nars liquid blush review
Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush Review: Another Kind of Orgasm You’d Be Into

One can never have too many ORGASM, right?! Well, for a daily dose of orgasm we have turned our hands to…. The Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush! And let us tell, it is life-changing!!! Yass, the formidable NARS Orgasm Blush now comes in not one but four liquid forms, and as much as we love the […]

christian louboutin lipstick review
Christian Louboutin Lipstick Review: All The Juice On The Iconic Beauty!

Guys, hold your breath and shopping cart because we are about the break some big news for you! Heard about Christian Louboutin, the iconic fashion brand that does killer stilettos with red soles? Well, they ventured into makeup business a couple of years back and as expected the nailed it too. One product that stands […]

highlighters in malaysia
11 Best Highlighters in Malaysia For A Perfect Glowing Goddess Finish!

Highlighters (nope, we are not talking about the ones you use in school, HAHA) We are talking the makeup highlighters that can instantly add some dimension to your face. They are like these magical things that can help you blind the world with your shimmers! Also, if highlighting is not part of your makeup routine, […]

stabilo x sephora
Sephora x Stabilo – An Unexpected Collab That We Totally Love!

Sephora recently collaborated with Stabilo and came up with an extraordinary product that would be a game-changer for the eyeliner industry – Sephora x Stabilo Felt Eyeliner. This is the moment for high school nerds to shine. What is a better way to introduce a ‘bombass’ eyeliner than making it look like a highlighter? It […]

Top 10 Eye Shadow Palettes in Malaysia To Create Show Stopping Eyes

Finding perfect eye shadow palettes in Malaysia can be very exhausting! From watching makeup review of beauty bloggers on Youtube to scrolling through hundreds of reviews on Sephora deciding which palettes are worth spending your money on can be so overwhelming. We know because we went through that seriously confusing phase too, sis! Plus, just […]

Fenty Beauty Is Here to Help You Flash Em ‘Cheeks Out’ This Summer!!!

Before we start off with anything, we at Beauty Insider Malaysia are huge fans of Rihanna ❤️ If there’s anyone that can make swatches look cool, it can only be Rihanna. Not long ago, this beauty diva released her cheeks out cream blush on her brand’s Youtube channel. The Fenty Beauty founder shows off her […]

best matte foundations in malaysia
12 Best Matte Foundations in Malaysia For Women of All Colour, Skin and Age!

If you are looking for some good matte foundations in Malaysia then you’ve come to the right place. With a thick yet dewy formula, matte foundations give you a more soft and lustrous finish. As much those foundations may look cute but tend to wear off very quickly. Whereas, a matte foundation can last through […]