10 Vitamin Rambut Terbaik Untuk Masalah Rambut Gugur

Rambut gugur merupakan masalah yang sering dialami oleh semua wanita dan perkara ini tentunya merunsingkan kerana rambut dianggap sebagai mahkota wanita. Anda mungkin telah penat mencuba pelbagai jenis produk yang terdapat di pasaran, seperti syampu, tonik rambut atau serum, tetapi hasilnya masih tetap sama bukan? Anda tidak perlu risau ladies kerana Beauty Insider telah menyenaraikan […]

Clarifying Shampoo
15 Best Clarifying Shampoos That You Need In 2021

Once in a while, everyone needs to use a clarifying shampoo. Why, might you ask? Here’s the thing, even if you wash your hair regularly with your normal shampoo, there still might be some stubborn build-up! Like, when you just wash your hair and find halfway through drying it there’s still bits of gunk or […]

best hair colour highlights styles
10 Best Hair Colour Highlights Styles You Need To Try ASAP

Are you getting bored of your regular hair color? Chopping it off or changing the hair colour might not be the main option for some. We know that all-over hair colour can be nerve-racking, especially not knowing whether it’ll suit your look or not. So why don’t you style up your hair with highlights? Sometimes […]

10 Of The Best Dry Shampoo You Can Buy In Malaysia

With Malaysia’s humid weather, we sometimes struggle to keep our hair fresh all day long. For those with voluminous hair and normal scalps, count yourselves lucky! Even though we wish we could wash our hair every day, it can end up harming it instead. Dry shampoo is formulated to strip excess oils from our scalp […]

Top 18 Baby Hair Oil Products for Hydration, Growth, and Nourishment

The act of oiling your hair is an ancient practice dating back to ancient Egypt where women would use richly nourishing oils such as castor and almond oil to moisturize and protect their hair from the hot and dry climate. They also believed that doing so would promote hair growth and softer hair. There are […]

10 Best Hair Tonics In Malaysia For Voluminous And Lustrous Hair

We know that looking after precious and luscious locks can be difficult, especially if you experience hair issues. Well, most people may opt for hair treatment, but have you ever thought of incorporating hair tonic into your hair routine? There are various types of hair tonics out there and it can be confusing to know […]

The Best Short Hairstyles For Men In Malaysia

From classic pompadour, french crop to the quiff, short haircuts have never go out of style. However, finding the perfect short hairstyle that matches you can be difficult. Besides, maybe it’s time for you to change your hairstyle. A little upgrade won’t hurt! The Beauty Insider has gathered the information that you need to know […]

Hair Care 101: Here Is How You Actually Get Fabulous, Healthy-Looking Hair

Let’s talk about hair. You either take immense attention to it or you’d rather shave it off completely (let’s be real, we’ve all been there). There’s no denying that many expect a regular quick wash once a week is enough hair care. However, they are also the same people that complain about excessive hair loss, […]

Apa Yang Best Sangat Minoxidil Ni? Ini Adalah Segalanya Yang Anda Perlu Tahu!

Kepada anda yang mengalami frasa keguguran rambut atau apa-apa masalah berkaitan dengan kulit kepala. Anda pasti banyak membuat research di Internet tentang solusi yang sesuai. Ada yang sudahpun berjumpa dengan pakar rambut. Mesti anda juga pernah terbaca tentang Minoxidil. Kalau anda yang belum tahu atau tak pernah dengar dengan nama Minoxidil ni. Jom Beauty Insider […]