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Your hands can show your age, and constant care at an early stage is important in keeping them looking young. It is often the tell-tale sign to your age more so than your face as a large amount of time and effort are devoted to taking care of facial skins. Furthermore, the skin on the […]

There’s been a lot said about the benefits of dry brushing, but does it live up to the hype? As it turns out, regular exfoliation with body brushing is great for preventing ingrown hairs, increasing circulation, and even reducing the look of cellulite. Count us in! While most of us obsess over our facial skincare, […]

Mother’s Day is around the corner, next month on 12 May! There are so many options to show our appreciation for mothers on this special day, these include dinner options, flowers and gifts. One option is with a gift of fragrance. Furthermore, we could choose the top flower gift to women – roses, as the […]

We are spoilt with many choices when it comes to fragrance shopping. Some fragrances need careful consideration given its high price tags. We may worry after spending a huge amount on a bottle, whether we would grow tired of the scent halfway through the bottle. Or we may like a few of the scents and […]

L’Occitane’s Rose Collection with its mix of re-launch and reinterpretation of their classic rose scent and new additions, has an interesting feature of fragrance layering. Fragrance Layering The three rose waters have as their core, the scent of Rosa Centifolia. Rosa Centifolia, known also as Provence rose or even cabbage rose, has a characteristic clean […]

The fruity scent family is characterized by their fruit notes. They contain synthetic fruity notes such as apricot, raspberry, strawberry, lychee, mango, apple and peach.  They are often blended with non-fruity base notes to enhance the scent. For summer weather, a clean, crisp and sparkly fruity perfume could uplift mood. Here we highlight five fruity […]

Sugar and candies can lift our spirits. Wearing a perfume that smells like sugars and candies is equally delightful – without the calories! Sweet smelling perfumes are the Gourmand family of fragrances, they are characterized by their sweet character. They contain synthetic edible notes such as chocolate, honey, caramel, sugar, candy and vanilla. They are […]

Looking for the best body lotion? Unfortunately there is no one bottle that fits all requirements. They come in different textures and targets different specifics. Beauty Insider found moisturizers for dry skin, including some that target cellulite, eczema, and scars! Here is the list of amazing moisturizers for dry skin that is worth taking a look […]

As the saying goes, we are what we eat. Filling your diet with healthy and power foods keeps the body healthy and strong. What you eat can affect your hormonal balance, cause skin impurities which are associated with skin aging. Many believe beauty comes from within. A balanced diet will add a glow to skin and […]

While the face is most obvious tell of one’s age, and we focus our time and efforts on it. However, the skin on the rest of the body should not be neglected. Furthermore, the skin on the body may not always have the same needs as the skin on your face. Here are 4 body […]

Vegan is used to describe any products that is 100% free from animal ingredients. Soaps require fat as an ingredient. Vegan soaps swap animal fats with plant oils like palm oil and coconut oil. Of cause it is better if the plant ingredients for these soaps are organic. Benefits of Organic Vegan Soap Palm oil […]

Maintaining your whole body, not just your face, is crucial. It is important to keep your skin healthy and glowing. We have quick and easy beauty tips that will nourish your body from head to toe. Collagen Supplements As we age, collagen fibers break thus all the signs of aging starts to appear from wrinkles, […]

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