5 Best drugstore lipstick brands to try!

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Drugstore lipsticks are not only a cheaper option, some of them perform well, long-wear, look good and even feel great on the lips. Here is a list of brands available in your local drugstore that deserves a closer look. We have highlighted a colour from each of these brands that is pleasing and can suite many skin tones.

Karen Muller (Guardian)

Karen Muller Orchid Bloom (14)

Karen Murrell’s natural lipsticks are available in 19 shades and 1 lip moisturizer here in Malaysia. The shades are romantic and pleasing. Pigmentation allows for long wear. Natural ingredients such as avocado oil and evening primrose oil helps to condition your lips while wearing the lip stick.

Karen Muller’s natural lipsticks do not contain coal tar, carmine, mineral oils, triciosan, BBP’s and parabens.

Karen Muller is available at Guardian pharmacy

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Palladio Herbal Lipstick (Guardian)

Palladio Herbal Lipstick Golden Orange HL823

Palladio Botanical & Vitamin Infused Cosmetics has a wide range of striking colours to choose from. Hydrating castor, argan oil, and shea butter in the Herbal Lipsticks moisturize your lips when you wear them.

Palladio Cosmetics products are paraben free and gluten free. The brand adhere to no cruelty to animals policy.

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Physician Formula (Watsons)

The Healthy Lip All Natural Nude

Physician Formula’s 2 lip colour lines are available in Malaysia, namely the Healthy Lip and the Healthy Lip Velvet liquid lipsticks. The colour of the All Natural Nude is pleasing and makes a good addition to our makeup case.

A hyperallergenic brand established since 1937, Physician Formula products are made without 150 known harsh ingredients.

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Kate Tokyo (Watsons)

Kate Smooth Color Rouge OR1

Kate’s Smooth Color Rouge is bright and bold with a nice shine, bringing luster to your lips. A Kate Smooth Color Rouge lipstick gives a smooth application and has good colorization.

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Bourjois (Watsons)

Rouge Velvet Lipstick Peach Tatin (15)

Bourjois’s Rouge Velvet Lipstick line has 16 shades to choose from. The tear drop shape enables a more precise application. Hydrating waxes and light oils moisturizes the lips, giving it a more velvety finish.

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All pictures from their respective brand website or points of sale.