Insider 101: Zoom Makeup Tips For School And Work

One of the things that the beauty community will agree on when it comes to the pandemic is that it has significantly changed our makeup routine. Especially when working from home, our makeup game has never been the same. So, how do we adapt to these changes? Some may prefer to apply full face makeup, […]

10 Cara Mudah Untuk Hilangkan Eyebag Dengan Berkesan

Adakah anda mengalami masalah eyebag? Mata panda, eyebag atau lingkaran hitam bawah mata adalah masalah yang disering dialami oleh para wanita. Walapun ianya tidak perlu dibimbangkan, sebagai wanita pasti anda ingin wajah yang tampak mulus dan berseri bukan? Anda tidak perlu lagi risau kerana Beauty Insider telah menyenaraikan 10 cara mudah untuk hilangkan eyebag dengan […]

World Art Day: Avant Garde Makeup Taking Social Media by Storm

If you’re active on the beauty side Social Media, you’ve surely seen how makeup has transformed tremendously over the past few years. This change can be seen especially from the beginning of the MCO when the entire world was forced to quarantine giving many of us the opportunity to explore ourselves deeper.  Avant Garde makeup […]

Squalane Oil: A Comprehensive All You Need To Know Guide

Squalane oil has been appearing a lot in the skin care products as of late. These products often contain moisturising, anti-aging, soothing, and dark spot fading benefits for its users. The common misconception that oil clogs our pores is slowly fading away while natural oils are slowly making a come back. We at Beauty Insider […]

Easy Home Remedies To Help Get Rid Of Pimples Quickly

If you have clear, flawless skin, congratulations! You are blessed with not having to go through what so many of us dread. Pimples! Zits and acne are constantly on our face or even body. It can be frustrating, and you are always hoping, praying for that one day when it all just poofs! Disappear, to […]

Insider 101: How To Take Care Of Your Neck And Decolletage

It is undeniable that the first thing that pops into our minds when we think about skincare or beauty is the face. Although every part of us is equally important, it seems that such TLC is not shown on the neck and decolletage. Besides, such areas are also susceptible to skin damage and even signs […]

female with fizzy hair with a bright pink background
The 15 Golden Rules You Need To Know For Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is a nightmare that unfortunately many girls face everyday. We understand the frustration of having to put in so much effort just to make your hair look manageable only to have it looking like a lion’s mane the second you walk out the door! It sure ain’t a pretty sight. Whether it’s pollution, […]

Acne Scars: Best Clinics in Malaysia To Get Rid of Them for Good

It’s such a hassle to get rid of acne. First, we have to deal with the bump on our face for a few days and once it pops it’ll leave a nasty scar for weeks at times! We hate it as much as you do. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of clinics that can […]

fish oil
12 Of The Best Fish Oil Supplements in Malaysia To Get

Fish oil is basically derived from a fishes tissue. Simple as that, it can help provide benefits for your health. If you are looking for a good investment in fish oil, Beauty Insider is here to help! There are several different brands and types of supplements for it. They can also be found in ocean […]

Best New Beauty Launches That Should Be On Your Next List!

Are you looking for the next beauty products to stock up? We know that getting our hands on the latest beauty launches and trying them is the infinite joy of being beauty junkies. Besides, it will help to revamp and add more ‘colors’ to your routine (although it’s just an excuse to splurge!) From makeup […]

10 Jenama Vitamin C Terbaik Di Malaysia Yang Anda Wajib Beli!

Adakah anda mudah dijangkiti penyakit? Jika anda sering mengalami gejala seperti selesema, demam, batuk dan badan mudah lesu, ianya menunjukkan bahawa anda mempunyai ketahanan imuniti yang kurang. Tubuh badan dan kulit yang tampak sihat merupakan impian setiap daripada kita, oleh itu dengan mengamalkan suplemen vitamin C ianya dapat membantu anda kekal sihat dan cergas. Adakah […]