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Expert Insights: 15 Anti-Ageing Products You Should Definitely Use In Your 20s!

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / January 10, 2022

Before you say, I’m too young for anti-ageing products, let me break a fact for you. The first signs of sun damage, wrinkles and fine lines generally start to form in your mid-20s,( well just putting it out there). The skincare mistakes you do in your 20s will come back haunting you in your 30s, […]

Unleash Your Inner Shine With The Best 10 Brightening Creams In Malaysia

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / February 22, 2021

Let’s be honest here, our skin has a mind of its own. Sometimes it’s nice and sometimes it acts up. When you apply a little pressure such as after cleansing and BAM- you’re a tomato now! However, many can agree the worst is definitely when it just looks dull. That’s why Beauty Insider is here […]

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Understand your Beauty Clock – Cater skincare regime to Match!

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / March 5, 2018

Our body clock regulate our sleep-wake cycles. Our skin too, has a clock too that tells us when it is oily, dry or even sensitive to spots and itchiness. Here’s how you can get the perfect timing for your daily skincare routine so you’ll know you’re on the right track: 6am The extra puffiness of […]

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