream. This  lip cream is every  lip cream enthusiasts’ greatest friend, gliding smoothly on your lips with its lightweight consistency that stays put all day without transferring onto your mask. It dries rapidly to prevent smearing on your face without causing your lips to`

 crack. So don’t be concerned about it plastered onto your mask or glass when you’re sipping on your drink. Coconut Oil and Vitamin E are added to keep your lips moisturised and supple while also decreasing the look of fine wrinkles on your lips even when it’s dry. 

The Rouge Velvet Matte Lip Cream comes in 18 gorgeous vivid colors, it is definitely a good choice to invest in this lip cream for luscious lips with intense colour.

The Rouge Velvet Matte  Lip Cream retails for RM36.90.

Stay All Day Pen Eyeliner

We love a good cat eye! The Stay All Day Pen Eyeliner has a unique color-locking formula. Because it dries so rapidly, you won’t have to worry about your eyeliner blurring or smearing once you apply! The Innovative Ink Level Case allows it to produce rich colour pigmentation. This eyeliner is easy to apply whether you’re a cosmetics novice or a seasoned artist.

Get the Stay All Day Pen Eyeliner to create the perfect liner. 

Then: RM39.90

Now: RM32.32

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