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The book 'Regulation Book (Gyuhap Chongseo)' written by Bing Heo-gak Lee is a great inspiration for the launch of Beauty of Joseon.This book contains ways to enrich women's lives to be more convenient in daily life such as skincare tips, clothing, farming, prenatal care, parenting advice, and organizing homes.Inspired by this book, our brand made products from herbal ingredients that have been used since the Joseon Dynasty.Oriental medicine ingredients are healthy ingredients that have been consumed as medicinal herbs and food for a long time, and they are also excellent skincare ingredients.Whenever we make a new skincare product, we think about suitable herbal ingredients for each skin type and combine modern ingredients that create the most synergy to make a great product with the intent of “giving a present”.BOJ will continue to grow with our customers and always think about making good products.We will always refer to and learn from the many opinions of our customers, and try our best to reflect them in our products.

A brand Modern interpretation of timeless beauty & traditional methods from Joseon women.

Ginseng Essence Water 150ml

Fill your skin with moisture with the ginseng root water

For skin that is oily outside but dry inside, sensitive skin that is easily damaged by external factors. The most basic cause of all of this is lack of moisture.

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Glow Serum 30ml

Minimizing pores, anti-acne, Moisturizing,Glow Finnish

Dull, cakey makeup, dry and rough? If you want to manage your skin’s firmness and radiance from deep within, we recommend Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum.

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Revive Eye Serum: Ginseng + Retinal 30ml

We created an eye serum that helps to improve wrinkle on the sensitive skin around the eyes by combining ginseng extract and retinal.

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Revive Serum 30ml

I saw my mother’s face in my reflection. Am I getting older now?
If you feel that your skin and face are changing, we recommend Beauty of Joseon Revive Serum – a traditional Korean herbal medicine for skin

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Relief Sun: Rice + Probiotics 50ml

An organic sunscreen that applies gently on the skin and including skin calming ingredients and allows sensitive skin types to use it in ease. Strong UV radiation protection and includes grain fermenting ingredients that nourish skin’s natural strength.

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Matte Sun Stick Mugwort + Camelia

We created a sun stick with a matte formula that doesn’t get clumpy, sticky or greasy even when apply several time Over makeup. Sebum-control silica powder regulates sebum on the skin, giving a smooth and soft-rolling feeling.

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