We’ve all heard that walking after eating can help with digestion, but do you find that you have no time or opportunity to take a walk after a meal because you have to get right back to work? Or maybe you’ve been gaining weight because you don’t have any time to do any physical activities, thanks to your gruelling schedule. Or perhaps, you’re always constipated because you simply don’t like eating veggies. Maybe you always cover your stomach in photos because you’re always bloated. If any of these sound like stomach struggles you currently go through, it’s high time that you try out Shine F’bre Clenz. 

Cleanse It All Away with Shine F’bre Clenz

Shine F’bre Clenz is the fastest way to get a healthy gut. It’s a botanical beverage mix made with a proprietary blend of fibres and enzymes, so your digestive system can finally run smoothly and efficiently. If you’re not one to eat fruits and vegetables, this supplement can help you with your constipation troubles, and not only that, it’ll also help you to naturally detox and lose weight. Shine F’bre Clenz is natural, safe, and halal-certified, so it’s great for everybody!

This beverage mix features a proprietary blend of plant fibres and gut-friendly ingredients such as enzymes, prebiotic FOS and wheatgrass powder to promote and support digestive health. Its star ingredient is oil palm trunk fibre, which contains the optimal ratio of insoluble and soluble fibre. Not only will this relieve constipation and normalise your bowel movements in a natural and non-harmful way, but it also contains antioxidants which will help to prevent oxidative damage that causes chronic disease. Plus, Shine F’bre Clenz is free from sugar, preservatives, artificial colouring, and doesn’t contain any animal origin.

This tasty supplement drink will not only help to relieve constipation and regulate your bowel movements, it’s also great to support your overall health for better wellbeing. Shine F’bre Clenz contains tons of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help with the absorption of nutrients in the body, in addition to improving your metabolism. Plus, it also works to help you shed those unwanted pounds!

The Answer to All Your Digestion Situations

Shine F’bre Clenz will be your new best friend if you have any constipation issues or digestive problems. It’s also amazing for those who struggle with losing weight, or if you’re constantly feeling tired or sluggish. 

This supplement drink can do wonders for your health, as it contains extensive fibre sources that aid in digestion. Not only does it contain soluble and insoluble fibres from oil palm trunk fibre, Shine F’bre Clenz also contains fibersol soluble corn fibre and psyllium husk, which are ingredients that are known to be incredibly beneficial to smoothen and regulate bowel movement, and prevent constipation. No more sitting on the toilet for hours feeling uncomfortable, and no more bloating or feeling tired, too!

To further help with your digestion, this drink also contains a blend of 17 digestive enzymes. This helps to break down food molecules into easily accessible nutrients to support optimal bodily functions. In addition to that, Shine F’bre Clenz also has Prebiotic Fructo-Oligosaccharides, which act as prebiotics to maintain a healthy and balanced microbiome environment in the gut. 

If that weren’t enough, Shine F’bre Clenz also contains wheatgrass, which is a natural food that’s rich in active enzymes, minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, fibres, essential amino acids and trace elements required by the human body for optimal digestion. Not only that, but this drink also contains a broad spectrum of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to maintain good health, which all come from natural fruits and vegetable sources. 

If you suffer from constipation, just add one sachet of the apple-flavoured Shine F’bre Clenz to a glass of water, and drink it up at night before you go to bed. You’ll immediately feel it working in the morning and won’t be constipated anymore. If you want to lose weight, consume Shine F’bre Clenz between once to three times a week or as needed, and you’ll start seeing results after a month. 

Being Healthy Has Never Been Easier – or Tastier!

Each box of Shine F’bre Clenz contains 16 apple-flavoured sachets and is priced at RM58. Shine F’bre Clenz isn’t just for constipation trouble, it’s also a miracle worker to help with nutrient absorption, metabolic improvement, and weight loss! If you want to reap the benefits of Shine F’bre Clenz for yourself, you can find out more about Shine F’bre Clenz on Shine official website, available for purchase now at Shine F’bre Clenz Official partner: Shopee!

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