Beyoncé, better known as Queen B, has been associated with many things throughout her extraordinary three-decade career. This includes chart-topping hits, powerful vocals, the best live shows in history, and cutting-edge fashion. Another trait strongly linked with the superstar is her jaw-dropping beauty, particularly Beyoncé’s iconic hair worn in ever-changing styles throughout the years, each more enviable than the last.

Did you know that Beyoncé grew up sweeping hair on the floor of her mother’s salon? Tina Knowles, a former hair stylist, taught her daughters Beyoncé and Solange everything they now know about hair care since they were children. The sisters grew up practicing the knowledge their mother passed down, which explains their world-famous locks. It also explains why Beyoncé has now ventured into the hair care industry with the launch of her new brand, Cécred.

Everything You Need to Know About The New Hair Care Line From Beyoncé

The Brand

Pronounced as “sacred,” the name of the brand is a portmanteau that combines the word with the last syllable of Beyoncé’s name, “Cé”. Why Cécred? Because every woman views hair as something sacred and Beyoncé is no different. As she grew up watching her mother work at the hair salon, the singer was inspired to continue Tina’s legacy. This month, Beyoncé and her mother (who serves as the Vice Chairwoman of Cécred) are able to witness this lifelong dream finally come true.

Cécred has been in the making for six years and is completely self-funded by Beyoncé with no help from outside investors — par for the course when it comes to the known perfectionist. Not only are the formulas validated by science, but Beyoncé stated that Cécred’s products have been tested on all types of hair, “from braids to weaves to coloured hair to locks to wigs to textured hair to curly hair.” So rest assured that whichever hair type you have, this hair care line will cater to you as well.

As the mother of philanthropy she famously is, Cécred and Beyoncé’s BeyGOOD foundation is collaborating to establish the BeyGOOD x Cécred Fund. This initiative aims to offer scholarships for cosmetology school and grants for salon businesses, fostering talent and promoting education in the cosmetology industry across Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and New Jersey.

The Products

So far, Cécred has launched seven different hair care products, all stowed inside gorgeous textured ivory packaging that features spheres and hemispheres on the lids. The hair care line includes Clarifying Shampoo & Scalp Scrub, Hydrating Shampoo, Moisturizing Deep Conditioner, Reconstructing Treatment Mask, Fermented Rice & Rose Protein Ritual, Moisture Sealing Lotion, and Nourishing Hair Oil. A Ritual Shaking Vessel is also available, used for mixing the fermented rice and rose protein powder. A Hydrating Conditioner is set to be released by the brand soon.

Most of the products are geared towards maintaining the hair’s natural moisture, locking hydration into every layer of the strands. The Hydrating Shampoo is rich with a known substance that seals in moisture, hyaluronic acid, while the Moisturizing Deep Conditioner contains twelve moisturising butters and oils. These products also smell like Temple Oud with notes of oud, Australian sandalwood, warm musk, night-blooming jasmine, Haitian vetiver, and violet leaves.

The hair mask selection is even more intriguing. The Reconstructing Treatment Mask utilises Bioactive Keratin Ferment which repairs damage and reduces hair breakage. But the star of the show has to be the unique Fermented Rice & Rose Protein Ritual. A two-step process, step one involves mixing warm water with fermented powder that was inspired by fermented rice water used in Asian culture for generations. After rinsing off the water-activated powder, step two is applying the Silk Rinse as a conditioner. This ritual helps to improve length retention for longer, healthier hair. Sounds luxurious — we love a good beauty ritual.

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