If you’re a makeup enthusiast, you know the frustration of clinging to your favourite lipstick or heavy liquid foundation. The monotonous routine can stifle your creativity. Sephora is shaking things up with the introduction of the Best Skin Ever Matte Powder Foundation—a revolutionary compact foundation that promises an instant, fresh matte complexion.

The Best Skin Ever Matte Powder Foundation lives up to its name, showing a deep affection for your skin in numerous ways. Sephora’s latest offering boasts a smooth and lightweight texture that effortlessly blends with your skin tone, allowing it to breathe. One application is all it takes to even out your skin, making those pesky pores and fine lines less conspicuous. With a choice of 24 shades, it provides medium to high coverage without feeling heavy, giving you that desired light, natural finish. You won’t want to leave your house without it!

Enriched with natural adaptogenic plants, this compact foundation doesn’t just enhance your appearance; it also helps your skin regulate excess shine over time. With each use, it absorbs surplus oil, contributing to a smoother and better-textured complexion.

But there’s more to Sephora Collection’s Best Skin Ever Matte Powder Foundation than meets the eye. The product design is ingenious and adds a touch of rebellion to your beauty routine. On the back of the compact, you’ll find a QR code that unlocks exclusive content and invaluable beauty tips. The compact also includes a versatile sponge, giving you the power to customise your coverage. Whether you’re aiming for a daytime natural look or a nighttime glam transformation, this foundation will be your ally in transcending your makeup style.

Dive into a beauty revolution by exploring the new Sephora Collection Best Skin Ever Matte Powder Foundation, available both online and in-store. Priced at RM87, it’s your key to redefining your beauty standards and expressing your unique style!