Seeing the bustling lifestyle of women in this generation who do not have time for a  lengthy skincare regime, SOTHYS developed capsules that can assist women with easier skincare routines that are more convenient for all.

SOTHYS’s Noctuelle Renovative Micro Capsule helps every woman rejuvenate, refresh, and regenerate for a journey to an effortless skin regime. SOTHYS says everyone can be “That Woman” with these capsules.

Cheryl Lee, Managing Director of Sothys Malaysia, says, “Every lady’s innate superpower is to look good — but the last thing we want to fuss about at the end of a tiring day is how to harness that. 

“We’ve taken special care to ensure skincare is a near-effortless process, even for the busiest among us. All you need to do with our microcapsule is twist, squeeze, and dab!”

Made with pure vitamin C and plant-based goodness, SOTHYS’ Noctuelle™ Renovative Micro Capsules are packed with an infusion of perfectly balanced vitamins per capsule for radiant, glowing skin night after night.

SOTHYS’ Noctuelle™ Renovative Micro Capsules

The capsules were formulated to rejuvenate, refresh, and regenerate skin by including a nutritious blend of all the vitamins that the skin requires to maintain vitality and firmness, such as vitamins A, E, and F.

It also contains  20% pure vitamin C, a well-known multipurpose ingredient,  that restores skin vibrancy and smoothness while removing hyperpigmentation.

Moreover, SOTHYS’ vitamin C serum captures nature’s natural power by using responsibly sourced plant-based elements.

The contents in these microcapsules are sourced internally by its sub-label Les Jardins Sothys (The Sothys Garden) and kept fresh in a 100% biodegradable golden capsule, making it completely harmless to use on the skin and good for the environment.


SOTHYS is now giving an unbeatable deal for all first-timer purchasers!

The Noctuelle Renovative Micro Capsules can be purchased at SOTHYS’s official online store for only RM399 (NP: RM799), ensuring that more Malaysians can start their voyage to ideal, glowing skin. A journey that will provide every lady a joyful ending, as well as being comfortable inwardly and having beautiful skin outwardly.

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