Holographic Hair: The Iridescent Rainbow Hair Colour Trend For 2020!

Thinking of stepping up your hair game this 2020? Then, the multidimensional holographic hair colour is the must-have hair trend for this year! Far from ordinary, the holo hair is a current growing hair trend that has got everyone talking on Instagram! What started out as an obsession for rainbow, went on being magical iridescent […]

Dry Shampoos: A Yay or Nay to Fight Oily Scalp and Clean Your Hair?!

We getcha, some days you are just too lazy or just don’t have the energy to wash your hair. You know, you just don’t feel like it, but that doesn’t mean your hair has to be all greasy. Dry shampoos are here to save you from a bad hair day! Yasss, Dry Shampoos, Heard of […]

Treat Yourself With A New Hairdo At Number 76 Hair Salon This Valentine’s.

Review: Love Is In The ‘Hair’ At Number 76 Malaysia.  For some Valentine’s Day is an overly hyped celebration while for others it a day to be hopelessly romantic. As for us, it is a pretty shower ourselves with love because ultimately self-love is first love. Though we are firm believers that you don’t need […]

Attend All Those CNY Gatherings With These 14 Simple Yet Chic Hairstyles!

How are the Chinese New Year celebrations going? We are keeping our fingers crossed that the Lunar New Year will open new doors for you! We know mad rush is in the air. You’re busy cleaning the house, picking out the right outfit to wear to the dinner party among all the dresses you purchased, […]

The Finest Hair Salons in KL To Visit For An A-List Balayage Finish.

If you haven’t heard of the booming hair trend, balayage, then you are missing out big time! Balayage is a hair dye technique that actually has been around since the Renaissance period, and is making its way back to the hair world as being one of the most popular hair colour requests in salons today. […]

These Effective Home Remedies Can Solve Your Dry Hair Problem.

Why is my hair so dry?! Is that a question you always ask yourself. Well, we got the answer to that. Your hair is dry because your scalp is not making enough oil to moisturize your hair, or your hair lets moisture escape. Unlike skin, hair does not produce natural lubrication. It relies on oils […]

haze and effects on woman's hair
The 12 Must-Have Essentials That Will Protect Your Hair From Air Pollution!

The effects of air pollution on hair may not manifest immediately, but they can be very damaging. The current onslaught of haze and pollution has many of us running for cover. But when we are forced to venture outdoors, we often neglect to take the necessary precautions to protect our hair. Air pollution and haze […]

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Follow These Simple Steps And Your Hair Will Grow Longer In No Time!

Long hairs are beautiful but it doesn’t grow overnight! It takes lotsa work and proper maintenance to get long and thick, Rapunzel hair. Some lucky women are born with it but for some women, tweaking certain aspects of your day-to-day hair routine must be made in order to achieve that dream long hair.  You can […]

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How to Care for Bleached Hair

The bleaching process is drying to your hair. It is important to take care of your hair after bleaching to prolong the colour and avoid your hair drying out. The process could also weaken the hair, causing it to be brittle, prone to breakage and split ends. The main aim is to keep the hair […]