19 Best Face Serums in Malaysia To Get The Skin Of Your Dreams!

Over the last few years, serums have taken over the skincare world by storm and we won’t lie, we at Beauty Insider Malaysia are big serum aficionados! We’ve tried and tested hundreds of face serums in Malaysia and definitely have seen some good ones that have helped in brightening the skin, toning irregular skin tone, […]

Is Cult Favourite Skincare Brand Mario Badescu Worth Your Penny?

In the world of skincare, there are several brands that sit atop the hierarchy of favourites. Mario Badescu is one of those skincare brands that has garnered a cult following. Most of its products can be found at Sephora in-stores, or online. While some of their products are priced affordably, some can climb the steep […]

What Is Tranexamic Acid And Is It Really The Secret To Treating Dark Spots

Are you someone who’s dealing with dark spots or discolouration? Tried all those brightening serums but nothing seems to work? Well, there’s a track star making the hots around the beauty community for its amazing powers and results. With that, Beauty Insider is making you turn the labels and see if your products contain our […]

10 Krim Hapus Parut Terbaik Yang Disyorkan Oleh Ramai Orang!

Apabila disebut sahaja masalah kulit berparut, pasti ramai yang mengeluh. Tidak kiralah jika ianya disebabkan jerawat, pembedahan mahupun luka, parut yang jelas kelihatan pasti mampu membuatkan sesiapa sahaja berasa gusar. Terutamanya bagi golongan wanita, wajah yang bebas cela pastinya menjadi idaman. Walaupun solekan dapat menutupi segala cela di wajah anda, kulit yang tampak flawless sudah […]

Exfoliating 101: How To Properly Cleanse And Smoothen Out Your Skin

Let’s talk skin; it is the biggest organ on our body that protects us and our insides. However, this makes it susceptible to external harm and environmental damages such as pollution and UV rays. Therefore, grime, dead skin cells, oil and more contribute to creating a layer on our body that traps healthy skin. With […]

Jenis Hada Labo Dan Fungsinya: Tips Memilih Rangkaian Yang Sesuai Dengan Anda!

Apabila sebut sahaja jenama J-beauty yang terkenal, pasti ramai yang terfikirkan Hada Labo. Rangkaian produk penjagaan wajahnya menjadi pilihan ramai yang menyukai barangan drugstore. Malahan, ianya boleh dikatakan sebaris dengan jenama-jenama terkenal dari luar negara. Walaupun, terdapat lambakan jenama dan produk yang baharu, Hada Labo masih menjadi kesukaan beauty junkies. Oleh itu, tidak hairanlah terdapat […]

These Japanese Brands Should Be On Your Beauty Radar!

Even people who aren’t skincare experts are aware of Korean beauty’s influence on the industry. However, have you heard of J-beauty? Japanese beauty is another Asian beauty style that comes from the country of fast-paced life and cherry blossoms. With that, Beauty Insider is listing out the best Japanese beauty brands that you should include […]

Cetaphil Cleanser Review: Why Are Dermatologists Always Recommending It?

Whether you’re a skincare connoisseur or just own two beauty products, you’ve probably heard of Cetaphil. The renowned brand is a go-to for anybody with sensitive skin or who prefers a no-frills approach to skincare and is best known for its Gentle Skin Cleanser. It is, however, loved by more than simply ordinary customers. With […]