CeraVe Review: TikTok’s Cult Favourite That SHOOKETH Thy World

By now, everyone is always going to be OBSESSED with CeraVe. This skincare brand took the world by storm as it quickly went viral on TikTok. When we say the skincare community was shook with what CeraVe could offer, we are not kidding at all. Especially for those with acne-prone skin, CeraVe became the go-to […]

International Lipstick Day: Get Your Pout On with Y.O.U Beauty!

Have any plans with a special someone this International  Lipstick Day  on 29th July? Plans or no plans, those lips need to be on point; all day every day! Y.O.U Beauty has specially selected some of the best lip products on the market to help you get your lips  the attention they deserve!  Beauty Insider […]

The Best Face Masks In Malaysia That Are Perfect For Daily Use

Without a doubt, the current pandemic has significantly changed our daily life and it includes wearing a face mask. It has become a new norm that is somewhat essential and compulsory. As we adjust ourselves to this new condition, we consistently seek the best face mask for its comfortability, fashionability, and comprehensive protection. If you’re […]

Kulit Melecur? Legakan Kepedihan Serta Merta Dengan 10 Krim Untuk Kulit Melecur Ini!

Aduhh, mestilah tu lah ungkapan pertama anda apabila kulit anda sedang melecur. Semua yang pernah mengalaminya pasti tahu bagaimana tahu pedihnya. Ianya bukan hanya terasa pedih, malahan tahap kecedaraannya juga boleh menjadi agak membimbangkan jika tidak dirawat dengan betul. Oleh itu, pertolongan cemas dan penggunaan krim untuk kulit melecur amatlah penting apabila ianya terjadi. Iya, […]

Organic Skincare
Organic Skincare Is Totally In! Here Are Local Brands You Should Know!

In recent years, both the skincare and makeup industry have moved from applying as many products to cover up everything, to less is more. Makeup trends are now more focused on natural looks and products. Similarly, the skincare community is more conscious about the ingredients going into their products! Thus, both makeup and skincare brands […]

This is the 101 On How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home Like A Pro

Let’s talk about how to properly cut your hair at home. We’ve all been there- don’t try to deny it. Whether it’s because you want to save a quick buck by taking a trip to your nearest salon or you’re going through a phase, there are numerous reasons why you would want to snippy, snip, […]

BrowsPop Precision Brows Pen Your New Beauty BFF To Get You Fuzz-Free Ready

Peach fuzz may sound cute but trust us it definitely does not look cute on your face! We know that the pandemic has taught us to embrace our naturalness, including letting that facial and leg hair grow out. But sometimes, self-care and extra TLC are all you need to keep your sanity. Besides, nobody can […]