AsterSpring has unveiled its groundbreaking treatment, Luminfusion+ Therapy, innovatively designed to target skin concerns including hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles, during the grand opening of AsterSpring Signature Pavilion in Damansara Heights.

Available exclusively at AsterSpring, this 50-minute skin treatment utilises a range of innovations, including targeted power exfoliators to refine the skin, nano infusion technology to infuse active ingredients, and LED red light treatment to minimise the visible signs of ageing.

The grand opening of the AsterSpring Signature Pavilion in Damansara Heights

“Today’s skinthusiasts are demanding more from their skin treatments, but don’t want to settle for lengthy recovery time,” says Dermalogica Vice President of education, Heather Hickman. “Luminfusion+ Therapy combines Dermalogica’s highly personalised approach to skin treatments with the most advanced techniques to effectively treat customers’ most serious skin concerns.”

The Luminfusion+ Therapy features a comprehensive treatment that begins with double cleansing, followed by an exfoliator peel concocted with multivitamins, salicylic acid, and lactic acid. Next, the skincare therapist applies a nano infusion over the peel to ensure maximum absorption and accelerate skin renewal. Once the peel is removed, the Daily Microfoliant, with its unique texture, is applied to the skin.

The next step involves preparing the customer for red light therapy (LED), coupled with Dermalogica’s professional-only Light Energy Masque to enhance the results. As a finishing touch, the Luminfusion+ Therapy culminates with a neck and décolleté treatment that includes exfoliation, a relaxing massage with Dermalogica products, and the application of serum with a double masque.

Leveraging Dermalogica’s new ProPen, the Luminfusion+ Therapy incorporates a professional-grade microneedling and nano infusion device, in addition to the range of exfoliants and masks from the brand. The Luminfusion+ Therapy is recommended for all skin types except those that are acne-prone or sensitive.

The Luminfusion+ Therapy will be available in Malaysia at all AsterSpring centres starting July 1st, priced at RM628, and RM658 at AsterSpring Signature. For more information, click here.

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