Venna Lovena – Period Pain Reliever


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Do you know the TOP 1 leading cause of death in Malaysia? 


Every 1 in 3 Malaysian death in cardiovascular diseases. 


What causes Cardiovascular diseases?

Blockage of vascular.

The vascular system is composed of 1% large arteries & veins and 99% microvascular.


Blockage of vascular also causes 

1.      Feeling tired all the time 

2.      Worsening kidney function

3.      Period pain 

4.     Difficult to lose weight

5.     Premature Aging

6.     Dull skin & dark spots


 5 main Unhealthy lifestyle habits lead to blockage of vascular such as:

1.     Unhealthy diet  

2.     Lack of exercise 

3.     Stress 

4.     Smoking 

5.     Overweight 


Lovena is power -packed with a formula visibly boosts your complexion to restore youth, and improve an overall quality of life.


Clinical Study show 

✔️   Stimulates blood flow >40% after 3h intake- Careflow ®

✔️  Protects the breakdown of collagen more than 45% – Careflow ®

✔️  Slow down skin aging – Careflow ®

✔️  Reducing carb & fat absorption, get rid of visceral fat – Fibersol ®

✔️ Give your immune system the boost, stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria about 10 times. – Inulin

✔️Consist of vitamin C, 70-80 times higher than grapes and apples. – Red Dates Extract

✔️Skin Beauty & Nourishing Blood- Red Dates Extract

✔️Significantly reduce menstrual pain – Careflow ™,Ginger Extract


4 “ NO”

–       No Caffeine

–       No Theophylline

–       No Coloring

–       No Additives


Cert included: GMP, HACCP, ISO, KKM, HALAL, 2 Million Insurance protected

1 Box (10 sachets x 12g )



For the PERFECT cup of Lovena

 Mix 1 sachet of Lovena in a glass of 180ml 85°c water.


A broad blend of functional superfood ingredients including Careflow ™ , Fibersol ® , Inulin, Elderflower, Red dates, Ginger and Osmanthus.


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