hair salons in malaysia
10 Best Hair Salons in Malaysia That’ll Restore Glam Back To Your Locks!

Most of you know the Malaysian government has recently lifted off the partial lockdown and allowed most businesses to re-open! A piece of news that has got everyone happy is that hair salons in Malaysia are finally open!!! Whether you want to get a trim, add some colours or you know just to pamper your […]

curly hair care tips
11 Pro Curly Hair Care Tips That Makes Managing Curls So Much Easier!

Curly hairs are unique, they are curvy, wavy with twists and turns everywhere but little did most y’all know curly hairs are also extremely fragile and super delicate to handle! Anyone with curly hair knows what we are talking about! We are pretty sure you’ve had people telling “Wow, your hair is so pretty, I […]

anti-dandruff shampoos in Malaysia
15 Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoos in Malaysia To Control Those Flakes For Good!

Dandruff- nobody likes them, nobody wants there but yet some of us face this at some point in our lives! But fret not, because there are so many anti-dandruff shampoos in Malaysia that will get into the nitty-gritty and cure those flaky scalps! You may say, I am already using a good shampoo, but here […]

13 Best Anti-Hair Fall Shampoos in Malaysia That Can Reduce Hair loss!

Does your hair falls a lot and look lacklustre all the time? Well, high probability is because you are not using anti-hair fall shampoo for your hair. Not only will it help control hair fall but also provide your hair with the essential nutrients for it to grow healthy and strong. Unlike normal hair shampoos, […]

home remedies for hair loss
10 Home Remedies For Hair Loss That Can Encourage Healthy Growth

Looking for cheap, doable home remedies for hair loss issues? Then, you have come to the right place because we have all the solution to your hair loss woes! People say hair is your crowning glory, and it indeed is! Hair is literally the most important aspect when it comes to beauty and confidence. We […]

10 Best DIY Hair Masks To Fix All Your Major Hair Woes

We all run into hair issues, be it whether you are indoors or outdoors, the heat, pollutants, hair tools and more are only some of the main culprits that can damage your hair. This is when hair masks come in handy. While some hair salons offer treatments that yield tons of health benefits for the […]

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Top 10 Hair Colour Salons in Malaysia That Will Give You Vibrant Tresses!

Are you looking for top-notch hair colour salons in Malaysia? Well, most hair salons do hair colouring but you don’t need em basic! You need a place that can pull off all the latest hair trends like balayage and holographic hair! We are pretty sure you’ve been seeing all these hairdos popping up all over […]

Holographic Hair: The Iridescent Rainbow Hair Colour Trend For 2020!

Thinking of stepping up your hair game this 2020? Then, the multidimensional holographic hair colour is the must-have hair trend for this year! Far from ordinary, the holo hair is a current growing hair trend that has got everyone talking on Instagram! What started out as an obsession for rainbow, went on being magical iridescent […]

Dry Shampoos: A Yay or Nay to Fight Oily Scalp and Clean Your Hair?!

We getcha, some days you are just too lazy or just don’t have the energy to wash your hair. You know, you just don’t feel like it, but that doesn’t mean your hair has to be all greasy. Dry shampoos are here to save you from a bad hair day! Yasss, Dry Shampoos, Heard of […]

Treat Yourself With A New Hairdo At Number 76 Hair Salon This Valentine’s.

Review: Love Is In The ‘Hair’ At Number 76 Malaysia.  For some Valentine’s Day is an overly hyped celebration while for others it a day to be hopelessly romantic. As for us, it is a pretty shower ourselves with love because ultimately self-love is first love. Though we are firm believers that you don’t need […]