Best Eyelash Serums In Malaysia For Longer and Fuller Lashes

Let’s be real, everyone wants voluminous and fluttery lashes. It just completely transform your face. But for some of us that are not blessed with it, we tend to rely on mascaras and eyelash extensions. Well, luckily you can have longer and thicker lashes too with eyelash serums. Beauty Insider has rounded the best eyelash […]

Say Bye-Bye To Breakouts With The Best Acne Serums In Malaysia

Acne is a stressful and frustrating skin concern to deal with. It is the most common skin condition all around the world and nobody is safe from it. At least all of us have or had to deal with it in our lives. With that, if you are currently suffering from breakouts, good acne serums […]

The 10 Best BB And CC Creams In Malaysia For Perfect Coverage

Pat and puff, only refers to one thing which is coverage. This is when BB and CC creams come in handy. It is like our very own fairy godmother that helps to save the day. Although we may not always be satisfied with the current condition of our skin, it is something that we should […]

Hair Care 101: Here Is How You Actually Get Fabulous, Healthy-Looking Hair

Let’s talk about hair. You either take immense attention to it or you’d rather shave it off completely (let’s be real, we’ve all been there). There’s no denying that many expect a regular quick wash once a week is enough hair care. However, they are also the same people that complain about excessive hair loss, […]

This Is The Only Skincare Routine You NEED To Achieve Glass Skin

Ever found yourself scrolling through social media and stumbled upon someone with shiny skin that seemed to have an inner glow? We’re talking about a smooth complexion where pores are seemingly absent and fine lines is just somebody that you used to know. It’s not photo editing skills but actually, a new trend called Glass Skin. […]

#SupportLocal! These Malaysian Beauty Brands Should Be On Your Beauty Radar!

As Malaysians, we love supporting local businesses- big or small, we love them all! To be specific, the beauty industry in Malaysia that consists of cosmetics and skincare is slowly making waves not just locally but on an international scale too. As your Beauty BFF, it would be criminal of us to not keep you […]