setting powders in malaysia
15 Best Setting Powders in Malaysia That’ll Keep Your Makeup In Place

Trust us on this, a top-notch setting powder is a must-have in any makeup kit. Especially in a hot country like Malaysia where heat and humidity can ruin a makeup look even before it is done. That is why it is so important to let your makeup set to give it more longevity. Even if […]

Gucci Epilogue makeup looks
Gucci Epilogue’s Makeup Looks Set New Unique Trends in Beauty!

Held in Rome on July 17th, The Gucci Epilogue’s makeup looks by Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s was nothing lacking of spectacular. The whole show was unique and the standout has got to be the final act! The final act of the show was playful experimentation aimed at reversing the traditional fashion rules and perspectives. Below, […]

Laneige NEO Cushion
The New Laneige NEO Cushion Takes Makeup World By Storm!

Bringing cushion innovation to the next legacy, Laneige introduces the all-new NEO Cushion, as the 1st Blue Light Cushion Foundation! It comes with a 360-degree borderless design and one-touch spinning refill. The all-new Laneige NEO Cushion is designed in collaboration with Korean designer Yeongkyu Yoo, a designer with innovative creativity who skillfully uses the latest […]

face mists in malaysia
10 Best Face Mists in Malaysia For An Instant Hydration Boost!

Does your skin feel a little drained and dry during the day? That’s a sign that it needs an instant uplifting hydration boost. This is when face mists also known as facial sprays come in handy. Just press and spritz some on your face if you want to keep your skin refresh and hydrated all […]

13 Best Eyeliners in Malaysia That Would Not Smudge Against Any Odds!

People often say that no makeup look is ever complete without eyeliner! Whether it’s a wing liner, cat eye or graphic liner, it is almost every girl’s dream to have a pair of pretty eyes that stays put without smudging all day long. But it is easier said than done, we know. Finding a good […]

nars liquid blush review
Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush Review: Another Kind of Orgasm You’d Be Into

One can never have too many ORGASM, right?! Well, for a daily dose of orgasm we have turned our hands to…. The Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush! And let us tell, it is life-changing!!! Yass, the formidable NARS Orgasm Blush now comes in not one but four liquid forms, and as much as we love the […]

christian louboutin lipstick review
Christian Louboutin Lipstick Review: All The Juice On The Iconic Beauty!

Guys, hold your breath and shopping cart because we are about the break some big news for you! Heard about Christian Louboutin, the iconic fashion brand that does killer stilettos with red soles? Well, they ventured into makeup business a couple of years back and as expected the nailed it too. One product that stands […]

highlighters in malaysia
11 Best Highlighters in Malaysia For A Perfect Glowing Goddess Finish!

Highlighters (nope, we are not talking about the ones you use in school, HAHA) We are talking the makeup highlighters that can instantly add some dimension to your face. They are like these magical things that can help you blind the world with your shimmers! Also, if highlighting is not part of your makeup routine, […]