Thanks to the advancement of next-generation technology, the future of the beauty realm is brimming with exciting innovations. One of the beauty devices that has cemented its status as a cult-favourite product is the ever so popular SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL device. With countless positive reviews and impeccable results that so many swear by, I decided to put the SmoothSkin Pure FIT to the test. Spoiler alert: after trying it out for a few months, I was amazed that it has become a mainstay in my routine. If your hair removal experience has been nothing but painful, time-consuming, and pricey, it’s time to kiss this hairy situation (no pun intended) goodbye with SmoothSkin Pure FIT.

My First Impression After Trying the SmoothSkin Pure FIT

It is admittedly unglamorous to delve deep into the details of my body hair. However, as a beauty junkie who is on a never-ending quest for silky smooth skin, a weekly waxing session is part of my ritualistic routine. Initially, I was contemplating on getting professional laser hair removal treatments, but upon hearing about the SmoothSkin Pure FIT, I jumped at the chance. The hype surrounding the device, especially its efficacy that mirrors in-salon outcomes, has certainly compelled me to try it. 

As it’s my first time using an at-home IPL device, I was quite hesitant, but my experience of using the SmoothSkin Pure FIT has been amazing. At first, I was concerned about my low pain threshold, but I was pleasantly surprised to know that the device is absolutely painless. The flash emitted only felt like a warm sensation that was tolerable. 

The device might seem daunting for first-time users, but it is relatively easy to use. Apart from its ergonomic design, SmoothSkin Pure FIT boasts user-friendly features.The device features 10 intensity levels and 3 modes of Power, Gentle and Speed, ensuring a personalised treatment that suits your needs. These intensity levels are fully automated based on one’s skin tone, so with just a touch on its power button, you can start your treatment right away. 

Unlike other IPL hair devices, SmoothSkin Pure FIT IPL device  boasts a 4-point-skin contact system which ensures that it does not impart an accidental flash. This novel feature provided me with peace of mind, knowing that the device will only flash when it comes into direct contact with the targeted area. Plus, it also eliminates the need to use any protective eyewear. However, the sole drawback of this safety feature was that it can be slightly tricky to get the proper skin contact, particularly on the knee and lower part of the legs. 

But I’ve found that by adjusting the device vertically or horizontally, it works wonders. I love that it also comes with a precision head attachment to treat smaller areas and help with trickier and curvier edges as well. The SmoothSkin Pure FIT is fitted with patented Smart Skin Sensing Technology, a revolutionary feature that assesses the skin tone at a remarkable 80 times per second. The energy output transmitted will be automatically adjusted for an individually tailored treatment that is safe and effective

Impeccable Results That Are Comparable To None 

During the course of the treatment, I was absolutely impressed with the efficacy and safety features of SmoothSkin Pure FIT. In just 2 weeks after the first session, I noticed less hair regrowth and my skin was much smoother. By the sixth treatment, the amount of hair reduction was pretty incredible and I had gone several weeks without waxing. After over 12 weeks of using the SmoothSkin Pure FIT, I was elated to know that my hair had started to grow at an extraordinarily minimal rate. This is evident with the brand’s claim of delivering up to 99% hair reduction after 12 weeks.

Prior to using the SmoothSkin Pure FIT, I usually shave the area first so the device can target the hair roots.. Even though it was my first time using an IPL hair removal device, the SmoothSkin Pure FIT is developed with user-friendly features that make it easy to use even for a beginner like me. As a beauty junkie who often relies on at-home waxing, the SmoothSkin Pure FIT has been a total game changer in my beauty routine. 

Unlike full body waxing, which painstakingly takes one hour, the hair removal process with SmoothSkin Pure FIT was relatively quick. In fact, it only takes me about 10 minutes to undergo full-body treatment. Needless to say, the SmoothSkin Pure FIT demonstrates remarkable features that make it quick and effective at reducing hair growth.

I no longer have to feel dread about the pain and redness that comes with waxing. Moreover, with regular waxing, I was often susceptible to ingrown hairs and inflamed hair follicles, but since I tried out the SmoothSkin Pure FIT, these issues are non-existent. To be honest, it’s a godsend device that can almost completely remove unwanted hair with only a few touch-ups every few weeks.

What Others Are Saying About The SmoothSkin Pure FIT?

The Final Verdict

With its innovative features, effectiveness and cost effective price point, the SmoothSkin Pure Fit is by far the most advanced hair removal device that I’ve ever tried. It continues to amaze me with its efficacy in zapping pretty much all of the hair with no regrowth. Since I tried it out, this FDA-approved device has been a mainstay in my beauty arsenal. Nonetheless, it is not an overstatement to say that the SmoothSkin Pure Fit has amped up my beauty routine compared to waxing treatments.

Try Out the SmoothSkin Pure Fit Now!

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