Sensitive skin – a notorious affliction haunting the faces of up to 70% of the global population. It’s a rising rebellion, an insurrection against the tranquility of smooth, resilient skin. The battle is not always straightforward; it’s a skirmish fought on genetic battlegrounds or sparked by the tumultuous storms of lifestyle and environment. Regardless of the origins, the battleground is clear – the fragile fortress of sensitive skin cries out for a saviour.

In strides Dermalogica’s latest insurgent – the Stabilizing Repair Cream. Promising to quell the rebellion within a mere week, this cream is armed with the secret weapon: the ability to coax your skin into producing more ceramides. (See a reduction in redness, irritation, and itchiness within one week. Independent clinical test, 31 subjects, two applications per day for eight weeks.).

The Stabilizing Repair Cream isn’t just another pretty face in the beauty aisle; it’s a barrier-repairing powerhouse, a guerrilla fighter in the skirmish against sensitivity. Armed with a proprietary ceramide-building complex, it’s on a mission to fortify your skin’s defenses, delivering a payload of skin-nourishing lipids to ensure resilience and reduce reactivity over time. Whether sensitivity is your constant companion or just an occasional troublemaker, this cream is here for the long haul.

The formula, a covert balm-to-cream concoction, boasts ultra-soothing actives that rush to the front lines, calming the skin on contact. It’s a rebellion-breaker, disrupting the pattern of sensitivity. With a lightweight texture, it surreptitiously infiltrates your skincare routine, leaving behind a trail of relief – no more itching, no more redness, and definitely no more dryness.

The benefits of this revolutionary cream are not to be underestimated. It doesn’t just soothe; it repairs your skin’s lipid barrier, strengthening it to defy the signs of sensitivity. This isn’t skincare; it’s a rebellion queller, a defender against the onslaught of redness, irritation, and itchiness.

But let’s talk about the ingredients within this cream – the hydrating and soothing actives. The proprietary Ceramide-Building Complex is the commander-in-chief, providing nourishing lipids to fortify the skin’s barrier. Soothing Cica joins the ranks, balancing the skin’s moisture content in a sustainable process designed for maximum output. Lactobacillus Ferment, a stalwart ally, helps your skin hold on to hydration, with a production process designed to minimise water and energy use. The Resurrection Plant rises from the ashes to moisturise, hydrate, and strengthen the skin’s barrier. Tasmania Lanceolota Extract, 100% natural origin, soothes and diminishes the appearance of redness. Boerhavia Diffusa Root, another rebel, fights against redness, offering solace and comfort to the distressed.

Dermalogica’s Stabilizing Repair Cream doesn’t just make claims; it presents evidence of its prowess. A clinical claim that reverberates through the halls of skincare history – see a reduction in redness, irritation, and itchiness within one week.

The Stabilizing Repair Cream, the rebel leader, comes in a 50 mL bottle, priced at RM329. Available at all authorised Dermalogica skin care centres nationwide by Esthetics International Group Berhad. Check out the store locator here or visit You can also get your hands on it in Sephora in-store from 4 January 2023 and online from 5 December 2023. It’s time to defy sensitivity and reclaim your skin’s sovereignty.