Who here has been a victim of TikTok? Too many products go viral on TikTok and every time you see it just makes you want to buy it! It doesn’t help that there are tons of raving reviews that sway you to buy it too. My TikTok buy is none other than the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil! This viral and cult-favourite lip oil took over TikTok for its comparison to the Dior Lip Glow Oil. The two were ultimate rivals and had many users trying to prove that Clarins had a formula better than Dior. So let’s find out if it does with Beauty Insider.

Quick Facts: glossy finish, 93% naturally-sourced ingredients, nourishing, suitable for normal to oily skin types, lightweight base

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil

The Clarins Lip Comfort Oil offers a plant-based formula that is nourishing on the lips. Moreover, it is enriched with 93% naturally-derived ingredients and includes 30% super nourishing botanical oils! To name a few, organic jojoba, rosehip star extract and hazelnut oil. Besides hydrating and comforting your lips, its formula also strengthens your barrier functions. Thereby protecting your lips against environmental damages. Furthermore, you can also apply the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil before bed to wake up to more gorgeous lips!

Love It or Hate It?

First off, my lips are usually dry and chapped from biting. But with the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil, I get the urge to pucker up and pout my lips all day! I might be biased but I do use the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil quite often. Like everyone else, I bought it because I saw it go viral on TikTok. Luckily for me, I managed to get one right before it sold out for months! 

Not only is the packaging sleek, the satisfaction of pulling the wand out of the tube is like no other. Besides that, it uses a fat dewdrop wand that makes application on the lips super easy. It glides on easily as well on my lips and since I have it in the shade 03 Cherry, I see the colour come on immediately. My lips look stunning and so glossy thanks to this lip oil! It nourishes my lips as well and keeps it looking healthy for as long as I have it on. 

Although, it does feel a bit heavy on my lips in the sense that I know there’s something on my lips. I could just be sensitive but it is good to take note. Aside from that, it isn’t very long lasting in my opinion. The shine seems to wear off after a few smack of the lips. It also comes off once I start eating but that seems to be normal when talking about lip products. So, you do have to keep reapplying throughout the day. Which, if you’re like me, probably forgets even when taking pictures! 

But still, I love the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil even with its flaws. It has given me a ton of compliments from friends, families and strangers alike! More importantly, I love how it looks on my lips and instantly brings colour to my face to brighten it up. So no matter what you say, I will stand by this lip oil!

Try It Yourself!

The final verdict is that you need to try the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil at least once in your life! Getting one tube is definitely worth it if you want to try it out. At only 7ml, it can drain quickly if you use it regularly. If not, it can actually last you a long time. Either way, there’s no harm in getting new lip products!

Of course with any beauty product, it’s all about personal preference. Just because someone doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean you won’t! And even if someone absolutely loves it, it doesn’t mean you will either. The best thing you can do is try it out for yourself! 

Price: RM110

Where to buy: Clarins