Say Goodbye To Cakey Makeup With The 15 Best Face Primers In Malaysia

If you’re not using a makeup primer,  then you’re making a big mistake!!! Often dismissed as useless and not necessary to makeup, face primers offer a wide range of benefits. The best face primers should be the one that does not clog your pores, keep your makeup on and works with all your needs.  Especially […]

Look Dazzling With Y.O.U Beauty: Skincare and Makeup Collection

The key to good makeup is good skincare, and the key to the perfect look is good makeup. We all want to look dazzling all day and everyday. Hence, Y.O.U Beauty is here to help you out. With deep research and attention to detail, the brand is bringing beauty enthusiasts their Dazzling Glow Up Skincare […]

Concealers For Eyebrows To Upgrade Your On Fleek Game

We’ve all used concealers before. Especially to cover up blemishes and dark spots we don’t want anyone else seeing. Concealers are also great for brightening up your skin as well. Some of us might even have just used concealer on its own for a natural makeup look. A pro tip, however, to get that clean […]

Slay Any Beauty Trend With The Best YSL Lipsticks In Malaysia

There are many trends on the internet including beauty ones that many makeup enthusiasts love jumping on. When it comes to lipstick trends and hacks there’s one notable brand that is always popping up and being recommended. Therefore, let’s take a look at the brand and what they provide and if they’re really worth the […]

Get The Perfect Long Lasting Makeup Look This Holiday Season + Expert Review

With COVID-19 restrictions finally loosening this year, many of us are preparing for the Christmas and New Years festivities. Family, friends, and loved ones will gather again soon and the fun will begin! However, when the festivities begin, we might not have time to refresh or redo our makeup throughout the long events. So, we’ve […]

Let’s Settle Once And For All: Who Comes First- Foundation Or Concealer?

Let’s agree on one thing, we all grew up learning and understanding about makeup in similar ways. From beauty YouTubers, blog posts and our favourite beauty tabloids like Beauty Insider– oh the good days. However, with many sources and techniques, there’s been one heavy debate that’s been consistent. With that, in this article, let’s conclude […]

Here Are 10 Korean Makeup Beauty Trends To Test Yourself!

We all love everything that has to do with Korea. Whether it is their music, their movies, television shows, skincare or makeup, we love it all. We are obsessed with all things Korean and K-beauty is no exception. Besides being addicted to BTS and Squid Game, there are quite a few Korean makeup techniques and […]