Physical Sunscreen Vs Chemical Sunscreen

Sunscreens can be broadly divided into 2 types: Physical sunscreen Chemical sunscreen Physical Sunscreen Physical sunscreens, sometimes known as physical blockers, contain mineral ingredients – either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. They rest on top of your skin to deflect sun rays. Chemical Sunscreen Sometimes known as organic absorbers, Chemical sunscreens contain chemical compounds such […]

Sun Care Tips
How to Maximize your Sunscreen Protection

We may be under a false sense of security believing our sunscreen we have just applied are protecting us but if they are not applied correctly, as the protection level reduces. Maximum sun care protection by the proper application of sunscreen. Here is a list of common sunscreen mishaps we might be doing:  Only applying […]

How to read SPF numbers? How much SPF do we need?

The SPF numbers can be confusing. Many of us may be tempted to grab the bottle with the highest SPF we could get our hands on, but are they very different? For all intense and purposes, SPF 50 is adequate as it blocks 98% of the UV rays. Comparatively, a sunscreen with SPF100 blocks 99% […]

urban challenges
Challenges faced by urbanites and their impact on your skin and hair

Urban lifestyle imposes many challenges that can negatively impact our health, in particular our skin (including the scalp). The congested populous cities with higher economic activities, usually register high pollution. Combined with other challenges arising from urban dwelling, this may lead to many skin problems such as irritation, acne, eczema, premature aging and hair loss. […]

Toxins can make you fat – really!

Scientists recently discovered a disturbing correlation between environmental toxins and fat gain. Some of us may find it difficult to get rid of stubborn fat despite regular exercises and strict diets, or pockets of fat while the rest of us slender. This could be due to excessive toxins in the body. About Toxins – they […]

Maximize Benefits from Your Yoga Classes

Here are some ways to reap as much returns from your yoga workouts: Put yourself in The Zone You do not want to bring all your stress and worries and concerns with deadlines into your yoga class with you. They will distract you from the class and prevent you from emotionally and mentally prepared for […]

Weight Loss Tips & Tricks
Tips on ways to help losing weight, the Natural Way!

The truth behind successful weight loss lies in the changes in habit, lifestyle and consistency. It can be hard work, and any help may be useful. These natural weight lost tips we’ve collated for you are all about promoting a healthy lifestyle! Dig in the fast weight loss tips below! Drink enough water By simply drinking […]