threadlift in malaysia
Thread Lift in Malaysia: Procedures, Prices, Side Effects, Aftercare & More

Skin ageing is inevitable as we grow older and signs such as wrinkles, sagging, fine lines become more and more obvious. That is is why is it important you take preliminary precautions from preventing these early signs of ageing indicate a breakdown of the skin’s tissues. A thread lift can help you out on that. […]

Watch Your Back! Keep Your Youth With VASER LipoSelection with Dr Alice

Backless dresses, crop tops, sleeveless, and strapless tops; have you ever stayed away from them because you’re afraid of showing the signs of aging on your back? We totally get you! Although we don’t speak much about it, our backs signify a lot about one’s age. So every once in a while when we see […]

PRP Skin Treatment: Celebrities Favourite Procedure To Looking Youthful And Stunning

We’re sure you’ve come across a celebrity with a face full of small bloody holes, posing for Instagram. As a well-known example, Kim Kardashian posted the photo below which boosted many to try out what’s now called the “vampire facial”. Don’t be scared- this isn’t a gruesome Halloween costume but simply an aesthetic procedure. So […]

The Risks And Danger Of Getting Eye Tattoos: Everything You Need To Know

Some of us might get tattoos in our lives which are ordinary and kind of cool. The most normal places to get them are your body such as your arms, chest, leg, back and more. However, some people favour other places that are a little unique and relatively not favoured. With that, Beauty Insider is […]

Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment: Process, Risks, Prices And More

There are different ways of protecting the skin and removing age spots. One of the most common methods is ‘Laser resurfacing’. It is an aesthetic process that uses laser to treat minor facial flaws like spots and wrinkles by removing layers of skin. Keep on reading to find out more about laser resurfacing treatment. We’ve […]

This Skin Artistry Treatment is the Fountain of Youth!

Hey there! How has your search for the fountain of youth been? Well, let’s just say after reading this you can stop searching because we’ve found it! The Skin Artistry Treatment restores youth back into your skin through the use of exosomes from stem cells and Xeomin (the purest Botox in the world). This treatment […]