The much-anticipated BANDI Color Objet Launch took place at the Walnut Café last month, nestled within the vibrant Puchong Financial Corporate Center. BANDI, a Korean brand renowned for their innovative nail care products, showcased their full range alongside the unveiling of their exciting BANDI Color Objet Gel. After witnessing BANDI’s latest creation, which boasts enhanced ingredients and sleek new packaging, it’s clear that they are set to claim the title of the premier Korean nail gel company in Malaysia!

The Launch of BANDI Color Objet

The BANDI Color Objet event was a visual feast as BANDI’s wide range of products were on display, including their luxurious hand and body collections. Guests were also treated to a demonstration of the brand new Aurora Glaze collection, a part of BANDI Color Objet which is still unavailable for purchase in Malaysia for now. The demonstration included learning how to create heart and animal-shaped nail art with only the help of a paper clip and a magnet. Adding a touch of indulgence and luxury, guests had the opportunity to indulge in the BANDI Switual Hand Spa.

The formulation of BANDI Color Objet is meticulously crafted, with an optimal viscosity of 3,000, resulting in a creamy texture that glides on effortlessly and adapts seamlessly to the nail surface. Designed as a personal colour system, it works with a diverse range of skin tones worldwide, enabling every individual to express vibrant and dynamic hues with confidence.

The innovative brush, featuring 220 bristles measuring 10 to 11mm, is engineered for precision and flexibility. It effortlessly applies thin layers with smooth and even coverage, enhancing the overall nail aesthetic. We also adore the brush’s uniquely long handle, as it provides a better grip. With BANDI Color Objet, you can say goodbye to fumbling around clumsily when doing your nails!

With prices starting at RM134 per piece, the BANDI Color Objet Gel collection is available for purchase here and here. They are also available at major salons nationwide.

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