Whether you are looking for a rejuvenating and moisturizing shower experience or an effective antibacterial formula made with natural plant ingredients, Shokubutsu’s latest innovations literally got your skin covered! As the leading liquid body wash brand, Shokubutsu now comes in a new and uniquely shaped bottle with enhanced ingredients and viscosity. It has also introduced a brand-new anti-bacterial range for individuals and families who seek natural or plant-based anti-bacterial protection.

BRB, Beauty Insider is gonna dive into the good news while indulging in a good bath with Shokubutsu’s new range. 

Get To Know Shokubutsu

Shokubutsu, which means “plant story” in Japanese, is a Japan-formulated body wash made from 100% cleansing ingredients from plants. Inspired by traditional bath rituals, every Shokubutsu product is created to deliver the Japanese way of skincare and well-being naturally.

According to Mr. Kazuo Mabuchi, the Managing Director at Southern Lion Sdn. Bhd., Shokubutsu Body Wash new packaging is inspired by the ki-oke bucket, a special feature in Japanese onsen, traditionally used to store hot spring water. “The new bottle design reflects our aspiration to provide consumers the ultimate bath experience of Japanese onsen in their homes with body wash that delivers beyond cleansing benefits,” he said.

“To help consumers identify their favourite variant from our wide selection of body wash, our labels are designed in visible, easy-to-distinguish colours. With consideration for the visually-impaired, all our new bottles are Braille-coded for their convenience,” he added.

The New Shokubutsu Fresh Body Wash Range 

Shokubutsu Fresh Body Wash

Besides a new look, Shokubutsu Fresh Body Wash which is also the brand’s best-selling range has moved up a notch with enhanced ingredients. Clean Fresh variants are now enriched with 100% organic rice protein extract, packed with amino acids and vitamin E to revive skin’s natural radiance. Its lasting and revitalizing fragrances promise to perk you up and wash away your tiredness, making you livelier with each shower. Moisture Fresh variants contain the same ingredient, but with the addition of Olive Oil to provide a boost of nourishment and moisturisation for a soft, dewy glow. Its blooming fragrances relax the body and mind for the most luxurious shower experience.

While you envelope your skin in Shokubutsu Fresh’ signature luxurious lather, immerse yourself in the feeling of being surrounded with nature, brought to life by the brand’s proprietary Living Fragrance Technology. It pampers the senses with fragrances, like they are freshly plucked from the garden, to create a long-lasting scent that lingers on silky-smooth skin all day long. 

Our Say

Beauty Insider got the opportunity to try the new Shokubutsu Fresh Body Wash and we absolutely love it. We have previously used Shokubutsu and already love how clean it makes us feel. However, the new and improved version made us fall in love with it even more! In terms of fragrance, it’s not too overpowering yet leaves our shower with a beautiful taint of fresh scent. The body wash on its own lathers up easily and doesn’t take much to clean the entire body. Thus, a little goes a long way and the bottle is definitely worth every penny!

Natural Protection Body Wash

In line with the increasing demand for protective bath care, which emerged after the COVID-19 outbreak, Shokubutsu introduced the all-new Natural Protection Body Wash range contained in the new bottle. Formulated to protect against 99.9% of germs with natural antibacterial ingredients, this dermatologically-tested body wash which is suitable for all skin types, removes germs effectively without disrupting skin’s microbiome – a self-regulating ecosystem that protects the good flora while preventing attacks from bacteria or germs. 

The Ingredients

The key Ingredients in Shokubutsu Natural Protection Body Wash include:

  • 100% organic shiso oil, extracted from seeds of the shiso plant, a well-known aromatic herb in Japan. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, shiso oil moisturises and revives skin cells, protecting the skin from external damage with its antioxidant powers.
  • Plant Prebiotic, which helps to naturally cultivate skin’s healthy microbes, balancing out its microflora and improving its condition.
  • Plant glycerin, which helps to keep skin moisturised after every wash.

The lineup comes in 4 variants fragrance with different benefits: Complete Care (with Eucalyptus), Refresh & Go (with Tea Tree), Energize (with Yuzu) and Aqua Cool (with Peppermint & Menthol). According to an online consumer Try and Review program, which the range was put to the test among more than 200 reviewers, 9 out of 10 mums agreed that Shokubutsu Natural Protection range of body wash is gentle to skin and gives them the peace of mind as it protects the family from germs in a natural way.

Our Say

We were a little afraid when trying this out. Mainly because most protection body wash tend to dry out our skin, as they are supposed to completely wash out our body oils. However, we were extremely surprised when this Shokubutsu one wasn’t drying. In fact, it was super moisturising as well – which is a lifesaver for people with dry skin like us! Furthermore, the scent of this new range is just heavenly and just like the Fresh Body Wash, it doesn’t take much to cover the entire body. We love how we only needed to pump out a little to get an amazing experience.

All Shokubutsu Fresh Body Wash and Natural Protection Body Wash products are free from parabens, synthetic colourants and microplastics.

Shokubutsu Fresh Body Wash and Natural Protection Body Wash ranges are now available at selected supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies. You can also purchase online with doorstep delivery via Lazada or Shopee.

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