Who else has the infamous Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush? I do! And it’s time to find out if it’s actually the ultimate blush for blush-lovers. Remember when we were all scrambling to pick up this compact new blush when it came out? Well, Beauty Insider is here to test it out and see if it’s actually worth the hype!

Quick Facts: easy to use, blendable, natural finish, buildable

Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush 

This beloved cream blush from Rare Beauty is said to be a breakthrough and mistake-proof cream blush. Melting into your skin like a second-skin, it is definitely a desirable product to have! Moreover, it is also inspired by the flushed and soft look we get whenever we feel vulnerable. Upon contact, the blush melts almost instantly! Thus giving a super weightless wash of colour that also lasts all day. Available in an array of colours, choose from gorgeous shades like – Nearly Neutral, Nearly Rose, Nearly Berry, Nearly Mauve and Nearly Apricot.

Thoughts on the Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush

I personally own the Nearly Mauve shade of this gorgeous blush and it is my absolute favourite! I bring it with me wherever I go and is currently the only blush I will wear. The shade blends beautifully on my skin and brightens up my complexion. I also adore how compact and lightweight it is, which makes it easy to pop into any handbag. 

Now this just might be me, but I also love the clicking sound it makes when it closes. It’s so addicting to listen to and just makes me want to open and close it randomly! As for the blush, I love how it gives me a sunkissed look as well when I apply it across my nose bridge. The texture also goes from creamy to matte once I pat it onto my skin. It is easy to blend and a little bit of product usually does the trick! Proving that it can be a long-lasting blusher you can keep using for a very long time.

Although, I do feel that the blush itself isn’t as long-lasting on my cheeks. I often find that it wears off by midday. Hence, I would need to reapply throughout the day. But, I have noticed that a subtle hint of it stays on. Of course I don’t mind reapplying because this blush is simply too good! From the texture to the smell and how lightweight it feels on the skin, how could I resist? My skin type is oily as well so it could just be my natural oils wearing the blush off. As everyone’s skin type is different, you might react differently to the blush. It might stay on all day for you and not for others. 

But one thing is for sure. You should definitely add the Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush to your cart now!

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