As beauty junkies, the quest of finding the best products, tips and trends are never-ending. In fact, every year, our new year resolutions include an infinite list of all beauty related things we hope to achieve this year. Besides, every girl including us loves being spoiled and pampered with beauty products too.

If you have always been obsessed with uncovering new beauty brands, we’ve got you all covered. Ahead, Beauty Insider has gathered the list of best beauty brands in Malaysia that you should definitely get in 2024. Trust us, your year does not fully start unless you splurge on these babes. 

Top Beauty Brands in Malaysia

1. Siesta Silk

An underrated homegrown brand that deserves more love – Siesta Silk. Not unlike most people, the founders of Siesta Silk grew sick and tired of constantly waking up to hair breakage and acne. After copious amounts of research alongside global dermatologists and beauty experts, they discovered that cotton pillowcases are actually to blame. Cotton is rough, causing friction that pulls and tugs at your hair and face as you sleep on it, causing hair breakage and premature wrinkles. Cotton is also absorbent, meaning that it not only harbours acne-causing bacteria, it literally sucks moisture out of your skin and hair, as well as any beauty products that you apply at night, which is a total waste of money. Plus, the lack of moisture also creates the dreaded bedhead – it’s frizz and breakage galore with cotton pillowcases.

Siesta Silk Anti-Aging Pillowcase

Sure, you can buy hair serums to tame your frizz or use acne-fighting products, but these just mask the problem rather than tackling it head on. The easiest solution that addresses the problem at its root so you can finally break yourself free from the cycle of constantly spending money on unnecessary products so you can get healthy hair and skin? Siesta Silk Anti-Aging Pillowcase. 

Only 5% of the world’s silk meets the quality that this pillow case is made of, which is hypoallergenic and antibacterial OEKO-TEX™ Certified 6A Grade Mulberry Silk, preventing breakouts and acne. It’s also much less absorbent compared to other fibres, so your hair and skin can stay hydrated and acne-free, and your beauty products actually stay on your skin to work its magic. As if that weren’t enough, the Siesta Silk Anti-Aging Pillowcase is also anti-ageing, as it helps to reduce stretching and pulling of the face’s delicate skin. The average person sleeps 229,000 hours in their lifetime. Siesta aims to convert these hours into an effortless beauty routine that solves your acne and hair issues –  without lifting a finger. Wake up to shiny and smooth hair, and say goodbye to acne and wrinkles with Siesta Silk Anti-Aging Pillowcase. Sleep on it, won’t you?

Siesta Silk believes so strongly in the quality of their products and what they do, so they offer a 100-Night Trial. If you don’t like it within 100 Nights, then you have it returned, and get a full refund back!

To find out more, check out Siesta Silk.

Why we love it:

  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • Reduces wrinkles and tightens skin
  • Retains healthy moisture in skin and hair
  • 100-Night Trial

Price: RM 248

Where to buy: Siesta Silk

2. SmoothSkin

With over 30 years’ experience, SmoothSkin is the world’s #1 IPL hair removal brand.  Besides developing their own design, the brand also makes their own products in the UK with their own research and even runs their very own clinical trials. With the first development on their first at-home IPL hair removal device in 2009, the team has since dedicate 100% of their time to research, development and clinical investigations.

SmoothSkin Pure Fit IPL Hair Removal Device

Experience hair-free skin with the SmoothSkin Pure Fit IPL Hair Removal Device. It is designed to help remove any unwanted hair while still keeping your skin healthy. In just 10 minutes, you’ll get to experience a full body treatment from the comfort of home! What’s more, it boasts unlimited flashes – ensuring you have a lifetime of treatments and you never have to worry about replacing catridges. Available are also three treatment modes for a personalised treatment to suit your needs: Kick into Power mode to get rid of stubborn hairs, Gentle mode for sensitive skin, and Speed mode if you are in a hurry. With its built-in skin tone sensor, it adapts the treatment to your unique skin tone. Skin safety sensors keep you safe by only flashing on suitable skin tones, plus thanks to its built-in UV filter too, SmoothSkin also protects your skin from harmful lights!

Moreover, it is also our Beauty Awards Winner for Personal Care, Best Grooming Device and Best Innovative Brands 2022. Read more about SmoothSkin Pure Fit HERE.

Why we love it:

  • Powerful
  • Built-in UV filter
  • 3 treatment modes
  • Unlimited flashes

Price: RM1,720.00

Where to buy: Shopee l Lazada l Zalora I Insider Mall MY

3. Commonlabs 

Commonlabs is a renowned Korean beauty brand that is known for its impeccable formulation which focuses on nourishing the skin with vitamins. This wonder ingredient features anti-ageing properties that are the foundation for a healthy complexion. At Commonlabs, they believe that beauty is reflected in well being. Staying true to its value, Commonlabs is highly committed to alleviating all sorts of skin issues for every individual. Each of its products is meticulously curated in terms of formulation, ingredients and efficacy, making them amongst the best beauty brands in Malaysia.

Commonlabs Vitamin C Brightening Gel Cream 

Commonlabs Vitamin C Brightening Gel Cream is one of their highly-rated products that is loved by beauty junkies. It has a powerful concoction of pure vitamin C, 30% of sea buckthorn water, mandarin peel orange extract and 6 fruit complexes. This fan favourite product features a gel-creamy consistency that forms a moisture veil on the skin, making it highly effective to prevent transdermal water loss. It also helps to brighten the skin tone, revealing a radiant and luminous complexion. If you experience dullness, simply apply an appropriate amount on the skin and gently pat it with your fingertips for maximum absorption. With consistent usage, you’ll have the skin of your dream in no time. 

Why we love it:

  • Delivers intense hydration
  • Supports smoother and softer skin
  • Pleasant scent
  • Brightens dull skin

Price: RM88.00

Where to buy: Shopee 

4. Peach and Lily 

As a staple brand in every girl’s beauty routine, Peach and Lily doesn’t need any introduction. So it’s definitely not a surprise that they are listed amongst the best beauty brands in Malaysia. They take a no-fuss approach in curating the products at an affordable rate. What’s more, the formulation also does not incorporate any harmful ingredients that can cause adverse effects to the users. If you’re a fan of the K-beauty trend, their wonder creations are definitely worth trying.

Peach and Lily Power Cocktail Lactic Acid Repair Serum

The Power Cocktail Lactic Acid Repair Serum by Peach and Lily is perfect if you want to start incorporating acid based products. Formulated with 12 types of active ingredients, panax ginseng, red algae and 10% of lactic acid, it helps to accelerate skin renewal. Plus, users have also noticed it tackles different types of skin issues from signs of ageing, dullness to rough skin. Contrary to popular belief, this serum features a gentle yet effective formula that does cause any irritation or redness to the skin.

Why we love it:

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Gentle formula
  • Packed with active ingredients

Price: RM 295.00

Where to buy: Beauty Vault

5. Dermalogica 

Dermalogica started in 1986 as an American skin care company. Dermalogica is expanding globally while headquarters remain in Carson, California. Despite offering a series of personal care products such as toners and moisturisers, Dermalogica forms learning centres to educate professional skin therapists. They’ve built an institution which involves education, treatments, and retail sales together. With all its effort, Dermalogica had won numerous awards internationally.

Dermalogica  Smart Response Serum

A serum that is firming, moisturising, brightening, and calming. This 2022 Beauty Insider’s Beauty Award winner is a next-generation smart serum that provides what your skin needs when and where it needs it, for a personalised reaction every time. SmartResponse technology responds to the demands of the skin to hydrate, firm, brighten, and soothe. It detects micro-changes in the skin, autonomously treating skin issues before they become obvious to the human eye and assisting in the prevention of future harm.

Why we love it 

  • Helps skin to maintain optimal hydration levels
  • Brightens and helps reduce the appearance of dark spots
  • Helps to soothe and reduce the appearance of redness

Price: RM 749.00

Where To Buy: Dermalogica

6. Tatcha

Founded by Vicky Tsai, Tatcha is a leading beauty brand that has garnered a legion of followers from celebrities to influencers and beauty gurus alike. The product is meticulously crafted in a research institute in Tokyo with ingredients inspired by Japanese botanicals. Amongst other wonder ingredients that its products are infused with are green tea, algae, amino acids, superfoods, AHAs and fermented rice extract. Tatcha believes that the state of well-being is often reflected on the skin, hence their products are curated as a form of self ritual to awaken the five senses of harmony. 

Tatcha The Water Cream

With a 4.7 star rating by 2954 reviewers on its official website, The Water Cream is considered the star of its product. It is infused with a myriad of Japanese botanical extracts like a wild rose, leopard lily and Hadasei-3 Complex. Thanks to the 23-karat gold, this highly loved moisturizer deliver a shine free glow. Despite its creamy texture, it easily absorbs into the skin without leaving any greasy residues. It penetrates deep, delivering its nutrients packed benefits. The Water Cream works wonders to reverse the signs of ageing and increases the skin’s luminosity.

Why we love it:

  • Clean ingredients
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Absorbs easily

Price: RM400.00

Where to buy: Sephora 

7. Sunday Riley

Unlike other beauty brands, Sunday Riley focuses on Green Technology which makes its products highly effective. As a forefront of such an approach, the formulations comprise botanical extracts with a combination of active ingredients. Despite being only founded 11 years ago, Sunday Riley is regarded as one of the best beauty brands in the industry. In fact, the majority of their products have garnered cult-favourite status including the Good Genes range and several other facial oils.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment

Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment is highly rated by beauty junkies all over the world. This is evident as it managed to obtain a 4.4-star rating by reviewers who swear by its effectiveness. Infused with purified lactic acid as its star ingredient, it helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and excess oil, leaving you with a healthier glow. Other botanical extracts like liquorice, lemongrass, arnica and prickly pear extract are also added to the formulation. This treatment is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin. With regular application, it will keep your skin looking younger, radiant and smoother. 

Why we love it:

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Gentle yet effective
  • Multipurpose benefits
  • Formulated with botanical extracts

Price: From RM 418.00

Where to buy: Sephora 

8. Patrick Ta

Mention Patrick Ta, it will surely remind people of bold eye makeup looks and out of this world glow. As a celebrity makeup artist, Patrick Ta is highly sought after by celebrities and influencers. After years of contributing his skills to magically transform his clients, he finally unveiled his own makeup brand in 2019. According to the coveted MUA, “I wanted to create makeup that made women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, just as women have made me feel. They are the ones who gave me confidence, a career, and a voice.” Rejoice makeup lovers in Malaysia, as Patrick Ta has hit our shores and you can simply purchase the products on Sephora.

Patrick Ta Major Dimensions Rose Eyeshadow Palette

Patrick Ta Major Dimensions Rose Eyeshadow Palette features 12 gorgeous shades of eyeshadow that are all perfect for any occasions. It combines different warm and cool rosey tones that deliver a velvet, luminous and iridescent finish. Plus, you can opt to layer the shades for a more glamorous look. If you want to make heads turn, make sure to finish the look with a shimmery pearl eyeshadow. 

Why we love it:

  • Combinations of warm and cold tones
  • Ideal for all occasions
  • Different textures of cream and powder 

Price: RM350.00

Where to buy: Sephora 

9. RMS Beauty

Founded by Rose-Marie Swift, she has over three decades of experience in makeup including working with tons of renowned people of all industries. With her impeccable skills, she is regarded as a pioneer and master of artistry in makeup. Her beauty line features products that are versatile and easy to use yet they deliver professional like results. At RMS Beauty, they highly value the principle of clean beauty. In fact, their formulation has also incorporated clean ingredients since 2009.

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up Concealer + Foundation

With a 4.1 star rating on Sephora, RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up Concealer + Foundation is the holy grail of all makeup. It features a lightweight texture that can easily conceal all sorts of imperfections on the skin. Unlike other similar products, it is loaded with skin-loving ingredients like organic jojoba oil, cocoa seed butter and raw coconut oil. The auto-adjust formula helps it to cover the blemishes with pigment compared to its weight.

Why we love it:

  • Buildable formula
  • Clean ingredients
  • Natural finish

Price: RM193.00

Where to buy: Sephora

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