Beauty Facial Rollers – best dermarollers and jade rollers in Malaysia

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Facial rollers are a current fad because of its beautiful effects on the skin. There are different kids of rollers on the market, there are dermarollers and jade rollers. Dermarollers, also known as microneedling, has tiny needles on the roller to help stimulate collagen.

Jade rollers has a smooth surface on the roller, which are a type of stone. The roller does not, however, necessarily required to be made of jade. Quartz and other stones can be alternatives. Jade, rose quartz and opals have healing effects and de-puff, according to ancient Chinese medicine.

Thinking about trying facial rollers? Know which one will work for your needs, whether a jade roller or a micro needle roller. Here is a quick cheat sheet: jade rollers help with cooling and soothing skin, improving blood circulation, and reduces lymphatic drainage and puffiness, while microneedling is for boosting collagen production.


Herbivore’s Jade Rollers aims to improve your skin’s complexion and radiance. Herbivore suggests a few drops of facial oil on the skin to help the jade roller glide better. And if you want to cool your skin, leave yours in the refrigerator before using. Their rollers will help you enjoy de-stressing with this time-tested ritual.

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Photo from Mount Lai

Mount Lai

A review has stated that using Mount Lai jade roller every night has made her skin tone and texture more even. It has also helped her skin to absorb the evening serum better. And of course, there is much joy and peace that comes with taking the time out every night to massage one’s skin.

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Photo from Stacked Skincare

Stacked Skincare Micro-Roller

The micro needles in a micro-roller puncture skins to stimulate the production of collagen. Puncturing skin with 4mm or 6mm short-ended needles will kick-start your skin into healing mode, and this creates for smoother skin and lessening discolouration.

Use a micro-roller once every few days and gently work it into your routine. Stacked Skincare’s have helped users reduce breakouts. They also felt their skin absorbed the night creams and serums better.

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