It’s not every day that we see someone embracing the past or actively recalling cherished moments, as most of us prefer to hold onto those memories for as long as possible. However, Koryou Xing, a scent designer and the creative mind behind Malaysia’s ‘Scents of Memento‘ fragrance brand, has a unique perspective on this.

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Since its inception in 2019, ‘Scents of Memento’ has crafted 10 distinct fragrances and Mr.11 is coming near soon! Evolving from candles to a bespoke fragrance line. Each creation embodies a story or a glimpse into Xing’s life, designed to evoke memories of positive experiences that bring him a sense of calmness and peace. Moreover, Xing aims to share this nostalgic essence with everyone through each note.

During our conversation with Xing, he graciously shared stories from both before and after the establishment of ‘Scents of Memento.’ Dive into Xing’s journey of self-discovery, passion, and his mission to spread positivity through the power of scent.

Koryou Xing, Founder of Scents of Memento

The Birth of Scents of Memento

Tell us about yourself. What sparked the idea to launch your own perfume brand: Scents of Memento?

Before I started this business, I worked in the advertising field for almost eight years, and deep down, I always envisioned owning my own business by the time I turned 30.

Since I was young, I’ve been a huge fan of perfumes and love to smell different scents, even dust. This might sound a bit odd, but it’s true. I have a condition known scientifically as ‘synesthesia,’ where I can visualise scenes through memories or pictures. This aspect of my personality led me to develop a passion for perfumes.

Scents of Memento currently offered 10 distinct fragrances

Reflecting on my journey in advertising, I am grateful for how it enhanced my creativity and skills in navigating various platforms. However, one day, I realised that I no longer wanted to pursue it and decided to establish my brand. 

After discussing with my friends about the type of business to venture into, they pointed out my knack for choosing perfumes and candles, along with my passion for them. This encouragement, along with support from family and friends, led to the birth of Scents of Memento.

What is the idea and reasoning for choosing the name brand?  

When I started the business, I aimed to create scents that evoke memories rather than just smell good because I believed that alone wasn’t sufficient. To me, a scent should have a design, a story, and a background narrative. 

Therefore, ‘memento’ signifies bringing back memories. This is why I named my brand ‘Scents of Memento’ – to craft fragrances that evoke nostalgia and trigger memories with every spray. Whether it’s recalling a specific era, time, or place, I wanted my scents to capture a sense of nostalgia that resonates with different people at various stages of life.

Scent Designer & Synesthesia

You’re not just a scent designer but also a candler! Was this all part of the master plan or did it sneak up on you like a surprise scent?

Interestingly, in 2019, I initially started my brand by selling candles, and during Malaysia’s MCO period, we conducted extensive research and development to create bespoke scents for them. The original idea was to create a tea scent, but at that time, I had no knowledge of fragrance oils and was quite clueless. 

It was a trial-and-error process during those early days. Eventually, I imported raw materials like wax and fragrance oils from Australia, purchasing almost 200 bottles of fragrance oil to experiment with to create the best of my creations. 

Bottles of fragrance oil

For my lineup, I always aimed for a nostalgic theme, choosing scents that reminded me of my own memories and experiences. I wanted to create something relatable to people, and in 2021, I began selling perfumes under my brand. And now, we are known for our bespoke fragrances, made from high-quality ingredients and meticulously crafted.

Hosting workshops to help folks find their signature scent? Sounds like a fun and interesting thing to do. How exactly does this magic work?

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Instead of simply letting clients sample scents and choose what they like, our bespoke approach goes beyond that. True to the meaning of bespoke, we tailor scents based on each client’s personality. 

Before creating their unique scent, we ask personal questions to understand their favourite scents, music preferences, and how they describe themselves. Using this information, we create a blend of scents that truly reflects their personality, which may sometimes surprise even the clients themselves.

The workshops are designed to uncover hidden aspects of one’s personality and encourage clients to be open-minded, challenge themselves, and discover surprises they may not have known about themselves.

Choosing The Correct Scent

What scents do you recommend for turning up the heat, rocking the cute vibes, and just being fabulous anytime, anywhere?

I believe that a diverse range of scents can influence various moods and occasions. Personally, I enjoy matching my fragrances with the colours of my attire, considering the impact on different settings. My goal is to create an array of scents that resonate with different individuals, empowering them with a boost of confidence.

There Is No Wrong Way!

What’s the lowdown on perfumes – how can we sniff out the winners, the ones that last for ages?

There’s no guarantee that expensive perfumes last longer or that cheaper ones are inferior. It truly depends on your personal preference and how you use the perfume to avoid wastage.

When it comes to longevity, it varies for each individual. I encourage you to try a perfume first because it reacts differently on everyone due to our unique body temperatures and hormones, which can affect its performance. While one perfume may last all day for one person, it may be a different experience for another individual. So, trying it out first is the key.

Alright, hit us with some pro tips – what’s the right way to spritz ourselves with perfume for maximum effect?

That’s more of a marketing gimmick, I would say. There’s no right or wrong way; just spray however you like. If you prefer spraying it on your skin, go ahead, but please be cautious as it can be sensitive for some people. Personally, I prefer applying it to my clothes rather than my skin because, for me, it lasts longer as the fabric absorbs the fragrance better.

Additionally, pay attention to categories like eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and others, as they help gauge the perfume’s performance based on its concentration.

The Joy As A Scent Designer

What’s the absolute best part of being a scent designer? Give us the motivation that makes your heart sing in the world of scents! 

The absolute best part of being a scent designer is that I don’t have to buy perfumes! 

Crafting fragrances is a source of immense pride for me as each scent tells its own unique story. While I typically unveil two new scents annually, each creation undergoes meticulous refinement. It’s essential to capture the perfect blend of emotions, vibes, and narrative before introducing them to the world. As I inhale these fragrances, they transport me back to the moments and inspirations that birthed them.

It’s always a pleasure to create something and be in love with it…


It’s always a pleasure to create something and be in love with it, you know? For instance, I love the feeling when a new scent shines brighter than its predecessor. Take our latest creation, ‘Lost in 1930s‘, for example. I encourage readers to visit our shop in RiverCity, and you’ll understand what I mean. 

Step back in time and reminisce with ‘Lost in the 1930s’

This fragrance truly evokes childhood nostalgia; for some, it brings back memories of visiting grandparents, while for others, it harks back to old Hong Kong films. It’s like being transported to those moments, reminiscent of watching those movies. Isn’t that interesting?

Moreover, the support I receive is incredible. I believe anyone who encounters ‘Scents of Memento’ or crosses paths with us is destined, like kindred spirits. This support, love, and passion keep me motivated and going strong.

May the scents revive your fondest memories!

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