how to stop overthinking
How to Stop Overthinking? These 11 Tips Might Just Do The Trick!

Now, is overthinking one of your best skills ( JKhaha)? Ok, though one the surface of it, overthinking doesn’t sound bad but excessive thinking can lead many mental and physical problems. Clinically overthinking is referred to as rumination where it means “obsessional thinking involving excessive, repetitive thoughts or themes that interfere with other forms of […]

Herbalife Nutrition Launches Collagen Plus Powder in Malaysia!

Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia has recently launched a new health supplement, the Herbalife Collagen Plus Powder which aims to give to you healthier skin. Below, Beauty Insider Malaysia has gathered all the juices on the latest addition to its fitness shelf! Who is Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia? View this post on Instagram The most anticipated collagen product […]

The HCG Diet Plan: Lose Weight in Just 3 Weeks?!

Obesity is on the rise in Malaysia. In fact, Malaysia has the highest rate of obesity among all the Asian countries, with 64% of male and 65% of the female population being obese. Now, that is something we should be worried about because obesity can lead to a number of serious health problems such as […]

look beautiful naturally
10 Simple Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally Even Without Any Makeup On!

Do you spend hours every day doing your makeup to look more beautiful? But, is that what beauty really is? We at Beauty Insider Malaysia believe that outer beauty is just only skin deep, and at the end of the day, it is inner beauty that matters more. It is pretty meaningless to look beautiful […]

vagina hacks
13 Vagina Hacks From Top Gynaecologists To Keep Your ‘Fanny’ Clean!

We know you have heard of so many vagina hacks online that might have just got you feeling a bit overwhelmed and shocked. Our vaginas are without a doubt the most delicate part of our body hence it needs more care and efforts compared to any other parts. Most of us tend to pay more […]

foods for strong nails
Top 10 Healthy Foods For Strong Nails You Must Add To Your Diet!

*This article is written by Ashly Kho Jia Yik Do you suffer from weak and brittle nails? Are your nails constantly chipping after doing the dishes? It is frustrating indeed to have your nails grow to your desired length, only for them to break after doing some household chores. If you’re worried about having to […]

home remedies for period cramps
10 Home Remedies for Period Cramps That Can Help Lessen the Pain

Is it that time of the month again, where you are tucked under your blanket with extreme bloatedness and just feel like killing everybody?! Well, pretty much relatable cuz that’s how we feel during periods! What’s worse than bleeding is, of course, the PAIN! Annoying, dreadful and devastating, it is not something any woman looks […]

acupressure at home
13 Acupressure Exercises To Do At Home To Relieve Your Mind and Body

As we all are in the mandatory distance mode, it’s important that we take good care of ourselves and help each other. Many tend to forget that self-care is as important as self-distancing! Showing yourself some TLC can decrease stress levels and significantly boost your mood through these tense times! If you’re feeling stressed or […]

10 Multivitamins In Malaysia To Boost Your Immune System

Multivitamins are very popular in Malaysia and there are quite a number of multivitamins in Malaysia which you can choose from. Why do I need multivitamins you may ask?! Because our body requires vitamins to stay healthy and active daily. Though for the most part, you will get all of the vitamins and minerals you […]

simple at home ab exercises
13 Easy At-Home Ab Exercises For A Flat and Toned Tummy!

We understand the gym is not a place for everyone! In the midst of work and life, it is quite hard to make time for fitness. Especially now, with the current lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus, we are all trapped home. Why not, utilise this time at home to work on your body?! Wondering […]