how to clean makeup brushes
Dirty Makeup Brushes? Here’s How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Easily

When is the last time that you clean your makeup brush? Well, don’t feel guilty. We all get excited about getting our hands on the latest cute designs of makeup brushes. But when it comes to cleaning the makeup brushes, it seems that maybe we’re not doing more than enough. Cleaning your makeup brushes is […]

10 Best K-Beauty Lip Tints For Luscious, Kissable Pout

From, sheet masks, snail slime, to ampoules, K-Beauty has never stopped to impress us with their amazing beauty products. Especially with the popsicle-stained lips trend, that makes everyone jump on the bandwagon. Do you want to have gradient lips like your favorite Korean actresses? Keep reading as Beauty Insider has rounded the best K-Beauty lip […]

Top 10 Foundations For Sensitive Skin In Malaysia

Want radiant skin? Luckily, we can achieve that with a foundation. However, for people with sensitive skin, it means that they have to be extra careful with the product that they use. Although there are a lot of foundations that are suitable for sensitive skin, it can be quite hard to choose the best product. […]

11 Best Makeup Gift Sets In Malaysia For Valentine’s Day

You might be thinking of giving up celebrating Valentine’s Day due to the current situation. But it does not mean that you can’t have a special time with your loved ones for this special occasion. We know that you might run out of ideas to surprise them. Rest assured, Beauty Insider has listed the best […]

The 10 Best BB And CC Creams In Malaysia For Perfect Coverage

Pat and puff, only refers to one thing which is coverage. This is when BB and CC creams come in handy. It is like our very own fairy godmother that helps to save the day. Although we may not always be satisfied with the current condition of our skin, it is something that we should […]

#SupportLocal! These Malaysian Beauty Brands Should Be On Your Beauty Radar!

As Malaysians, we love supporting local businesses- big or small, we love them all! To be specific, the beauty industry in Malaysia that consists of cosmetics and skincare is slowly making waves not just locally but on an international scale too. As your Beauty BFF, it would be criminal of us to not keep you […]

Ini Adalah 8 Jenama Kosmetik Halal Yang Anda Kena Cuba!

Pernah tak anda terfikir tentang kandungan alat solek yang anda beli? Adakah sebenarnya halal atau tidak? Berdasarkan hukum Islam, terdapat beberapa syarat kosmetik halal yang mesti kita pantau. Kadang-kadang hal ini diremehkan oleh sesetengah individu. Cuba kita bayangkan, kita harus meneliti bahan-bahan yang ditulis pada kotak produk. Selalunya, barang-barang yang dipilih akan terus diambil kemudian […]