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Skincare tips for Different Age Groups, 20’s 30’s and 40’s

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Your skincare routine should change as you age and as your skin changes. For the female skin, we have different needs at different stages. Here we look at your skin for the different age groups: 20s, 30s, 40s and after. What to expect and how best to manage them.

In your 20s

Get sun protection

Harmful sun rays can age your skin. Although the effect is not immediate, the common mistake is to not take steps to protect your skin. A sunscreen should provide a broad spectrum of protection, protecting against UVA and UVB harmful rays. Avoid relying on the SPF factor in your skincare or makeup alone – these should add to your sun protection, not replace it.

Keep skin moisturized

Your skin requires hydration to protect its skin barrier. This applies to oily skin! If you do not like heavy creams, find a light, water-based formula. Avoid alcohol, smoking or even too much coffee as these can dry out your skin!

Start seeing your dermatologist

Make periodical visits to your derma. Get a facial cleansing to lighten acne scars and exfoliate dead skin cells. Check out our directory of skin clinics in Malaysia.

Reduce sugar intake

Reduce processed carbs in your daily diet. Sugar molecules cause collagen to become stiff and speeds up the development of wrinkles.

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In your 30s

Hoard different kinds of facial masks

Keep a collection of different types of facial masks for “bad skin days”. These are needed once we hit our thirties as cell renewal slows down. Your skin requires an extra boost, and that’s where the sheet mask will come n handy.

See a skincare specialist for adult acne

See a skincare specialist or dermatologist if you suffer from adult acne. He/she can help you prevent acne scars and control the condition. Scars will take longer to fade now.

Use double-duty products

Look for products for dual purposes. This way it would save time. At this age, skin gets more sensitive, mixing different creams may cause irritation.

In your 40s 

Tired skin

The skin is beginning to show more flaws. The skin produces less collagen, elasticity in the skin declines and dullness of skin is more noticeable.


Use products not only to add moisture to your skin but to lock in the hydration. You will need richer products and heavier creams to moisturize your skin at this age group.

In your 50’s

Around the early part of this age group when menopause starts to hit, your skin will display a marked difference. Skin starts to thin significantly after. Skin discolouration will be more prominent, namely sunspots, age spots pigmentations and acne scars. The texture of skin decline, with fine lines and wrinkles getting deeper.