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15 Of The Best Hair Serums In Malaysia For The Softest Rapunzel Locks Ever!

Does your hair always feels dry and looks dead? Well, that’s a sign that your hair needs MOISTURE, like some serious moisture! This is when hair serums come in handy as they can work hard in supplying your hair with essential nutrients and vitamins that can help them overcome various hair problems including frizziness and […]

Korean Hair Colour Trends To Lookout For In 2021

Contemplating on what colour to dye your hair next? Well, then you might just benefit from Beauty Insider’s list of Korean hair colour trends in 2021. These are the top hair colours you should be dyeing your hair because your favourite celebrity is definitely rocking them. Depending on the season, some Koreans like to switch […]

20 Best Hair Tonics In Malaysia For A More Voluminous And Lustrous Hair

We know that looking after precious and luscious locks can be difficult, especially if you experience hair issues like loss and lacklustre. While most people may opt for hair treatment, sometimes supplementing a hair tonic into your hair care routine can actually bring significant improvements too. In case you haven’t heard yet, hair tonic has […]

24 Best Anti-Hair Fall Shampoos in Malaysia That Can Reduce Hair loss!

Does your hair fall out a lot and look lacklustre all the time? Well, high chance it’s because you are not using anti-hair fall shampoo for your hair! Not only will it help control hair fall but also provide your hair with the essential nutrients for it to grow healthy and strong. Unlike normal hair […]

Get Smooth, Hairless Skin With The Best Epilators In Malaysia

Although shaving, waxing, and tweezing are the most popular hair removal treatments, they aren’t your only alternatives. Have you ever tried or heard of epilating? If you haven’t, then sit down because we’re giving you a rundown of everything you need to know. With that, Beauty Insider is talking about the best epilators in Malaysia […]

Thinking Of Rebonding Your Hair? Price, Procedure, Aftercare

We’re all about embracing your curls but some people fancy straight hair. Of course, curls can be done using hair curlers and if you want straight locks then the straightener is your compadre. However, what if you desire an effect more long-lasting and may be semi-permanent? Well then, Beauty Insider is introducing to you the […]

How To Understand Types Of Damaged Hair And How To Treat Them

In this life, we all want simple things in life and one of them is having beautiful, healthy hair. However, let’s be real- our hair is possibly the high maintenance spoiled little thing. It’s easily damaged, can suffer hair loss and a plethora of other hair concerns. With that, let’s talk about what happens when […]

Mastering The Art Of Braids From Dutch, Box, French And More

Let’s talk about braids and how they can magically transform boring old hair into a statement look. They create texture and definition and for some, it plays a significant role in their culture. Braids have been around for years and methods and techniques haven’t changed but simply passed down. Hence, Beauty Insider is here to […]