Love is a battlefield. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, a whirlwind of unpredictability, and the craziest adventure you’ll ever embark on. Love is like a box of chocolates, right? Wrong. It’s more like a bouquet of wild strawberries, a bouquet that’s been stomped on and then lovingly pieced back together with vibrant red roses and the occasional woodsy splinter. Introducing Coach Love, the fragrance that doesn’t just embrace love, it salsa dances with it, gives it a high-five, and says, “Hey, love, you look damn fine today.”

Coach Love doesn’t just celebrate love; it makes love a part of your everyday attire. This isn’t just any perfume; this is love, bottled. A fragrance inspired by the chaotic symphony of human emotions, Coach Love takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the thrilling ups and downs of affection. This perfume is a reminder that love isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. It’s as unique as your DNA, as edgy as your quirks, and as whimsical as your wildest fantasies.

Shot by the one and only Juergen Teller, the Coach Love campaign isn’t about airbrushed perfection. It’s about real couples doing real couple-y things. They’re laughing, fighting, cuddling, and making silly faces. In other words, they’re being authentic, which is precisely what Coach Love stands for. This perfume isn’t just about smelling great; it’s about embracing love in all its messy, beautiful glory.

The Fragrance

Coach Love doesn’t tiptoe into your senses; it crashes the party with an invigorating wild strawberry top note. It’s like a burst of confetti in your nostrils. Then, it smoothly transitions to a rich and velvety heart note of red velvet rose. It’s as if the wild strawberry had a passionate rendezvous with a sultry rose in the middle of a moonlit garden. Finally, it settles down to warm cedarwood, which is like the cozy blanket you snuggle under after a long, exhilarating day of love.

The Inspiration

Coach Love isn’t just a perfume; it’s a manifesto of love. It’s a reminder that love isn’t something you can put in a box, wrap up with a bow, and expect it to be the same for everyone. Love is as diverse as the billions of souls that experience it. Perfumer Antoine Maisondieu worked his magic to create a scent that captures the essence of love as a universal feeling, yet individually expressed.

Wild strawberry and juicy mandarin symbolize the playful, flirtatious side of love, while velvet rose and jasmin sambac bring in the richness and sensuality. The warm embrace of cedarwood and amber reminds us that love is not just about fleeting moments but also about the cozy, comfortable spaces in between.

In the words of Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers, “Coach Love celebrates freedom of expression and all the ways we share affection with our loved ones.” And that freedom is worth celebrating. After all, love isn’t a cookie-cutter emotion; it’s a wild, untamed beast that should be unleashed and expressed boldly.

The Notes

Top: Wild Strawberry, Juicy Mandarin, Pink Pepper Leaves

Heart: Red Velvet Rose, Indian Sambac Jasmine, Osmanthus Flowers

Base: Cedarwood, Benzoin Resinoid, Grey Amber

The Bottle

The bottle of Coach Love isn’t just a container; it’s a work of art. The rich red hue symbolizes passion and heritage, a nod to Coach’s leathercraft legacy. The iconic turnlock top and classic gold hardware add a touch of sophistication. And if that’s not enough to make you swoon, there’s a sweetheart charm dangling from the bottle, because love isn’t just about smelling good; it’s about looking charming.

The Packaging

Even the packaging screams love. Featuring Coach’s iconic Horse and Carriage logo, the box comes with a subtle leather texture in a rich red hue. It’s a homage to Coach’s heritage in leathercraft and a reminder that love, like leather, gets better with time.

Coach Love is not just a fragrance; it’s a love story waiting to be written. It’s a celebration of the crazy, unique, and edgy ways we express love, reminding us that love isn’t just a feeling—it’s an attitude you wear as much as something you feel.