Diffusers In Malaysia: Which Ones Are The Best?

Comfy couch, beautiful curtains, and the perfect furniture. What is missing from your home? Let us tell you what; diffusers. Diffusers gives your home that extra oomph and homey feel with a comfortable and calming smell of your choosing! From scents such as lavender to citrus, and unique diffuser devices to pair, there are so […]

Jade Roller Benefits That Will Have Your Skin Feeling Rejuvenated!

Unless you’re still living under a rock, you’ve definitely seen and heard about a jade roller. The jade roller has made a resurgence in popularity in the past years. Especially during quarantine. Many people are starting to incorporate jade rollers into their skincare routine because of all the benefits it promises. The reasons also stem […]

Teeth Whitening Kits Are The Best Way To Have The Brightest Smile!

Who doesn’t want a bright smile? We all want to have pearly white teeth, but sometimes brushing our teeth just isn’t enough! If you don’t know this, Beauty Insider is about to let you in on a dirty little secret! Our teeth are naturally yellow! Yes, you heard that right, no matter how hard you […]

10 Ubat Resdung Terbaik Untuk Atasi Masalah Hidung Tersumbat Dan Gatal Dengan Serta Merta!

Rasa gatal hidung yang melampau? Adakah anda sering mengalami selesema yang berpanjangan? Kemungkinan anda mengalami resdung. Rata-rata daripada kita pasti pernah mendengar mengenai masalah kesihatan ini. Ianya bukan sahaja menyebabkan kita berasa tidak selesa, malahan turut menjejaskan keyakinan diri kita. Jika anda sudah mencuba pelbagai jenis ubatan dan masih tidak nampak sebarang kesannya, sudah tiba […]

Why You Should Start Incorporating Evening Primrose Oil Into Your Lifestyle

Oils are considered natural liquid gold. There are a plethora of oils we naturally source that provides us with miscellaneous usages. With that, beauty is no exception and oils are no exception. Therefore, Beauty Insider is shining a limelight on evening primrose oil and why you need it in your life. Evening primrose oil contains […]

Psst, Here’s Kourtney Kardashian 10-Minute Workout For A ‘’Rounder Butt’’

It is absolutely no secret that the Kardashian-Jenner clan are all blessed with such big ‘’assets’’. And while their assets receive different reception to different people, we, as part of a smaller bum community, wished we could have had more. And good news to all you small bum fellas, the eldest Kardashian, Miss Kourtney Mary […]