Aesthetic treatments have advanced in many ways over the years and are more common than they have ever been. With celebrities and key influencers admitting and celebrating their aesthetic treatment journey, we’ve grown more curious about them and considering getting them ourselves. 

But starting our own journey is hard. It requires a lot of research and most of all we need to be extra careful when embarking on it. It is no secret that it comes with a lot of risks, hence, choosing the right doctor, aesthetician, and clinic is crucial. 

Of course, as your beauty BFF we feel totally obligated to help you select the right place to go for your aesthetic treatment needs. Research after research, we’ve stumbled upon YS Clinic and as we discover more about them and their practices, we’re confident to introduce our beloved readers to them! 

In this article, we’re telling you all about YS Clinic so don’t stop scrolling and read on. 

YS Aesthetic Clinic

YS Aesthetic Clinic was founded in 2014 by Dr. Por Yang Sheng, and is Malaysia’s first Aesthetic Thread Lift Clinic. Lasers, injectables, facials, and slimming treatments are just a few of the procedures available at this KKM-compliant facility. However, thread lifts, whether for the face or the nose, are what they are best known for. 

Patients can expect to unwind and feel at peace while receiving treatments at this facility, which is located in USJ’s One City Mall.

YS Aesthetic Clinic Treatments

Thread Lifts and Injectables

If rejuvenation and youth is what you seek, YS Clinic has just the right treatments for you. Not to mention, they specialise in these treatments too!

Sagging jowls and deep laughing lines can be lifted with facial threads at YS, restoring your fresh and young complexion. They are bioabsorbable and, what’s great is, with the use of the latest and safest PCL threads, no scar is left behind. Botulinum toxin A, a treatment available at YS, can be used to treat wrinkles as well. It will help in getting rid of those fine or deep lines on places like the forehead and crow’s feet. You also have a choice of meso botox, which is injected more superficially for pore reduction while providing a much desired lifting effect.

Nose threading is also their specialty and they will deliver the shape and look that you desire. The whole point of aesthetics is not only to make you look good but also feel good in your own skin. Naturally, the aesthetic treatments performed at YS Clinic strives to do just that.  

Dermal fillers are also among their popular treatments. This treatment is an option if you’re looking to add some volume in areas such as the under eye, cheeks, chin and lips. Of course, YS has also got you covered if you aim to improve your skin texture and appearance. Injectables such as Rejuran, Profhilo and Nucleofill are available to hydrate, heal, repair and lift your skin, giving you the skin you’ve always wanted.

Pico Discovery Lasers

Think shrinking pores, evening out skin tone, lightening pigmentation, improving scars, and erasing tattoos. These are only a few benefits of the Pico Discovery Laser treatment that YS Aesthetic Clinic offers.

The word laser can be intimidating to many but not to worry. The Pico Discover Laser treatment comes with extremely little downtime, is non-invasive, and is virtually painless. It seems like the ideal laser procedure for anybody and everybody who is looking to reap its benefits.

Slimming Treatments

Busy work lives, attending to friends and family, or simply just lacking the motivation, can be the reasons you’re avoiding exercise. At YS Aesthetic Clinic, there is a shortcut to the body you want. 

Their sculpting treatment takes care of everything so you don’t have to. With the help of highly powerful electromagnetic pulses, you can tone your muscles and burn fat at the same time in just two or three 30-minute sessions per week. This procedure is a terrific alternative to liposuction and is suited for all body types and lifestyles. The zero downtime is what patients love the most about this treatment.  

Kick Start Your Aesthetics Journey

Now that we’ve engaged your curiosity, you might be considering one of these treatments that YS Aesthetic Clinic specialises in. 

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