International Lipstick Day: Get Your Pout On with Y.O.U Beauty!

Have any plans with a special someone this International  Lipstick Day  on 29th July? Plans or no plans, those lips need to be on point; all day every day! Y.O.U Beauty has specially selected some of the best lip products on the market to help you get your lips  the attention they deserve!  Beauty Insider […]

15 Best K-Beauty Lip Tints For Luscious, Kissable Pout

From, sheet masks, snail slime, to ampoules, K-Beauty has never stopped to impress us with their amazing beauty products. Especially with the popsicle-stained lips trend, that makes everyone jump on the bandwagon. Do you want to have gradient lips like your favourite Korean actresses? Keep reading as Beauty Insider has rounded the best K-Beauty lip […]

These Are Holy Grail Foundations for Beauties with Oily Skin

If you have oily skin then you know the struggle of searching for good foundations. You need one that will resist the oils of your skin, helping it to appear matte and smooth. It’s not the most desirable look to walk around with an extremely shiny face which is why searching for a good foundation […]

How To Shape Eyebrows? The Struggle We All Have Is Real

The struggle we all have with our eyebrows is VERY real. The sad truth is, not all of us are born with full and beautiful eyebrows! If only right! Now the real question is, would you rather have sparse, thin brows or bushy thick eyebrows? One allows you to free fill and shape when doing […]

Baby Powder AND Makeup?! Who Would Have Thought!

We know what you might be thinking. What?! Yeah, once in a blue moon, the beauty community finds a new and interesting way to do their makeup. This time, we got our hands on combining baby powder with your makeup. Now, we’ve heard of using baby powder as dry shampoo, but we aren’t exactly sure […]