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Give Me Strong, Lustrous Hair! Will Castor Oil Really Benefit My Hair?

Everyone wants one thing in life; it’s not money, fame or true love. We all want healthy, thick, long hair. We’ve asked all these beauties with gorgeous hair what’s their secret and they all swear by castor oil! With that, Beauty Insider is breaking down if castor oil is actually the secret key to gorgeous, […]

These Japanese Brands Should Be On Your Beauty Radar!

Even people who aren’t skincare experts are aware of Korean beauty’s influence on the industry. However, have you heard of J-beauty? Japanese beauty is another Asian beauty style that comes from the country of fast-paced life and cherry blossoms. With that, Beauty Insider is listing out the best Japanese beauty brands that you should include […]

Red Hair Is The Flaming New Trend To Dye Your Hair!

Here’s the deal, dyeing your hair will never go out of style! Whether it’s a classic bombshell, or a fiery red hair, the colours will always be a fan-favourite. As hair trends float in and out throughout the year, the only thing you need to worry about is which hairstyle people are raving about! When […]

10 Syampu Untuk Rambut Gugur Yang Berkesan Melebatkan Kembali Rambut Anda!

Adakah anda mengalami masalah rambut gugur? Ternyata masalah rambut gugur mampu membuatkan sesiapa sahaja berasa rungsing dan gusar! Tidak mengira jantina ataupun had umur, rambut gugur pasti memberikan kesan kepada keyakinan diri kita. Terutamanya bagi para wanita, rambut diibaratkan mahkota dan sudah tentunya ianya amat penting bagi kejelitaan seseorang. Walaupun anda berhijab, pasti anda inginkan […]