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The bleaching process is drying to your hair. It is important to take care of your hair after bleaching to prolong the colour and avoid your hair drying out. The process could also weaken the hair, causing it to be brittle, prone to breakage and split ends. The main aim is to keep the hair […]

Balayage is a technique to colour hair by hand, painting the dye on your hair. The technique originated from France in the 1970s but is especially popular in Korean hair salons currently. As you can see, this hair colour journey starts with the customer having dark, never-been-coloured hair. The customer has not done any chemical […]

Heat styling tools such as curling irons, curling wands and flat irons operates on high heat with direct contact with hair. They dry out your hair and can be damaging with frequent and prolonged uses, these include causing split ends and breakages. Hair dryers, on the other hand, are held a little away from the […]

A halo of frizz is far from a girl’s best friend, and being surrounded by a humid environment certainly doesn’t help. Have you been wondering how to finally conquer your stubborn locks once and for all? Here are a few prime tips to keep in mind: Bubbles Mean Trouble: We all love to pamper our […]

Here are some reasons why you should ditch your plastic and metal combs for wooden ones! Wooden combs and even wooden brushes are suitable for all hair types. It can be universally used on curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair, short hair or long hair. Gentle on your Scalp – does not Bruise or Scrap […]

The lob haircut is a long bob haircut. The length of the lob is near shoulder level or below. For ladies who are a little anxious to cut their hair too short, the lob is a perfect haircut to try. It is easy to wear and suite all face shapes. Slight variations in the cut, […]

It is a commonly held believe that hair dryer is damaging for hair and letting hair dry naturally (air drying) is better for the hair. However, research by a group of Korean doctors has contradicted this believe.   The research found that by drying hair 15cm away and in continuous motion causes less damage than […]

The Hallyu wave has shown no signs of receding back to South Korea. They continue to be major trend setters to their legends of fans overseas. Here in Malaysia, we could not get enough of anything Korean: from music, to the latest dramas, to food, to clothes, to beauty products and, of cause, the latest […]

No matter the type of sports and exercises, sometimes a simple ponytail will not be able to hold on to all the long hair during these workout sessions. Here are a list of 8 hair-do’s for your workout requirements.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by BEBE (เบเบ้) (@thisisbebe) on Sep […]

It can be costly to take a trip to the salons in order to get your hair done. It is better to invest in your own hair beauty tools. These hair tools can also be for everyday use. Here are five best hair styling tools to invest in! Dyson Supersonic The price tag for this […]

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on hair care, they are many viable options from drugstores. There are shampoos for different types of hair and needs on the shelves. Here are five shampoos and conditioners that can be used for damaged and eroded hair available in the local drug store. Tsubaki […]

We are noticing the increasing use of scarfs as hair accessories recently. At New York Fashion Week (NYFW), some influencers and celebrities are sporting silky scarfs woven into their hair. This hair-do does not require a trip to the salon and relatively easy to pull-off. This look is game-changing and has emerged as the hairstyle […]

Hair trends come and go. If you’re looking for a haircut style that keeps you on trend no matter the year, just remember some classic haircuts that remain current, that can even be spotted on celebrities. Here are 5 of the timeless ones that you can wear forever: Blunt Bob The Blunt Bob is super-sleek […]

Lux Luminique is designed to refresh your dry and damaged hair. The brand is introducing its first-ever Superfood series with the new Acai Straight and Goji Berry Moist! The Lux Luminique Acai Straight Shampoo and Treatment revitalizes your hair and scalp. The shampoo and treatment is formulated using acai berries, known for its high antioxidant. This […]

The kitchen is a haven of nutritious ingredients that is good not jut for consumption but for the health of your hair. Read on further for the easiest yet most effective remedies and tips to healthy hair. Use minimal hair products. Don’t overdose on a number of hair products, they’re definitely no good for your hair. […]

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