Deck the halls and slay the holiday season with Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin dropping a lineup so hot, it’s practically on fire. Get ready to make your face and body the talk of the town with the latest and greatest in beauty and skincare. It’s a Fenty-fueled festive feast, and trust us, you won’t want to miss a single lip-popping, skin-smoothing moment.

Fenty Beauty

1. Fenty Beauty The Gloss Bomb Vault (RM720)

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of your lips singing ‘Joy to the World’ with the Gloss Bomb Vault. Rihanna’s gift to your pout includes an ensemble of Gloss Bombs that could make sugarplums jealous. With shades like Berry Brat and Makes Cent$, you’ll be turning heads faster than Santa can slide down a chimney.

2. Fenty Beauty Glossy Posse Volume 6.0 (RM195)

Meet the Glossy Posse – the unofficial squad goals for your lips. This trio is so juicy, it should come with a warning: may cause serious gloss envy. With Glass Slipper, Fenty Glow, and Pink Dragonfly, your lips will be the life of the party. Get ready for gloss so shiny it’s practically a disco ball for your mouth.

3. Fenty Beauty Prime + Set Essentials (RM195)

Lock it in and blot it out with the Prime + Set Essentials. Because nothing says holiday season like a shine-free Fenty face that can rival the sparkle of tinsel. Pro tip: with this set, your makeup will stay put longer than grandma’s fruitcake.

4. Fenty Beauty Fenty Icon (RM160)

Clip on something iconic – because your lips deserve the VIP treatment. In Sorta Single, a shade so red it could stop traffic, this exclusive lipstick set is like the mistletoe of makeup. Smooch-worthy and oh-so festive.

5. Fenty Beauty Hella Thicc Thicc (RM130)

Thicken up those lashes like a winter sweater with the Hella Thicc Thicc mascara duo. Because nothing says “I’m ready for a party” like lashes so thick they could rival the North Pole.

6. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Crystal – Iridescent Crystal Clear (RM125)

Enter the Gloss Bomb Crystal, the holographic lip luminizer that’s practically a disco ball for your mouth. Shine brighter than the star on your Christmas tree with this limited-edition stunner.

Fenty Skin

1. Fenty Skin Butta Drop (RM205)

Winter skin, meet your match – Butta Drop. This shimmering whipped oil body cream is the gift of hydration that keeps on giving. Because nothing says “I’m ready for winter” like skin so soft it could rival a snowflake.

2. Fenty Skin Lil Butta Dropz (RM280)

Mini but mighty, these Lil Butta Dropz are the secret weapon to keep your skin glowing on the go. Fruity, floral, and shimmering – the ultimate trio to spread holiday cheer from head to toe.

3. Fenty Skin Cherry Dub (RM145)

Cherry Dub – the dynamic duo that’ll have you looking so fresh, even Frosty would be jealous. Scrub away the winter blues with this limited-edition face and body scrub set. Because smooth skin is the best accessory to any holiday outfit.

4. Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean (RM175)

This ain’t your grandma’s holiday cookies – it’s Cookies N Clean, the mint chocolate chip edition. Because nothing says “I’m here to slay the holidays” like a face mask that’s both festive and fabulous.

5. Fenty Skin Fat Water (RM160)

Deck the halls with Fat Water – the niacinamide pore-refining toner serum that’s as festive as it is fabulous. Tighten those pores, fade those dark spots, and do it all with holiday flair.

6. Fenty Skin Fruit Quench’rz (RM195)

Pucker up, buttercup! The Fruit Quench’rz lip oil duo is the tropical escape your lips have been waiting for. Cherry Treat and Kalahari Melon are the holiday hues your pout deserves.

7. Fenty Skin Plush Puddin’z (RM170)

‘Tis the season for luscious lips, and Plush Puddin’z is here to deliver. With flavors like Vanilla and limited-edition Barbados Cherry, your lips will be the talk of the mistletoe.

Get ready to sleigh the holla’day season with Fenty’s exclusive lineup, because when Rihanna does festive, she does it with Fenty fierceness. Available now at, in stores at Sephora, and Sephora Malaysia.