You have probably come across this viral skincare trend through TikTok or even Reddit. Yes, we’re talking about slugging! This K-beauty trend has definitely grown cult followers of its own since it went viral on the internet. We’re sure that most of you lovelies tempted to try out this beauty trend for yourselves if you haven’t got the chance. However, just think for a minute is every beauty trend suitable for your skin type? Indeed, you don’t want to end up with possible skin reactions, right?

But more people in the beauty community have sworn by this skincare trend and it is the ultimate way to attain that ‘glazed donut skin’ that people have been head over heels about (including us!). Before you grab the petroleum jelly and apply it to your face, keep reading because Beauty Insider has interviewed Dr. Ingky to know his opinion about slugging.

What Actually is Slugging?

For those of you who might not know, slugging is a process that involves applying a product that contains petroleum jelly to the skin. This process is usually performed as a nighttime skincare routine and it helps to seal the moisture. Hence, slugging ensures that your skin is hydrated throughout the night.

Dr. Ingky a well-known dermatologist in Malaysia, explained to Beauty Insider that slugging is different from using regular moisturizer as it helps to lock in the moisture and prevents it from evaporating. The layer of occlusive ointment ensures that the moisturizer does not smudge the pillowcase while you’re asleep and it maximizes the effectiveness of the moisturizer. Dr. Ingky listed Vaseline, Cerave healing ointment, and Aquaphor as the products that are suitable for slugging.

What are the Benefits and Side Effects of Slugging?

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Dr. Ingky, a founder of SkynFyx and Medii Skin Studio shared that, “The main benefit is a well hydrated skin. Well hydrated skin will have a nice shiny glow. It also helps reduce fine lines and crow’s feet on the face. For those with dry or cracked lips, slugging can help fix the lip issues. Sufficient slugging will also lead to the reduction of open pores.”

“Slugging can definitely help reduce mask acne which is often due to skin irritation from prolonged use of face mask. Start using it once every 2 to 3 days,” he stated when asked whether slugging can help with skin issues that occur due to the pandemic.

He added that “However slugging may lead to skin irritation or acne in those with acne prone or oily skin.” So you might want to avoid this slugging skincare trend if you have such type of skin. Dr. Ingky told Beauty Insider that vaseline or any products that are formulated with petroleum jelly may cause breakouts for people with acne prone skin.

How to Slug Your Face the Right Way?

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Dr. Ingky recommended that the slugging process is added to the nighttime routine and you can apply a thin layer of the product to your face and including the lips. “You can also apply it at any part of your body like elbows, knees, or anywhere with dry skin. Leave it overnight and only wash it off in the morning,” he said.

Plus, he also shared that, “Start slugging your skin once every two to three days. After the third session, you can slug almost daily if you find your skin doesn’t have any allergies or breakouts due to slugging.”

Is Slugging Suitable for Your Skin Type?

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“Oily or acne-prone skin should avoid slugging as the occlusive agent may trigger more acne to appear,” Dr. Ingky told Beauty Insider. He suggested, “A suitable alternative is to apply a layer of hydrating overnight gel or mask which is water-based (doesn’t occlude pores).” So, if you have normal, dry, sensitive, or even aging skin, slugging is another skincare trend that you need to add to your routine.

What are the Best Tips on Slugging?

Although you might want to casually grab the product and slather it all over your face, it is important that we do it gradually. Dr.Ingky advised that “Start slow. Start slugging only once every two to three days and don’t be over enthusiastic and perform it daily yet.” He further added, “Apply one fingertip full of your preferred ointment right before you go to bed.”

Is Slugging Approved by Dermatologist?

We know that this question has been on top of your mind for a while now, especially it seems that everybody has jumped on the bandwagon. So we’re sure that most of you wanted to know whether it is really dermatologist approved?

Dr. Ingky stated, “The slugging method has been used by dermatologists worldwide for babies, children, and even adults who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, or atopic dermatitis.” He added that dermatologists have found that this skincare trend is beneficial for those who have no skin issues. It seems that this skincare trend is actually dermatologist approved and it only meant one thing, it is here to stay!

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