Review: Get Glowy And Dewy Skin With The SAFI Hydra Glow Range!

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Maybe it’s just a personal thing, but I am a sucker for products that’s main focus is hydrating the skin. Many people with dry skin (like me) need products that are jammed packed with moisturising ingredients and properties. Therefore, when Beauty Insider was gifted the SAFI Hydra Glow Line, we were buzzing with excitement. SAFI was kind to gift us a beautiful kit of products from the Hydra Glow range along with some handy beauty tools too!

Many believe the understanding of skincare and think “Oh, I have oily skin, I don’t need any more moisture!” However, on the contrary, hydration should be your key focus when it comes to skincare. In fact, those with oily skin and produce an excess amount of it is actually the skin’s signalling you that it’s parched!

In fact, having hydrated skin can heal numerous skin concerns from tight flakiness to even scarring. To put into simpler terms, giving your skin ample moisture is basically like feeding it. Hydration helps bind skin cells and skin protein and also bring your complexion supple dewiness- it’s the key to achieving glass skin!

That’s why this collection by SAFI has us completely in love; not to mention it’s easily accessible to purchase too! However, the benefits don’t just stop with hydration. Another key factor of this range is that the product also promotes brightening too!

Not to mistake whitening and brightening- brightening enhances your inner glow to shine, creating a radiant complexion. When we say to go get your glow- we mean it beauties! This line has ingredients to bring back life to your skin that will definitely turn heads as you rock a healthy, beautiful glow.

Introducing SAFI

Known as one of Malaysia’s leading Halal brands since 1985, SAFI offers a wide variety of products. They range from skincare and personal care to meet and achieve the needs and demands of modern Muslim women and men of today.

SAFI’s range of beauty care products contains ever-evolving formulas that continue to be improved and upgraded to ensure quality and effectiveness. Their wide array of products includes collections that target specific needs such as their anti-ageing line and their acne-fighting line. Some of their familiar collections are SAFI Rania Gold, Youth Radiance and Expert Solution.

What Makes The SAFI Hydra Glow Line Amazing?

Skincare is all the rage now and many of us have a good understanding of what ingredients are really good to target specific concerns. This line is a blend of timeless beauty knowledge and science technology to give you high-performing products.

A star factor of this collection is a complex SAFI uses called the Hydra Active³ Technology. They are broken down into 3 powerful ultra-hydrating ingredients:

  • Fermented Rice Extract: This ingredient goes back years as it is rooted in Asian culture known for its beauty properties. Three major benefits to gain from this ingredient are to boost natural brightening, softening of the skin and intense moisture.
  • Vitamin B5: When you are using hydrating products, it’s important to make sure it stays so this is where this ingredient comes into play. This ingredient will lock-in moisture and retain it all day long while smoothening the texture of your skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: When creating hydrating products, you NEED to have this! What’s great about it is that it will absorb water from your surroundings to maximise hydrating power.

Moreover, another great reason to love this line is that it’s high-quality and effective products at an affordable price point that won’t burn a hole in your pocket! This ensures that everyone gets a chance at healthy, hydrated and glowy skin.

Review Of The Whole SAFI Hydra Glow Line

To start the review, I (Nina, Beauty Journalist) have dry skin. I have gone through the hardships of having this skin type and what it brings. I’m pretty sure many can also relate too! I’m talking about the tight feeling after cleansing, the flakiness around the cheeks and the dullness of dry patches.

I didn’t choose the dry skin life; the dry skin life chose me! Therefore, hydrating products are simply heavenly. With that, here is my dry skin approved review of the SAFI Hydra Glow line!

1) SAFI Hydra Glow Hydrating Water Cleanser

One thing that I look out for when it comes to cleansers is gel, milk or cream forms. This ensures that there are more humectants than surfactants within the cleanser. One big no-no is cleansers that overly strip the skin, this is bad especially if you have dry skin because we don’t create a lot of natural oils. With that, we’d like to retain as much as we can yet effectively clean or skin of dirt and makeup residue.

I give this cleanser a thumbs up! This creamy-gel textured cleanser gently glides against my skin so well. It’s able to deeply cleanse my skin without creating a tight feeling afterwards. Easily said, my skin feels squeaky clean and refreshed especially a long day of wearing makeup, this cleanser gives my skin a gasp of fresh air (LOL).

2) SAFI Hydra Glow Hydrating Toning Essence

A long debate within the skincare community is whether you should use a toner or an essence after cleansing. Then there’s SAFI having a Hannah Montana moment and giving you the best of both worlds!

Toners are meant to allow products after it to penetrate deeper into the skin, maximising its effectiveness. Essences are concentrated ingredients in a water form to provide nutrients for the skin. Blending those two ingredients is a recipe for success.

I use a generous amount of this toning essence and I’m pleasantly surprised that it absorbs into my skin so well. The watery texture makes it easy to glide against my skin and a few gentle taps and I already feel plumped with hydration! This double-action product is definitely one to try out for yourself.

3) SAFI Hydra Glow Hydrating Water Bank Serum

If I had to choose my favourite product from this entire line, it would be this serum. Due to my dry skin concerns, I’m very cautious of ingredients and what I put on my face. This is because certain ingredients can dry out the skin or they feel nice but don’t really have any effect.

However, then comes this serum that sweeps me off my feet! It’s formulated with amazing ingredients in a potent concentration to give you the ultimate nourishing and hydrating experience. This serum contains Vitamins B3 and B5 along with ultra-hydrating ingredients like panthenol and glycerine.

It doesn’t leave a sticky residue and nicely absorbs into the skin. It also manages to soothe my skin well as my cheeks do get a little red after a nice hot bath. Conclusion, I really like this serum (hehe).

4) SAFI Hydra Glow Hydrating Water Lock Mist

In case you didn’t notice but I’m creating this review in the order of how I would apply the products. Many use a face mist whenever your skin needs a burst of hydration and that’s great.

However, I decided to take this mist as an advantage to supply extra hydration to my skin. How you may ask? It’s because of hyaluronic acid.

The products prior was packed with this particular ingredient and as stated before, it pulls water from our environment into our skin. Now imagine how much water it would pull when you use this mist on your skin? It would be like cannonballing into a cool swimming pool on a warm sunny day!

I kept this mist on my desk so whenever I felt tired and needed a refreshing boost, this was my go-to. Additionally, if I were to go out, I would definitely bring this lightweight face mist on the go in my bag and use it throughout the day too.

5) SAFI Hydra Glow Hydrating Water Drop Moisturiser

Ending our routine with the SAFI Hydra Glow range is their moisturiser and I adore this product. It’s lightweight with creamy-gel consistency that with a snap of your fingers just melt into your skin. I exceptionally loved using this moisturiser during my morning skincare routine.

It hydrated my skin instantly and settled well against my skin, giving me a gleaming dewiness. Moreover, I did not experience heavy oiliness at the end of the day. What I really enjoyed was that my skin didn’t experience any tightness which meant that its hydrating powers were very strong. That’s easily a big plus in Beauty Insider’s books!

Final Thoughts

The SAFI Hydra Glow collection contains amazing products that are effective and high in quality. It is suitable for all even oily skin types as it will help balance your oil and water levels. Overall, this range by SAFI has high performance and we give it a big thumbs up as approval!

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Author: Nina Shahriman | Date: 1st December 2020