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Makeup Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist Gary Cheok using Koh Gen Do products

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Gary Cheok gave a demonstration on how to achieve the perfect base makeup at the Koh Gen Do launch in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Gary Cheok, an international makeup artist and artistry trainer, appeared in season two of Asia’s Next Top Model. Working his artistry on a model using the best sellers from Koh Gen Do, the makeup expert shares valuable makeup lessons on achieving the perfect base makeup. Here are some great base makeup tips from the world-renowned makeup expert:

Gary Cheok on how to choose your foundation

Foundation not required covering the whole face

According to Gary Cheok, the foundation is to even out your skin tone. And as such, it’s not required to cover your whole face. He advises to only use makeup foundation on areas of the face that require it.

Use featuring technique to achieve the airbrush look

Gary Cheok uses the edge of a foundation brush to apply the liquid foundation on the model. He applies the foundation in short light strokes to achieve the perfect airbrush look.

How to apply lip colour

Gary Cheok uses a light colour lipstick from Koh Gen Do on the model. He gets the lip colour with his finger and daps it on the lips. By not applying the lipstick directly on the lips, this technique ensures a sheer layer of the colour. This natural-looking lip is perfect for the no-makeup makeup look.

To achieve the luminous translucent look

The Aqua Foundation Illuminator is the product of choice for the luminous translucent look here. One of the best sellers for Koh Gen Do, the Illuminator could also double up as a highlighter for the face.

Less is More

Gary Cheok believes less is more. That is to say, the lesser amount of makeup used achieves a better look.

celebrity makeup artist Gary Cheok and model