These Effective Home Remedies Can Solve Your Dry Hair Problem.

Why is my hair so dry?! Is that a question you always ask yourself. Well, we got the answer to that. Your hair is dry because your scalp is not making enough oil to moisturize your hair, or your hair lets moisture escape. Unlike skin, hair does not produce natural lubrication. It relies on oils […]

haze and effects on woman's hair
The 12 Must-Have Essentials That Will Protect Your Hair From Air Pollution!

The effects of air pollution on hair may not manifest immediately, but they can be very damaging. The current onslaught of haze and pollution has many of us running for cover. But when we are forced to venture outdoors, we often neglect to take the necessary precautions to protect our hair. Air pollution and haze […]

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Follow These Simple Steps And Your Hair Will Grow Longer In No Time!

Long hairs are beautiful but it doesn’t grow overnight! It takes lotsa work and proper maintenance to get long and thick, Rapunzel hair. Some lucky women are born with it but for some women, tweaking certain aspects of your day-to-day hair routine must be made in order to achieve that dream long hair.  You can […]

checking bleached hair
How to Care for Bleached Hair

The bleaching process is drying to your hair. It is important to take care of your hair after bleaching to prolong the colour and avoid your hair drying out. The process could also weaken the hair, causing it to be brittle, prone to breakage and split ends. The main aim is to keep the hair […]

hair colour samples
Balayage Technique to get the Sun-Kissed Highlights

Balayage is a technique to colour hair by hand, painting the dye on your hair. The technique originated from France in the 1970s but is especially popular in Korean hair salons currently. As you can see, this hair colour journey starts with the customer having dark, never-been-coloured hair. The customer has not done any chemical […]

female with curling iron
How to protect your hair from Heat Styling Tools

Heat styling tools such as curling irons, curling wands and flat irons operates on high heat with direct contact with hair. They dry out your hair and can be damaging with frequent and prolonged uses, these include causing split ends and breakages. Hair dryers, on the other hand, are held a little away from the […]

female with fizzy hair with a bright pink background
The 4 Golden Rules To Stop Frizzy Hair

A halo of frizz is far from a girl’s best friend, and being surrounded by a humid environment certainly doesn’t help. Have you been wondering how to finally conquer your stubborn locks once and for all? Here are a few prime tips to keep in mind: Bubbles Mean Trouble: We all love to pamper our […]

wooden comb with a white background
Benefits of Using a Wooden Comb

Here are some reasons why you should ditch your plastic and metal combs for wooden ones! Wooden combs and even wooden brushes are suitable for all hair types. It can be universally used on curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair, short hair or long hair. Gentle on your Scalp – does not Bruise or Scrap […]

shoulder length hair style
The lob hair cut and the Tousled Lob

The lob haircut is a long bob haircut. The length of the lob is near shoulder level or below. For ladies who are a little anxious to cut their hair too short, the lob is a perfect haircut to try. It is easy to wear and suite all face shapes. Slight variations in the cut, […]

wind blowing on hair of female
Letting hair dry naturally may cause more damage than using a hair dryer

It is a commonly held believe that hair dryer is damaging for hair and letting hair dry naturally (air drying) is better for the hair. However, research by a group of Korean doctors has contradicted this believe.   The research found that by drying hair 15cm away and in continuous motion causes less damage than […]