As personalised skincare takes over the beauty industry, many skincare brands are turning to creating customised skincare products for customers. Personalised skincare products have been in high demand ever since the pandemic. Therefore, it is no wonder that the beauty industry is banking on it. With that said, there are also quite a lot of local skincare brands in Malaysia that cater to customised skincare. Let’s take a look with Beauty Insider at all the customised skincare brands in Malaysia you should have on your radar! 

Best Customised Skincare Brands

BB Labs

Customised skincare is loved by many because it uses ingredients that are specifically selected according to your skin needs. BB Labs is one local brand in Malaysia that offers exactly that. Their CustoMask has been one of their best-selling products as it offers customers a face mask that is completely customised to their skin needs! Furthermore, they even offer quizzes on their website to help you figure out your skin concerns and which masks will fit you best. 

Skin Inc

Want a personalised serum from Skin Inc? Easy! All you have to do is a simple skin identity quiz that will ask you all the right questions. The results from this quiz will be formulated to offer experts an idea of which serum combinations will be suitable for your skin. With this information, they’ll be able to help create your perfect “My Daily Dose”. Furthermore, you’ll also get to choose the colour of your bottle from 7 colour options!

Cover FX

One of the most interesting customised skincare brands you should try is Cover FX. It offers Custom Infusion Drop which can be added to your existing skincare products to elevate it. You can blend this product with both your makeup and skincare, then apply it to your skin like normal. With four combinations – anti-ageing, hydration, radiance and calming, it ensures that you get a treatment that is suitable for your skin. 

Ask Ori

Ask Ori is the skin-deep customised skincare brand you need. It not only sends you skincare products when you order from their site, but a DNA collection test as well! Using this, Ask Ori will analyse your genetic makeup that usually affects your skin. After that, they will use it to create a serum that is uniquely your own! Apart from that, you can also get advice from their wellness consultants as well. 

MTM Skincare

Ever since MTM Skincare realised that everybody’s skin is different, they have sought to provide custom-made products after a detailed skin analysis and consultation. It also offers a series of products aimed to cleanse, hydrate and tone your skin. Thus, you will be getting the best products and ingredients for your skin. 

Bella Marie France

Bella Marie France gets you started with a questionnaire that asks about your lifestyle to your skin concerns. It then uses DNA testing with laboratories across the globe, which allows them to create an extremely personalised skincare line for you. Thus, it is one of the best customised skincare brands you should try if you have the chance! Since they will be providing treatments and products that are just right for your skin. 


Geneu is another great customised skincare brand you should know about. It features several starter kits that provide you with an at-home DNA and lifestyle test you can send back to Geneu. After this, you will receive a personalised set of skincare products in the mail! Furthermore, you can even engrave your name or a message of your choice. 

The Skin Pharmacy

To no one’s surprise, The Skin Pharmacy is set up by 2 pharmacists! They promise the products they provide do not have any alcohol, artificial preservatives, parabens and more. You can choose from their ready-made products, or have their skincare specialists create something more personalised for you. You can even choose to customise existing skincare products to make it more suitable for your skin. Thus, turning the brand into one of the best customised skincare brands. What’s more, is that you can even do a computerised skin analysis here!


Although this function is only available on their US site, Kiehl’s actually has a customised skincare routine that you can create! Furthermore, you can bring it to the nearest Kiehl’s outlet to get the products you need. This is a short quiz which you can take yourself and purchase recommended skincare products fit for your skin. Although the products aren’t specially made, the order and combination you use them play a big role in helping your skin. 


MixNature is another customised skincare brand that you need on your radar. It mixes a combination of six different ingredients to help target different skin concerns in different ways. Whether it is face creams, hair masks, body scrubs and more, MixNature has a range of incredible customised skincare products.