In a world where skincare options seem as abundant as the stars in the sky, one brand is daring to stand out from the crowd. Garden of EDEN has unleashed their latest creation: the Hydra Range. Brace yourself, because this is not any ordinary range of moisturisers. 

Picture this: you’re in the middle of a desert, your skin begging for moisture like a parched cactus. Suddenly, a mirage appears on the horizon—it’s the Hydra Range, a skincare oasis like no other. These creams and gel are concocted with 95% natural origin ingredients, so you can pamper your skin guilt-free. Finally, a skincare brand that understands the importance of going au naturel.

But what sets the Hydra Range apart from the sea of mediocre moisturisers? Don’t quit reading, because we’re about to dive into some serious science. Garden of EDEN has cracked the code by incorporating 8 different sizes of hyaluronic acids into their products. Yes, you read that right—8 sizes! It’s like having a hyaluronic acids buffet for your skin, with each size penetrating different layers to deliver hydration that goes deeper than your existential thoughts at 3 a.m.

And let’s not forget about saccharide isomerate, also known as Pentavitin. This superhero ingredient doesn’t play by the rules of traditional moisturisers. Unlike hyaluronic acids, it stays put in your skin for up to 72 hours, even after washing your face. It’s like having a secret hydration agent working tirelessly to keep your skin plump and juicy. Say goodbye to the days of reapplying moisturiser every few hours—Garden of EDEN has your back.

This Hydra Range  is infused with niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3. This multitasking ingredient not only helps retain moisture but also strengthens your skin barrier. It’s like having a bouncer at the door of your skin, making sure only the good stuff gets in. We all need a little extra security, especially when it comes to our skin.

Now, let’s talk about the Hydra Range products themselves. First up is the ROSA T Anti-Acne Hydra Gel, the product equivalent of a rebellious teenager fighting against acne breakouts. Packed with prebiotics, this gel restores balance to your skin microbiome, promoting a healthy complexion while giving acne the finger. It’s definitely a must have moisturiser for those with Oily & Acne-prone skin. This hydrating gel is no ordinary gel though, not only does it hydrate your skin but its formulation works hard to minimise the appearance of pores too!

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Next in line is the GRAPE E Anti-Aging Hydra Cream, a true saviour  against the signs of ageing. With a powerful blend of vitamins and superfoods, this cream is like a time machine for your skin. Say hello to boosted collagen, firmer skin, and a more youthful appearance. 

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If you’re looking to lighten your pigmentation and brighten up your day, the ROSA E Brightening Hydra Cream is the one you need. With natural skin lighteners and brightening extracts, this cream will have you radiating confidence like a disco ball at Studio 54. Goodbye pigmentation and uneven skin tone, hello luminosity!

Where To Buy: Garden of Eden

Last but certainly not least, we have the PRIMROSE E Radiant Hydra Cream, the ultimate hydration solution for dry and dull skin. This cream is here to revive your complexion, infusing it with the moisture it craves. It’s like a drink of water for your face, but without the hassle of constantly refilling your glass. PRIMROSE E Radiant Hydra Cream is guaranteed to energise dull, tired, and lacklustre-skin in 21 days!

Where to Buy: Garden of Eden

So beauties, it’s time to take a stand against lacklustre skincare. Garden of EDEN’s Hydra Range is here to revolutionise the way you hydrate your skin. Say goodbye to dryness, dullness, acne, and disappointment. Embrace the goodness in their well thought out formulation, and let your skin bask in the glory of intense hydration and visible results.

What are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Watsons, Guardian, Caring Pharmacy, HealthLane Family Pharmacy, Alpro pharmacy, AEON Wellness, and other selected independent local region pharmacies to discover the Garden of EDEN Hydra Range today.

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