In recent years, both the skincare and makeup industry have moved from applying as many products to cover up everything, to less is more. Makeup trends are now more focused on natural looks and products. Similarly, the skincare community is more conscious about the ingredients going into their products. Thus, both makeup and skincare brands nowadays are catering towards the demand for organic skincare products. So, here are local organic skincare, makeup and personal brands Beauty Insider thinks you should get.

Benefits of Organic Skincare Products

So, why is organic skincare so popular? Well, as we often treat our body to health and diets and exercise when we want to feel fit and good, we should do the same for our skin! Besides, organic skincare is definitely better for your skin. Since most of their ingredients meet standards of organic food, they do not contain fertilisers, pesticides or chemicals! There are no harsh ingredients present and less likely to cause irritation to even those with sensitive skins! Ingredients used within organic skincare products tend to work harmoniously with your body too. 

If you are wary of ingredients such as phthalates, parabens and sulfates causing harm to your body, you don’t have to fear. Organic skincare strays from these ingredients as they can cause harm to your immune, endocrine and reproductive systems. As far as organic skincare goes, they are also better for the environment! Most organic ingredients are produced sustainably and when you eventually throw it out, fewer toxins and waste go back to the environment! 

Best Organic Skincare Brands In Malaysia

So, if you are searching for some great organic skincare products, here are a few in Malaysia that can be added to your shopping list! With cruelty-free ingredients and benefits for your skin and the environment, what’s not to love! 

1. Root Remedies

Established back in 2015, Root Remedies is the lovechild of Sian Chiew and Leland Lo. They believe that skincare should be made simple, and focus on their philosophy that “ minimal routine with clean ingredients leads to real results”. Believing that less is more, they vow to use ingredients of high quality, that are also minimally processed and sourced directly from the earth! All of their products do not contain unnecessary synthetic ingredients and are instead filled with 90% natural ingredients! With organic skincare products that are vegan and cruelty-free, they provide sustainable skincare. 

Check Out Root Remedies, here

2. Frankie Beauty

Arriving from the Land Below the Wind, Frankie Beauty uses Frankincense as the main star ingredient in all of their products. After giving birth to baby number 2, Lorette realised that her skin was changing hormonally. When conventional skincare products were of no use to help, she started researching natural skincare science. This green beauty brand aims to deliver visible results. Instead of just creating a line of skincare products, she also has a range of beauty products such as jade rollers! With that said, many of the other ingredients used within their products are also vegan, cruelty-free and organic! Thus you can use these natural beauty products every day. 

Check Out Frankie Beauty, here

3. Claire Organics

A mother’s love for their child can lead to incredible things. That is exactly how Claire Organics came to be! In hopes of providing the best for her baby girl, the founder delved into the idea of using breast milk to create bar soaps! Not only does Claire mean “clear and pure” in French, but it is also the name of the founder’s daughter! With products that are 100% chemical-free, the use of organic and natural bar soaps can leave a big difference on the skin! Tried and tested by herself, the use of high-quality and natural ingredients doesn’t harm the skin, even in the long run. As they pride themselves on using natural ingredients, they also strive to inspire people to care more about their skin and the environment.

Check Out Claire Organics, here


PURAS is a renowned brand committed to crafting medical-grade essential oils and all-natural botanical skincare products. At the core of their formulations, PURAS champions a non-toxic and non-carcinogenic philosophy to ensure that their products only encompass the goodness that nature has to offer.

Among their offerings is the Dragon’s Blood Antioxidant Glow Serum, a product that won Beauty Insider Malaysia’s Beauty and Wellness Awards 2023 for Best Organic / Natural Skincare Care 2023, Best Facial Serum and Bloggers’ Choice Award. It is powered by a blend of dragon’s blood resin extract and botanical ingredients such as apple stem cell, sea cucumber extract, and aloe vera extract. Due to its high antioxidant content, this serum deeply absorbs into the skin to minimise signs of ageing, brighten a dull complexion, and enhance skin elasticity.

Why we love it:

  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Brightens the skin
  • Minimise the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Price: RM260.00

Where to buy: PURAS’ official website, The Gardens Mall (F-227A), 1 Utama (G326,New Wing), Bangsar Village II (UGF12), IOI City Mall (G-9B) and 163 Retail Park (LG1-01A)

5. The Mineraw

The Mineraw is committed to providing products that are natural, gentle and simple. Their products are safe for the skin as they do not contain ingredients such as alcohols, mineral oils, artificial colourants, phthalates, cortisones, parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, formaldehyde, talc, silicones and petrochemicals. Mineraw is actually the combination of the words “Minerals” and “Raw”! They focus on creating organic skincare products that are easy to use, recyclable and easy to understand. Their products are also vegan, eco-friendly, vegetarian, free of nasties and cruelty-free. Besides that, their products are also suitable for all skin types and genders. With travel-friendly sizes, The Mineraw is sustainable and effective for avid travellers as well! Each product is also handcrafted in small batches with high-quality and pure ingredients. 

Check Out The Mineraw, here

6. Organically Moi

As its name suggests, Organically Moi provides skincare products that are natural and organic! Founded by Cassandra J Poyong, who is in fact Sabahan and a national athlete for Jiujitsu. Talk about talent! With her experiences of getting bruises and scratches all the time, Organically Moi was created to help provide effective and gentle healing! Their products are also formulated without fragrances and preservatives. With vegan products, they also create packaging that is reusable as well. Using high-quality ingredients within their formulations, their products are suitable even for those with sensitive skin. 

Check Out Organically Moi, here

7. Kopara Essentials

If you want skin that looks clear and dewy, check out Kopara Essentials! They strive to make all of their products accessible and affordable for everyone. There’s no fancy marketing, as the product speaks for itself. Using only a few key ingredients within their product, it reduces the chances of skin sensitivity. What’s more, is that their product is free from fillers, synthetic preservatives and stabilisers. They are also not diluted with alcohol or water, so you get the real organic deal. This might come as a surprise, but they only have ONE product right now! Suitable for all skin types, the Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil is also Halal certified. 

Check Out Kopara Essentials, here

8. Tanamera

In Malay, Tanamera translates to “Red Earth”. This is a fitting name as most of their ingredients are sourced directly from the earth of rainforests! Breaking free from the stereotypical sibling complex where all we ever do is fight, Tanamera was actually started by three siblings in Malaysia! They were way ahead of the curve back in 1995 before environmentalism was popularised. Besides that, Tanamera has also won several awards such as the 2009 Malaysian Wellness Awards. Their products are used in spas and all around the world and even their packaging is recyclable! They do not perform any testing on animals and stray from artificial colourings, preservatives and perfumes. Providing wholly organic and natural plant actives in their products. 

Check Out Tanamera, here

9. Organique by Olinda Spring

Although Organique by Olinda Spring is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, their ingredients are actually derived all the way from Australia! Taking inspiration from the plants around her and how they thrived even in harsh conditions. Organique has a special ingredient, which is Olinda spring water! It has the benefit to help hydrate and restore the skin as well as containing trace minerals that are toxin-inhibiting. Their key ingredient is Lily flower and they also have a whitening skincare range in Malaysia! This range includes a whole set of cleansers, toning essence, facial serums, eye creams, daycare lotions, and night repair lotions.

Check Out Organique by Olinda Spring, here

10. Lovekins Asia

Lovkins Asia is here to provide the most premium skincare products for both women and babies! Their products are filled with ingredients coming all the way from Australia. Using superfoods, it can help protect, heal and nourish a baby’s skin. As they provide trustworthy products, they strive “to improve the wellbeing and happiness of ladies, mothers, and infants”. What’s more, is that they also utilise ingredients that are sustainable and native to the community.  

Check Out Lovekins Asia, here

11. Jeanie Botanicals

After being disappointed by popular brands that were said to be “organic” and “natural”, Jeanie herself took matters into her own hands. After researching, she managed to create products with 100%  raw, organic and natural ingredients! She was able to achieve this with natural remedies and simple botanicals. Jeanie Botanicals is a clean beauty brand that you should keep your eye out for as their products are all handcrafted! Their products also range from skincare to body and aromatherapy. 

Check Out Jeanie Botanicals, here

12. Orgga Malaysia

Orgga Malaysia was founded by Zaza Zainal, who is a skincare enthusiast herself! With support from her husband, she was able to create a variety of skincare products. Orgga is diligent when it comes to sourcing their ingredients. As they uphold their transparency and accountability with all of their products. With products that are cruelty-free and plant-based, this is an organic skincare brand that you should get! 

Check Out Orgga Malaysia, here

13. Rad Alchemist

Handmade and organic? That’s exactly what Rad Alchemist offers! Coming from Georgetown Penang, Jezzica Yee offers a diverse range of skincare products that are handmade. Although, they do focus more on bath and body rather than skincare. But, our skin is everywhere! So who’s to say it can’t help with the skin on your body as well? Their products are also vegan and cruelty-free which help nourishes your skin. Inspired by nature, their cleansing bars are immaculate at rejuvenating the skin. Thus, it is also suitable for all skin types as it cleanses your skin deeply. 

Check Out Rad Alchemist, here

14. Joa Lab Organic Skincare

source: Joa Lab Organic Skincare

Joa Lab Organic Skincare is an organic skincare brand in Malaysia that offers organic and natural skin care products. Their goal is to help people achieve healthy skin with premium, essential, yet simple ingredients. Most of their body soap bars and facial bars are handcrafted to help nourish your skin. Moreover, their products are kid-safe, cruelty-free and free from EDTA, mineral oils, synthetic toxins, preservatives, artificial fragrances, SLS and stabilisers. Sourcing ingredients from across the globe, their products are also 100% natural. 

Check Out Joa Lab, here!

15. Vase Creations

source Vase Creations

Vase Creations is a great organic cosmetics and personal care brand in Malaysia. They offer safe products that offer “Truly Natural Beauty”. Moreover, their products are also free from synthetic ingredients and petrochemicals. Thus, it is phthalate, lead, SLS and paraben-free. Additionally, Vase Creations ensures their products use natural ingredients of imported quality. Suitable for sensitive skin, it is also affordable and comfortable to use! 

Check Out Vase Creations, here!

16. Wunderbath

source: Wunderbath

With quirky and unique products, the path to healthy skin has never been more fun! Using high-quality ingredients for all of their products, Vase Creation offers customisable and personalised products. Moreover, their products are also free from SLS and paraben. Besides that, they are also cruelty-free and vegan. Thus, it is one of the best organic personal brands in Malaysia you should consider. 

Check Out Wunderbath, here!

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